Baby Girl

Our little princess.  Born February 22, 2011.  She may have had a rocky start when she was first born, but she has surely turned into a strong little lady from it.  Thank God she did not have it as bad as some little babies do but we like to say that she was born a fighter and will continue to fight (in a good way of course).  She may be petite and cute; but this little girl can fend for herself.  She is so strong and so smart, she truly amazes us each day with more words and sentences she can put together.  She is absolutely beautiful and can look at you with those big eyes and melt your heart.
Just as her brother is the best big brother to her, she is the best little sister to him.  She looks for him at school, in the house, when he's napping...she never wants to be more than a few feet from him.  She will share her favorite food with him, and has even been known to take it out of her mouth if he wants some and there aren't any left.
She is your typical little girl, loving all things that sparkle, shimmer, and shine.  She loves her dresses, shoes, and (most recently found love) her babies.  She carries her babies around hugging them and kissing them saying "oh my baby" is the.most.adorable.thing.ever!  She may be your typical girl, but she can hang with the dirtiest of all boys (her brother).  She doesn't mind getting muddy, dirty, or messy with him.  But when she is done playing, she is ready for a bath and her sparkle shoes.  She loves playing with her brother, her babies, reading books, and playing tickle with mommy and daddy.  Like her brother, she is our world! 
She is our baby girl!

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