Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend Details

Friday night tee had his spring football game so we finished packing after he got home.

Saturday it was up early and headed to Q-town to drop little Duke off with the Dawkins for a weekend stay. We ended up getting to Port St. Joe about 12:00 had some lunch and toured the new resort...which I LOVE!!

Sunday we played beach bums ALL day, then the boys played golf that evening and we saw a turtle!! Normally we see gators or snakes but turtle was neat!

Monday we went to see the rest of the fam in PC it was PERFECT weather! We had a great dinner that night...I had grit cake and shrimp and turtle cake YUMO!

Tuesday we did some more beaching it up and headed back home.

But there were this group of men that were staying next to us who took up the WHOLE beach with their fishing poles. Literally, they had 30 poles on the BEACH! What were they fishing for you ask...SHARKS! YES sharks...I went crazy! For starters they were trashing the beach with fish guts, beer bottles, cig butts, and glow sticks (they hung from the line at night so ppl could see it). But my main concern was the cute little children playing in the 20 foot from where they caught a 6 foot shark!! They were fishing with a half of a sting ray and fish. When confronted about they danger they were putting everyone on the beach in, their response was "we didn't think about that!" HOW COULD YOU NOT!?!?!?!

It was a GREAT parents are still there lucky dogs!!! But if anyone is up for a beach trip, let me know I am ready to go back! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're back!!

Just a short note to say we are back from our Memorial Day trip...and had a GREAT time!! I have a whole blog worth of stuff to share but will just post my pics for now since it is WAY past my bed time. Tomorrow I will share details from our weekend. Good night!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

He got the Job!! :)

My hubby applied for a position back in November and after months of screening, testing, interviewing...he went yesterday and got really nervous...he was handed "ThE LETtER" yes he GOT THE JOB!!! I am SOOOO proud of him and hope that it is everything he dreamed it could be. He starts the last friday of the month...there will be a little bit of adjusting because it is night but I am SO happy for him and I know everything will be just fine!

Other than the exciting news about my hubby, nothing else really going on!! Tee and I are still working on school...slowly but surely! This weekend we are going on the parade of homes with my parents and Tee's mom! I am looking forward to seeing those NICE homes again and dreaming!! Then we are going to see my Mema and Pepa's new camper! Yes, my Pepa was able to talk Mema into a new Camper!! It is not BRAND new but it is new to them and from the pictures looks to be REALLY nice!!!! By the way: their old camper is for sale if anyone knows anyone interested in a 1992 fifth wheel!!

Other than that no plans this weekend either. Tee is at his Spring garnet and gold game and I am trying to kill time before the finale of GREY'S!!! Good night :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's a wrap! Sry its a long one! :(

This weekend is almost over :( they just go by way too fast! Friday Tee and I went to dinner (mistake with it being grad weekend!) and rented some movies. I saw The Women which wasn't too bad. It was about a group of women (4) that are really close friends but are all going through very different parts of life. Ex: one is very successful doesnt care too much about marriage or a family just focused on work, then there is one who is like the tom-boy type and chooses women over men, then is the free spirited one who doesn't work but has 5 children and says she will stop once she has a boy, lastly is the very successful one, who husband makes goood $$ have a child but the love is forgotton. This woman doesn't realize her husband is cheating on her because she thinks that would never happen to her. The other three ladies try to tell her but she is in denial...I will stop there because I dont want to give it away. But I recommend the movie, there are some slow parts, but it was a good weekend relaxing movie!

Saturday, tee had prac I worked on school work and caught up on my shows from this past week (Tam: Are they seriously going to kill Izzy? I LOVE her! :( and KT: GIRL, can we say Adrien is CRAZY and PLS tell me Annie is NOT going to go out with that guy!?!?!) We caught up on school work (only took 6 1/2 hours!) and went to visit my mom. Who by the way was VERY thankful! poor thing is bored to death sitting on the coach...KT I told her your dad could relate! Tee and Dad grilled some burgers (after getting hungry from watching food network!)

TodAY: My POOR HOUSE...I know it was thinking "come on woman are you EVER going to clean me" I did today and it is SO nice to sit in your home when it smells so fresh and clean! The remainder of the day I plan to finish reading my book and eat this stew that I have been cooking ALLL is hard to smell it but know it has 3 hours left to cook!!!

I want to leave you all with a lil cartoon about weight loos because this morning I got on the scale and guess what!!!! I LOST ANOTHER 2 LBS!!!!! I am SO SO proud of myself. Not trying to brag but I haven't weight this since tee and I got engaged! Total weight loss since Jan. 16, 2009: 17 lbs

I hope everyone had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!! MUAH! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

I feel SAFE now!! :)

Yesterday, Tee and I worked in the yard then I watered the yard. Well it was late so I left the water hose out and said I would put the water hose up today. So I got home from work, went in the back yard and made Duke come outside so he could potty. I started rolling the hose up and noticed Duke JUMP and would not take his eyes off the hose. I HAD to take a video of him because he was being such a "watch dog" and he was protecting his mommy from that EVIL WATER HOSE. Now, I have to warn you, the video is not NEAR as funny as it was in person! But maybe you will get a laugh or two from it.

This weekend is all about R&R for the Dawkins. Tonight is date night (movie and dinner), tomorrow Tee has early morning practice, I plan to tan, and hopefully we will have time to go check on momma. Mom had surgery today and she is doing good, it was not the ACL like they originally thought she had a sist (SP?) and it caused some damage to the knee cap!?!?! NOt really sure but she is home and doing well. BORED TO DEATH, tee and I are probably going to go out there tomorrow and take pizza and Chinese, play games/wii and keep mom entertained! Sunday:!!!

Hope yall have a GREAT weekend!! If anyone is bored and wants to hang out, plays games, eat pizza/Chinese. Let us know, mom would love all the company she can get at this point!!