Little Man

This is our little man.  Born March 31, 2010.  He came into this world stealing our heart and continues to do so each and every day.  He loves all things boy.  From trucks, to trains, to TV, and even won his Daddy's heart recently by asking to watch football instead of the Disney channel.  He is our softy, our love muffin, and the perfect big brother.  He would do absolutely anything for his little sister, including sharing his last animal cracker.
 We have been told by his teachers that he is the most polite and kind 2 year old they have had in class.  When leaving the school each day he waits for the other moms to exit the gate so he can "hold it" for them and shuts the gate behind us.  
He's not just our sweetheart, he is also our little comedian.  The boy can make you laugh with some of his comments, facial expressions, and acts.  Currently he loves to play with his new play house, play trains, watching Disney channel, and laugh with Daddy.  He's learning so much in school and impresses us daily with new words and phrases.  He likes to sing his ABCs, Pocket Full of Poseys, and count in Spanish.
He is our little man!

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