Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wow its been a while!

I told BeginningAgain that I would try to blog HERE I AM!! :) I have been so anti-computer for a while with work and school being crazy, then school...last thing I want to do is sit on the computer. But I am trying to do nothing but sit on the sofa and relax tonight, so here I sit on blogger!

My Christmas is not over yet. I have another one this weekend but so far it has been absolutely wonderful!! I have so much to be thankful for, my hubby, my family, my friends and out little one on the way. I can not wait until next Christmas with lil man here to enjoy all the excitement with.

I have a few pics from Christmas to share with you all and then I will be soaking my hands in some para-wax (if you want a mani stop by my house I am LOVING my new mani/pedi set). Hope your Christmas was everything you wanted it to be!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello Blog its Me....Mommy to be!! :)

I have officially been called "glowing momma to be" SEVERAL times this week and I just cant help it. Dont get me wrong I have ALWAYS been so excited about being prego and cant wait to meet my lil man, however I started feeling him move this past friday and let me tell you I have FALLEN IN LOVE with this lil guy. It is like we have connected on a whole new level. I know it may sound a little cheesy, however it is the truth! So anyway, I have fallen in love with my lil man all over again and my belly. It is the weirdest thing because I have NEVER liked my stomach but recently I have found a new love for my ever growing belly and I have never felt more beautiful!

Also this week hubby finished Brody’s room and I think it looks GREAT!!! We still have some wall art to look for and things like that but the big stuff is done and what a relief. Next stop on the agenda registering and day care searching! L Not looking forward to those two.

Yesterday we went to the doctor to see lil man and he was such a stinker! I love it that he already seems to have his own little personality. The tech was trying to get a good picture of his heart but he was not wanting to move. She started pushing on my belly and he was getting mad. He started curling his lip up and started kicking the ultrasound tool each time she put it on my belly…it was so funny! Then at the end I guess he knew she was done and he put that finger in his mouth and just relaxed!

So as far as “glowing” yes I def am and can feel it. I love it and I know I am going to love motherhood so much more!! Life is GREAT!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

18 Weeks

IT'S A BOY!!! We are so excited, hubby can't stop smiling!!! It was the sweetest thing I have EVER seen when tee heard the doctor say "well I am 85% that this is a BOY" tee totally was GLOWING and his smile was the biggest I have seen since we got married. I couldn't stop crying because he was so sweet and said "I have a little boy". Im crying now just thinking about how happy he was. Tee did make sure he told me "you know that I would have been just as excited if it was a girl". I told him that I knew that. I just cannot get the expression out of my head and I dont want to because I fell in love with him all over again. It was truely amazing!

The baby stats: heartbeat 152bpm, about the size of a Ken barbie doll (tall and skinny), weighs about half a pound, and LONG legs and feet. The baby was laying REALLY low (on my bladder literally). He was curled up in a little ball so that is why the tech said that she was only 85% sure of the boy. All organs looked GREAT, brain, heart, tummy, kidneys, all looked great! The tech did not get a GOOD pic of the heart so she wants to do another ultrasound on our next appointment to double check the heart. But she was able to tell that there is 4 chambers so that is good. I have attached his little pictures from today, hope you enjoy!! :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's been a while!

I just realized that I have neglected to write in my blog for a while so I thought I would update it today. Lately, I have been pretty busy, school was finishing up, I had training this past week, been shopping for baby stuff (my favorite thing to do these days), and trying to stay motivated to continue cleaning my house. That is the weirdest thing, I LOVE to clean but lately have not been motivated to get going on cleaning the house. I am getting so excited about baby coming, I still have a while to go but I just cant wait to take him/her to events or do crafts with them. The more I think about it the more excited I get! :)

Yesterday, hubby and I found a crib!! YAY :) it is the same one I have been looking at from Target but we both agreed this was the one plus it has a matching dresser which was really important to me. So now I am ready to get started on the room!!!

This thursday we go back to the doctor. I can't wait to hear the heartbeat, it is torture in between appointments because they are so far apart and I just want to know everything is ok. I am pretty sure everything is good though because I have been feeling GREAT and getting HUGE! :) The next "big step" in the pregnancy is feeling the baby move...I am constantly rubbing my belly and touching it telling lil one "come on just kick mommy" but nothing happens! I know that will happen sooner or later, but I really would prefer the sooner rather than the later!

Ok, so I think that is pretty much up to date on life in the Dawkins house hold, nothing too exciting! But there is left over pizza in there calling my name and I hate to make it wait so I better go eat some ;)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I should be doing homework instead of blogging :(

I went to the doctor this past Friday, they did not do an ultrasound so no picture to share. :( I saw a different doctor, Dr. Franz, because at the doctor office I go to there are many doctors and they want each patient to see every doctor there before you give birth. He wasn’t bad, answered my many questions and took time to make sure everything was ok with me and my lil one. He did check the heartbeat with the Doppler and we got to hear it. I love that sound, the most reassuring and calming sound I have ever heard. The heartbeat on Friday was 140 bpm. This made me and hubby concerned because the heartbeat has been around 170 but the doctor reassured us that the heartbeat will fluctuate throughout pregnancy because of different things, eating, sleeping, etc. Although we were told everything was ok, hubby was upset. He likes to see the ultrasound to know that everything is a-OK!

While I was there the nurse asked if I wanted to get tested for birth defects…this is something I am really having trouble with. I want to get tested because if we can prepare for something I would like to, but I don’t want to get this test done because I don’t want to worry the whole pregnancy. So I am torn and need help deciding what to do. Hubby told me that it was completely my decision because I will be the one getting blood drawn from, however at first when the nurse asked he did not hesitate or have to think before he answered “yes we want to take that test”. So I know he wants me to do it, but I am still nervous and don’t know what I want to do. I have a little while to think about it though because I cant have the tests done until 16weeks so I have about 3 weeks to think about it.

I am also torn because I have LOVED the name Savannah from day one and still really like it for a little girl, but I have been searching for boy names this morning because I have a feeling peanut might be a little boy. Either way I will be so excited, a little boy because I can dress him up to look like a lil man and hubby will be able to be rough with him (of course not at first) and play with him. A little girl because I have found SO many craft ideas that I found online to make for little girls. But like I said of course either way will be so excited to be blessed with them in our live. So back to the names, I was online searching for boy names this morning and decided I do not like “normal” names. I googled “unisex baby names” and added a lot to my list…so (for today) my top favs are:

Dane(Zane) Wyatt (hubby is not a fan of Dane :( )

Payton Reese (I know, TOTALLY not what I have been liking but I just fell in love with it this morning)

These names will change again probably a hundred times before the final name is decided on so I am not getting too excited about any of them for now! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pregnancy FULL FORCE!

I am so excited to report...I FEEL PREGNANT!! My boobs hurt, NO food sounds good to me, if I dont eat I feel sick, if I eat I feel sick, and most importantly I HAVE NO PATIENCE! I am happy that I feel these things because to me that means everything is A OK with my lil one.

Today I actually felt pretty good this morning, no sickness. Around 8AM I started feeling the sicky feeling coming so I started eating and that was it, I ate every two hours until I got home, since then I have only eaten twice (in two hours). But here is the thing, no food really sounds good to me right now. I cant say that I am "craving" anything. I read these blogs online about all these women craving crazy things, but I am not craving anything right now. However there is some food I, for whatever reason, do not want any part of and that is MEAT! I know this is so weird for me right!??! I am like a meat girl I could live off meat, well pre-pregnancy, now it GAGS me! Tee picks on me and calls me a vegan but I cant help it. I think I want the meat, I cook it, it looks yummy, but I take a bite of it and EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW I hand my plate to hubby and ask him if he wants my meat! I talked to mom about this and she said she was the same way but she said "trust me you will love meat again".

I also have noticed myself getting very impatient when it comes to my food. I expect when I say I am hungry, there better be food for me to eat RIGHT THEN! This is something I hate to admit but I must work on. For example, I am waiting on hubby to get home from practice so we can go get dinner and the wait is KILLING ME!

The bathroom and me have become BFF, all day and all night. Last night I finally got mad and said SCREW IT I will stay awake! That only lasted about half hour and I was back asleep.

The bloated feeling I remember from previous weeks seems to have gotten a LOT better. I feel like my tummy is bigger but I dont feel bloated, thank goodness! I talked to a fellow pregger and she suggested I drink more water and it would help with the bloating. I have tried to do that and it has worked.

So excited for this weekend and much needed time away! Hope yall have a great weekend and even better weekend!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

9wks 2days

Today I got to see my lil one!!! The doctor measured me at 9wks 2 days and said she would leave the due date at March 30, 2010. The baby's heartbeat was 179 and looked GREAT. We were able to see the lil hands and feet. The best part about the vist was tee's face and watching him talk to our lil one!! I think I fell in love with him all over again!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Feeling LAZY!

I got up this morning and did not want to go to work...but I did anyway. Then when I got there seemed like everything made me mad and I wasn't feeling the best. So I told my boss I was going home to take a nap at lunch, but I never returned to work ;) DONT WORRY I called and told them I wasn't coming back.

I layed on the sofa and slept all afternoon and enjoyed every minute of it! Now, I just finished dinner and dont really feel like putting away this laundry :( ready to go back to sleep!

Oh well, good thing I have an AMAZING hubby who cleaned the WHOLE house and did the laundry so I can be lazy and sleep all I want tonight!!!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY YEEE HAAWWW!!!! I couldnt be more excited for friday than I am this week!! Then shower on looking forward to that as well!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Pic!

Ok, first pic of baby! I am not "feeling" like pics these days. I have gained 4 pounds, I know that's not a LOT but I look like I have gained MUCH more. My belly is getting bigger, to me, but it only looks like FLUB!!! So I will post belly pics when the belly looks a little better...

But on a good note here is the first pic of my lil one!! So cute huh?!!? I think so ;)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Turn 'em into a pickle!?!?

I have been feeling great until about noon everyday then the "morning sickness" sets in. The only thing I have found that makes me feel better is PICKLES! I ate pickles and drank the juice ALL day!! I am getting worried that I may turn my lil one into a pickle...

It is VERY early in the making but I may be able to apply for a promotion and I am pretty excited about it. It will be with a different agency and will be slightly different work so that makes me excited. I am the type of person that loves a challenge, I dont like to be bored and I think this may be a good thing for me. I am not LOOKING for another job but I got a phone call from a fellow friend asking me to consider the position because they thought I would be GREAT at it. Always makes you feel good when people want you! So I said what the heck I'll apply this may be God's way of opening a door for me so we shall see how it goes!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A new blessing!

So a few weeks ago my hubby and I found out that we were preggo!!! We are so excited I can not even begin to explain it. We thought for so long that maybe we were not meant to be parents but then, like they say, when you least expect it it happens! I have an ultrasound pic to post but will have to do it on another entry because I am too lazy right now to upload it.

So far I have felt HUGE and had slight morning sickness, even though mine seems to happen AFTER lunch! I am approximately 7 weeks (tomorrow) according to the nurse on friday. We thought that I was about a week ahead, but the nurse measured the baby and that is what she got! I think she knows what she is doing so I will go with that!

I have noticed myself saying things that I dont mean, or I meant them to sound different. I REALLY hurt tee's feelings last night and couldn't understand why it hurt his feelings. Then I told my mom about it and she slapped me! She told me that was so rude and she understood why he was upset. I apologized to him MILLIONS of times, but I know it still hurt him. GOSH if I have about 7 months lefts of that I dont know wHAT I am gonna do! I also find myself commenting when people are talking and have had to stop myself from saying how I feel about something that probably should be kept to myself!! GEEEZZZZ my mouth is gonna get me in trouble!! :/

Nothing else really to post at this point! I did get to read my baby book yesterday at mom's and it gave me an idea to do a baby diary for my lil one (thats what I am calling him/her for now) to read when they get older. Also I think it will be neat to sit back and read through what I felt and was going through after all is said and done! So I started the diary tonight and it was a fairly long entry this time but I had to get my lil one up to date! Oh I also want to include the food that I ate for that day...wont that be funny to keep track of! So my plan is to write in my diary (or to my lil one) every evening and I will try to post on here as well to keep you all up to date the Dawkins journey to parenthood!

Just as an FYI, we are telling people about the pregnancy but I dont think we are ready to "advertise" it on FB so for now I think I will just blog about our lil one since I have this thing set as private anyway!!! I hope you all dont get bored with my prego entries, I will try to not write TOTALLY about the pregnancy!!

But in closing, Tee and I are so happy we just can not believe it and are constantly praying "happy and healthy" that's are main concern for our lil one!

Monday, August 3, 2009

jury duty :(

Today I had jury duty. When I say boring I mean this is the most boring thing I have gone through in a long time. They have called 2 groups so far & I am still sitting here. I have already read the book I brought and there is only like 10 people left in the room so not much ppl watching going on. Trying to keep myself awake. I would like to be chosen ezpecially after sitting here all day but there is 1 of the cases I don't want. We shall see how it goes!

Monday, July 27, 2009

His Plans

So we thought we were going to start the process for building a new home. However we learned there were certain reasons why selling our home at this time is not the best descision for us. He has alternative plans for us at this time and we are happy to wait. We have a beautiful home and love it very much so if we have to wait a few more years, or however long, to get our dream home whenever we move then we are happy to do that.

Today I stayed home to get some R&R from school and work. I got my rest, however I am ready to go to work tomorrow. I like to stay busy and today I couldn't stay busy enough! But I have to say the rest was very much needed.

Other than that there is nothing exciting really going on in our life :( just work and school!! Hopefully next time I post I will have something more exciting to share! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We are growing up so fast! :)

We are working on finishing school (about a year left). Working on finding careers...that could take a while. And the next phase is building!! We have ALWAYS said that the next time we move will be into the home we build and is special just for US! If it takes us ten years to afford it...thats ok with us.

So yesterday Tee and I met with the builder that we fell in love with 3 years ago on the parade of homes. We discussed what we were looking for in our new home and what we currently have to discuss the possibility of selling it. We haven't been in our current home for too long and it is ALWAYS better to stay in the home as long as you can before you sell but we are "planners" and wanted to get a jump on things.

We have been collecting ideas and samples for about 5 years in a little folder and picked out the floor plan about 2 years we are pretty much set right?!?! NO! is crazy price! We have not done any of the "financial junk" so we dont know EXACTLY what we can afford but we know no matter what that we dont want to go over a certain the problem is finding land and building the home for that price.

I have been so excited and doing SO much searching for land and have had NO luck in our price rang...that is not flood zone! So we are focused on now and what we need to do now to be able to build in the near/distant future...and that is sell our current home.

AHHHH...that is what scares me but I have been praying about it nightly and dont plan to over stress it. If it works out GREAT! If it is not our time then it wont work out right now and that is fine too.

So if ya know anyone intrested in a BEAUTIFUL, well kept, 2 yr old, 1100 sq ft, 2 bed, 2 bath, on a corner lot, with no one able to build behind or beside you...let me know :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Only $895

Ok, so I have a confession....I am addicted to shopping. I dont really care what I am shopping for I JUST love it! I found myself tonight online SEARCHING long and far for this shoe.

It is Carrie's "engagement shoe" from the Sex and the City movie. Now, my favorite movie of all time originally was Clueless, then I fell in love with Grease and those two remained THE BEST movies (in my mind) for YEARS! Until last summer when the SATC movie came out and then my two old flames were moved to second and third place...and SATC settled in at good ole number one...and probably will remain there for a while.

You ask why I am SO in love with the movie I will tell you...the FASHION. I am not a big fashion person and never can tell you what goes with what, and honestly I dont ever think I am dressed "cute". However, I LOVE to shop and I do not feel like I can EVER have too many shoes or handbags!

Since the first time I watched SATC I knew it was love at first site and I wanted a pair of the these Manolo Blahnik blue heels she wore. So I have been on the hunt since, not really searching TOO hard. But I found out they can be bought for the low price of $895!!! So that means I: a) can do some fundraising... or b) GIVE IT UP I will never own a pair of those BEAUTIFUL shoes.

So until then I will continue to purchase my shoes from the local mall where the most expensive one I have EVER put on my foot was $500! (dont get me wrong, still WAY outta my price range).

In the search I did find this website ... Im thinking I may need to ask how to become a member!

Until next time...happy shopping! :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Pepa & Chason

Yesterday we went to my parents for a birthday celebration for my Pepa and cousin Chason. We had a really good time and the food was AMAZING!! I took TONS of pictures of my cousin's little boy, David. He loves to have his picture taken but after a while he was OVER taking pictures and just wanted to cry the whole time. Here is a small sample of what I took.

Hope yall had a great Saturday, it was a beautiful one!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cork Board!

Well I finished the cork board gift and I think it is so cute! You can buy plain cork boards at any craft store or maybe even Wal-Mart.

*Step One: Take the cork board and paint it whatever color you choose.
*Step Two: Add ribbons, bows, or buttons as desired and hot glue the items down.
*Step Three: The finished product!!! (Looks much better in person)
This was SO easy and fun too!!! Hope you enjoy the idea!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


That is what my weekend is all about! Last night we went shopping with my mom and have to tell you- had another "OMG thats Wal-Mart for you" experience! So there were two registers open (with the lights on I might add) and about 3 or 5 workers standing around chit chatting. One of the registers had a line and the other NO ONE! So I turned in and Tee started unloading, still no worker. As we are unloading, one of the workers (who was running their mouth) makes the comment " am not helping them. It is past my time. It is my time to go!" But she walks to the register, of course still stating that her time is expired! I just couldn't believe how rude she was being. Look lady it is not that hard, your time to go, finish checking the person out...TURN YOUR LIGHT OFF...and clock out. Gosh, whoever removed those instructions should be TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY!

Another OMG story: two friends of ours and us went to Wal-Mart one night and the one friend had ten items. He also wanted to look at fragrances (after rounding up an employee) he decided on a sent and was escorted with the bottle to the check out counter. The employee set the bottle on the belt, two other employees standing their running their mouth, one looked at the cart and started counting. *Let me add, there was NO ONE in line or around other than the two employees talking* After counting that he had ten items, plus the bottle of fragrance, he had eleven. The woman says "ah, no I cant check him out he has eleven items" and points to her sign "ten items or less". I KID YOU NOT!! It was absolutely amazing!!

So away from the Wal-Mart stories, yes I have plenty more to share. After wal-mart we had some friends come visit and had a great time with them as usual! Then today we went to my mom's and swam! It was so nice and relaxing. Tonight we are CHILLIN. Tee is playing his wii, that he hardly has time for anymore, and I am blogging and about to work on some gifts! Tomorrow we are going to golf with his fam...cant wait! :)

Next gifts on the list to be made: single photo frames, message cork board, and topiary!!!

I will post pics of the progress and directions in case anyone is interested! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend as well!! Thank god for those relaxing days!

P.S. sorry this is so long!!! :(

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cheap...Fast...Easy...Cute Gift Idea

Another Christmas present down and many more to go!! Today I worked on a new Christmas gift project. Its four frames in one. This is my first attempt so there are many flaws...but that is what you get with homemade! I have about 6 of these total to make so I am sure they will get better looking the more I do, plus they are all going to be different colors and different patterns. When I say cheap (total about $6), fast (took an hour TOPS), easy (only a few steps) and cute (picture speaks for itself). Thought I would share the easy steps in case you would like to try. Hope you enjoy! :)

Step one: Purchse four frames (any size you want will do, mine were 4X6 I believe). I bought natural so I could paint them. You can buy pre-painted and skip a step! Hint: Dollar Store had TONSStep Two: Paint the frames your choice of color.
Step three: Lay out the frames how you want them to look. I hot-glued them together, you can used picture hangers to screw them together also.

Step four: Layout your ribbon, buttons, etc. to decorate with and secure. I hot-glued these as well.Step five: Dont forget to add the ribbon at the top to hang it by. Be sure when securing this ribbon that you put a LOT of glue or even maybe nail it to ensure its secure.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I have not been able to find much on TV these days that interests me. I mean, trust me, there are a few shows that I REALLY love but not like there used to be. Used to I could sit and watch tv for hours. I googled the cancelled shows list and can not believe ALL the shows that have been cancelled. It is so crazy. I dont understand how good shows that are NOT REALITY get cancelled but they seem to keep ridiculous reality shows that people only watch because you cancelled the others...I just dont get it! My newly fav (or was in the fall), Lipstick Jungle is one of the cancelled shows, among many others. Here is the link if you wanna check on your fav shows!

On a much happier note, my hubby got a new job and I am so happy for him. I have to admit I am a little nervous about the change in his schedule. He has never worked shift work, in fact all of his jobs have been Monday through Friday 8-5. Therefore, the two of us do EVERYTHING together. So it is going to be an adjustment, however I have faith we will do just fine. I am so happy for him and the love we have for each other will get us through the adjustment. Pretty soon, life will feel like nothing changed and we will be used to the new schedule.

My job is....the same. Busy busy busy and enjoying it. I am so happy I have found a job that I REALLY enjoy! Just trying to get my boss to promote me...even though I dont have my degree yet...I CAN STILL DO THE JOB :)

School started back today so Tee and I will be busy writing papers and taking tests! Hope yall have a great week!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend Details

Friday night tee had his spring football game so we finished packing after he got home.

Saturday it was up early and headed to Q-town to drop little Duke off with the Dawkins for a weekend stay. We ended up getting to Port St. Joe about 12:00 had some lunch and toured the new resort...which I LOVE!!

Sunday we played beach bums ALL day, then the boys played golf that evening and we saw a turtle!! Normally we see gators or snakes but turtle was neat!

Monday we went to see the rest of the fam in PC it was PERFECT weather! We had a great dinner that night...I had grit cake and shrimp and turtle cake YUMO!

Tuesday we did some more beaching it up and headed back home.

But there were this group of men that were staying next to us who took up the WHOLE beach with their fishing poles. Literally, they had 30 poles on the BEACH! What were they fishing for you ask...SHARKS! YES sharks...I went crazy! For starters they were trashing the beach with fish guts, beer bottles, cig butts, and glow sticks (they hung from the line at night so ppl could see it). But my main concern was the cute little children playing in the 20 foot from where they caught a 6 foot shark!! They were fishing with a half of a sting ray and fish. When confronted about they danger they were putting everyone on the beach in, their response was "we didn't think about that!" HOW COULD YOU NOT!?!?!?!

It was a GREAT parents are still there lucky dogs!!! But if anyone is up for a beach trip, let me know I am ready to go back! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're back!!

Just a short note to say we are back from our Memorial Day trip...and had a GREAT time!! I have a whole blog worth of stuff to share but will just post my pics for now since it is WAY past my bed time. Tomorrow I will share details from our weekend. Good night!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

He got the Job!! :)

My hubby applied for a position back in November and after months of screening, testing, interviewing...he went yesterday and got really nervous...he was handed "ThE LETtER" yes he GOT THE JOB!!! I am SOOOO proud of him and hope that it is everything he dreamed it could be. He starts the last friday of the month...there will be a little bit of adjusting because it is night but I am SO happy for him and I know everything will be just fine!

Other than the exciting news about my hubby, nothing else really going on!! Tee and I are still working on school...slowly but surely! This weekend we are going on the parade of homes with my parents and Tee's mom! I am looking forward to seeing those NICE homes again and dreaming!! Then we are going to see my Mema and Pepa's new camper! Yes, my Pepa was able to talk Mema into a new Camper!! It is not BRAND new but it is new to them and from the pictures looks to be REALLY nice!!!! By the way: their old camper is for sale if anyone knows anyone interested in a 1992 fifth wheel!!

Other than that no plans this weekend either. Tee is at his Spring garnet and gold game and I am trying to kill time before the finale of GREY'S!!! Good night :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's a wrap! Sry its a long one! :(

This weekend is almost over :( they just go by way too fast! Friday Tee and I went to dinner (mistake with it being grad weekend!) and rented some movies. I saw The Women which wasn't too bad. It was about a group of women (4) that are really close friends but are all going through very different parts of life. Ex: one is very successful doesnt care too much about marriage or a family just focused on work, then there is one who is like the tom-boy type and chooses women over men, then is the free spirited one who doesn't work but has 5 children and says she will stop once she has a boy, lastly is the very successful one, who husband makes goood $$ have a child but the love is forgotton. This woman doesn't realize her husband is cheating on her because she thinks that would never happen to her. The other three ladies try to tell her but she is in denial...I will stop there because I dont want to give it away. But I recommend the movie, there are some slow parts, but it was a good weekend relaxing movie!

Saturday, tee had prac I worked on school work and caught up on my shows from this past week (Tam: Are they seriously going to kill Izzy? I LOVE her! :( and KT: GIRL, can we say Adrien is CRAZY and PLS tell me Annie is NOT going to go out with that guy!?!?!) We caught up on school work (only took 6 1/2 hours!) and went to visit my mom. Who by the way was VERY thankful! poor thing is bored to death sitting on the coach...KT I told her your dad could relate! Tee and Dad grilled some burgers (after getting hungry from watching food network!)

TodAY: My POOR HOUSE...I know it was thinking "come on woman are you EVER going to clean me" I did today and it is SO nice to sit in your home when it smells so fresh and clean! The remainder of the day I plan to finish reading my book and eat this stew that I have been cooking ALLL is hard to smell it but know it has 3 hours left to cook!!!

I want to leave you all with a lil cartoon about weight loos because this morning I got on the scale and guess what!!!! I LOST ANOTHER 2 LBS!!!!! I am SO SO proud of myself. Not trying to brag but I haven't weight this since tee and I got engaged! Total weight loss since Jan. 16, 2009: 17 lbs

I hope everyone had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!! MUAH! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

I feel SAFE now!! :)

Yesterday, Tee and I worked in the yard then I watered the yard. Well it was late so I left the water hose out and said I would put the water hose up today. So I got home from work, went in the back yard and made Duke come outside so he could potty. I started rolling the hose up and noticed Duke JUMP and would not take his eyes off the hose. I HAD to take a video of him because he was being such a "watch dog" and he was protecting his mommy from that EVIL WATER HOSE. Now, I have to warn you, the video is not NEAR as funny as it was in person! But maybe you will get a laugh or two from it.

This weekend is all about R&R for the Dawkins. Tonight is date night (movie and dinner), tomorrow Tee has early morning practice, I plan to tan, and hopefully we will have time to go check on momma. Mom had surgery today and she is doing good, it was not the ACL like they originally thought she had a sist (SP?) and it caused some damage to the knee cap!?!?! NOt really sure but she is home and doing well. BORED TO DEATH, tee and I are probably going to go out there tomorrow and take pizza and Chinese, play games/wii and keep mom entertained! Sunday:!!!

Hope yall have a GREAT weekend!! If anyone is bored and wants to hang out, plays games, eat pizza/Chinese. Let us know, mom would love all the company she can get at this point!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have heard people say "follow me on twitter" and "twitter said..." I looked a the website a few times and thought it was junk, until recently. I am HOOKED on twitter! It is so neat to me that there is ALWAYS something to read on there. I dont have ANY followers, yet :(, and I am not following many people myself but what I have been doing I seem to really like. We shall see how long I keep up with my Tweets!

Another recent addiction of mine: Frugal Coupon Mom!! I saw her blog once before from a friend, then saw her on Dr. Phil, this week she was on the local news and I have been checking out her blog more and more. I am going to start trying some of her ideas.

My final is over with: we wont talk about that. So I feel like a free woman! Hubby starts football this Friday, so it is Football coaches wife lifestyle for me again for the next...oh...8 months or so! But he LOVES it and I LOVE him more so I can support his season.

I am also working on mother's day gifts!! Needless to say thank goodness finals are over because I still have a lot going on!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Jekyll Island

This weekend we went to Jekyll Island and it was AMAZING! We saw homes that were built over 250 years ago, pretty OLD trees, lots of wild animals and had a relaxing time. The girls went to the beach while the boys were golfing, went to a Sea Turtle hospital and ate some GREAT food. Wish we could have stayed longer there was so much to do there. Here are some pics to share! We cant wait to go again.

The only bad part about the weekend is I got sunburned...BAD. I have had a horrible headache since yesterday and was very nauseous. Got up this morning for work and couldn't open the blinds because my head was hurting so bad. Parts of me are so burnt that clothing couldn't touch with out sharp burning feeling. I stayed home today to keep ice on my head, medicine every 4 hours and to stay laying down (since I cant sit very well). Even though I did get burnt pretty bad, I REALLY enjoyed the weekend (it was much needed)!!!
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Monday, April 20, 2009

New Hair Cut!!

I GOT IT DONE AND IT IS SHORT!!! BUT I LOVE IT! Hope yall like it. I have before and after, my dresser wanted "makeover pics".

Before Front

Before back
After Side
After Front

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I need help!

IM SO EXCITED...little things make me happy :) but I have moved my hair appointment to MONDAY! I have been long awaiting this appointment that was at the end of the month because my hair has not been "styled" in a long time. I have been wanting something "new" and have been actively searching online for fresh new looks. I have added a few of the styles that made the "final cut". I need help picking THE ONE!!!
The first one is my fav but it is VERY different from what I am use to. Number one it is SHORT number two it is SHORT! :) But it looks free and light weight which I think I would LOVE. Plus the second option (which is my comfort style)...anyways I am open for opinions!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is going to be short

I just need to VENT! Last night I had History (only 2 left). I wrote my term paper in Jan even though it is not due til the end of the semester. I wanted to make sure I made a good grade on it. I met with the teacher about two weeks ago. She made MANY "suggestions", wrote through the paper, I took it home and COMPLETELY changed the paper (to match her "suggestions" of course). Well last Thursday I turned it in on and printed out the final copy to turn into her last night in class.

I walked up to her and said "I know this is due in two weeks but I have worked on it so much that I have made myself sick so I want to turn it in early". She LITERALLY turned past the cover sheet to the first page of the paper and handed it BACK!!!! I was STUNED! I couldnt believe that, I have never had a teacher due that. So I brought it home and will Re-RE-REEE-READ it and see if there are ANY MORE POSSIBLE changes and try to turn it in again.

I really was hurt, I thought the paper was GREAT...probably my best eVER!!! Anyway, just had to vent because I could not believe what happened. She really did not have much to say either, just make a few more changes. WHAT?!?!?

SO, I am working on those chagnes tonight...wish me luck for GOOD this time!

Easter (Late)

My Easter posting is VERY late, but this is the first night I have been home to sit down and pay attention to my blog (this means there will probably be a few posts tonight). Easter was WONDERFUL for us this year. We were very blessed with greats friends on Saturday and spent time with our family on Sunday.

Saturday we hosted a cook out with our friends. We ate some YUMMIE food my hubby BBQ, colored eggs, played street ball, had a short craft session, hunted eggs and over just enjoyed time with friends that was LONG overdue! It was so good to see everyone together at one time...its been a while since we last were able to. Here are a few pics from Saturday. Blogger would only allow me to post 5 :( but ALL my pics are on Shutterfly.

Our craft session was how to make ribbon broaches, arent they just TOO CUTE?
Everyone seems to love them except the mean lady at my mom's office! I made momma one and she wore it to work today and some lady said to her "I cant believe you put that on your shirt" well woman I cant believe you would be so rude to say that to someone...people need to think twice before they say something to someone- words hurt. This goes the same for those people who post things on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, their blog, or any online website- people read those things and the text you type may come off differently than you intend and words do hurt. So think twice and Re-Read anything you post before you post could cause you to loose a friend.
Sorry about my spill...back to Easter!! :)

Ian and Rossi at the cook out. She was so cute...just smile the whole time and laughed!! I really enjoyed her. Hope to see her again soon!!

My fav egg from the whole weekend!!! I wanted to make it retro! :) hehe

My Hubby was too cute...he really got into the coloring!! He made a football and faces! I took tons of pics of him but this was the little boy!! hehe they never grow up :)

This is our Easter basket from mom and dad. We got a bird bath and it was FILLED with candy. We were very excited we have been wanting a bird bath for a LONG looks cute in the backyard.
We also went to Tee's Nanny for Easter...I forgot to take pics there I am so bad!! I got to learn to take more pics!! :)
Well thats a wrap, our Easter in a nut shell. It was wonderful and we are so thankful for those in our life!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I like this one
Haven't made up my mind on the flower style...

Tried to take a pic of me wearing it for Mrs. Goram...didnt work very well!

This one is by far my fact I may keep it for me! :) I think I will have plenty for Christmas!

I couldn't get enough of the broaches...have I turned into an old married woman? I am falling in love with BrOAcHeS!!!! I made three more this morning, all were very different. I am posting the last three pics of broaches, then on to cleaning the house, watching tv and doing homework! I really have turned into a CRAFT ANIMAL- I cant get enough!! I know you are thinking "what a loser"...haha thats me! :) Hope you enjoy the pics.

Broach CRAZY!

Second project off the christmas list: broaches! I am not a "broach person" dont really wear them (at least didn't wear them) but I have FALLEN IN LOVE with fabric broaches. There are two different "kinds" below I took a single shot of my favorite, I like to call it the "ruffle". They are SO easy to make and too cute! I have two more types I plan to make today and will post those pics later for opinions!

Hope you like as much as I did! :)

I made a total of five last night and this is all of them, the largest "ribbon" kind is my fav!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TWO Years with ONE amazing man!

Today was mine and my hubby's two year anniversary....cant believe its been two years WOW! We both were not feeling that great today (due to the strange weather), I had court, AND a test, then we enjoyed a romantic dinner at Harry's and walked around downtown for a little while. It was a very nice evening and I am so thankful for my hubby and our life.


This started as a scarf...but like I always do I couldn't put it down until it was finished so I changed it to a Koozie!! I cant knit anything much bigger than this because I can not put it down until I see the final product. Anyway, I finished the Koozie last night...I thought it turned out cute!
This was the beginning (when I decided it was NOT going to be a scarf)

Almost there...

Adding the ribbon...

The final product!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Knitting Progress

I just started knitting, thanks to Tam! :) I am still learning to make the rows look pretty. But here is what I have completed so far. *In reverse order (haha)

This is actually the last thing I completed and it is a cell phone case that was supposed to look the same as my first project but I accidentally adding too many rows so it looks more like the credit card case below. This was my mother-in-law's birthday gift!

This was supposed to be her gift, however she saw it was I was in the process of making it and said "I want one but I want it in green" so I finished this and started her a new one!

This is the very first thing I made, a cell phone case. It is actually laying on its side, I didn't rotate the pic! :)
I am proud of my progress, still have some learning to do! But I am currently working on a scarf which is difficult for me. I like the smaller projects because I have a problem putting something down before it is complete. I just like to see the final project RIGHT THEN! So the scarf is one that I have to work on and put away and work on and put away...we shall see how it turns out.
I plan to continue to update my blog with pics of my crafts because this year hubby and I have decided to make ALL gifts for Christmas. Which means I will making all Christmas gifts! This is a HUGE project but I am excited because they are all going to be different so I will be learning with each one. We started last month and I have one complete...only 27 to go! :) But I thought I would share the ideas I find because who is not interested in a little craft every now and then, especially if it is a money saver!!! :)
Hope y'all have a great week!! Mine is going to be WONDERFUL, Tuesday is our 2 year anniversary :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

She would be 18 today!

Marie's life was short but she made a HUGE impact on those who knew her. She was only 6 when she passed away but today she would be 18...I cant believe it. Today she will be remembered and missed. I cant help but think what things would be like now if she was still here. Would she have a boyfriend? Would she have made it through high school? Would she. be enrolling in college, if so where? What profession would she want? What would she wear?--> This is a BIG question, for those of you who know how much I LOVE my shoes, well Marie's shoes were bought for ONE outfit...yes everything had to match head to toe and do not try to mix a pair of shoes with the "wrong" outfit. The one thing I really want to know, what would she look like? I know what she looked like before she was sick and before she lost her hair, but when her hair was growing back it was so beautiful and looked so different from what it looked like before the medicine.

These are questions that go through my mind regularly but never fails to make me wonder on her birthday, what if she were only still here?

Trying not to pay attention

This morning I got up and started on some school work. After I was done, I thought I would surf the net for a little while, something I do not have much time for but LOVE to do, and my hubby was watching a movie. I did not realize when he started the movie how NASTY it was. People shooting peoples heads off, etc...EEEWWW!! So to keep my mind off the movie I really focused on surfing the net and looking for a new blog layout (to come soon) and found the info posted below and thought I would share. It is so easy to get comfortable with your hubby, I mean after all he is the love of your life and best friend what's not to be comfortable with?!?! But this website made me realize that even though comfortable is AMAZING, keeping the "spunk" alive is key to a successful marriage. Plus it keeps ya young too!! Anyways, just something I found interesting and thought I would share!

1. Flirt like it’s your first night together. Think back to those early days of dating. Every laugh, lingering look, or under-the-table leg brush was a guaranteed goose bump-giver. Well, you can turn back the clock to that supercharged premarried state by making a simple shift: Start flirting again. If you’re at a party, slink away, get a couple of drinks, and flirtatiously introduce yourself to your spouse like you’re strangers. It may take them a second to catch on, but once they do, it’ll set a sexier tone for the rest of the night -- and remind you both that there’s still a lot to discover about each other.

2. Make your spouse do a double-take. That’s one of the brilliant things about being a couple -- being so at ease in each other’s company. But there’s a line between being comfortable and letting yourselves go. (Hint: If you frequently show up to the dinner table in sweaty gym gear or go to bed with zit cream and prickly cactus legs, you’re guilty as charged.) Break out that lingerie crammed in the back of your drawer. Wear something backless. Shave and put on a nicer shirt than usual when you go out to dinner. It’s about showing your significant other that they’re still worth looking sexy for.

3. Try something new (channel surfing doesn’t count).You love your routine, so why mess? Well, shaking things up every once in a while keeps the zsa-zsa-zsu in your relationship. According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, couples who participated in activities that they both considered highly exciting but moderately pleasant had a bigger boost in marital satisfaction than those who did activities that were highly pleasant but moderately exciting. Check out a concert you’d never think to get tickets for, or explore a totally different part of town. The adrenaline rush will be an aphrodisiac.

4. Pounce…even when you’re not in the mood.Skipping the most intimate act you and your spouse could possibly enjoy together, you’re not doing your relationship any favors. Here’s why: Intercourse and orgasms trigger oxytocin, the “love hormone,” to be released in your bodies, which makes you feel incredibly fused as a couple. Sex is also the gift that keeps on giving: The more you do it, the more you’ll want to do it, so it actually stokes desire. So set that alarm clock a little earlier for some wake-up action, and put down that pint of mocha pecan postdinner and enjoy another kind of bedroom treat (better yet, bring in the ice cream too). You don’t need Olympic-level performances -- just enough enthusiasm to get that married mojo going.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Its OVER :(

I LOVE sundays and dislike them too. Its sad because in just a few short hours I have to go back to work and really I just want another day at home. Thankfully I love my job so its not TOO bad but still with the weather the way it has been this weekend I really could use another day at home. Not to mention I wasn't feeling that well last night and still not my normal self.

So my weekend was GREAT!!! Friday night we went to my parents, cooked bacon cheese burgers and played WII. Then yesterday I replanted my whole backyard. Its difficult to tell that I did anything but I know what has been done and it looks a MILLION times better to me. Then last night our friends came over from some YUMO bake spaghetti and garlic bread and Tam made the BEST brownies for desert....yummmmm!!! I think I honestly ate enough to last me ALL WEEK..that may be why I woke up at 2:00 AM SOOOO Sick I couldnt even sleep...finally fell back asleep at 4:00 AM. We also played a quick game of Wii and knitted like lil ole ladies but it was FABULOUS!!! I finished Tee's momma cell phone case.

Then today we cleaned out our JUNKY garage and went shopping with Tee momma and Nanny for his momma bday. We also stopped by Ted's for lunch....ok stopped by is putting it lightly we waited there for AN HOUR!!!! It was ridiculous to wait that long for a burger...on sunday...that wasn't anything to write home about. At least I didn't think so...I would have like a el cheapo Double Cheese from the golden arches just as good!!! haha but its alright we had a gift certificate!

Then we came home, I took a nap while laying out on this beautiful afternoon and now we are getting ready to go bowling. I am excited I haven't been bowling in a LONG time. I hope I do well!!!

I guess I better go because we are supposed to be there at 6:30!!! Tee is "waiting on a woman" --> you know the song!!! :)

Hope yall have a great weeek!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

i'm Getting Better!!!

TAMMY turned out!!! This is not the best pic but I tried. Ifinished this lastnight, it is only the 3rd thing I have knitted before, but I am so proud!! Tonight I plan to begin my mother-in-law's birthday gift...its a cell phone case!!! I will post pics of that once it is complete.

Other than the knitting, nothing really going on in the life of the Dawkins!!! We finally have a weekend that we dont have to GO ANYWHERE!! We are so excited!!!

Hope yall have a great weekend!! :)