Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend went by so fast, but when don't they right!? Friday night we had pizza family night. While growing up we had family night every Friday night. It was always so nice to enjoy family time, games, movies, and most importantly pizza ;) We have always talked about doing family nights regularly when our children are growing up, to hopefully encourage family time and keep them out of trouble. *fingers crossed*

Saturday we started, or continued actually, the dreaded house search!! I say dreaded because I am so worried that whenever we are able to get our next house, we wont be able to find anything in our price range. We know exactly what we want, how much we are able to spend though is what will hold us back. :( Don't you wish money would just grow on trees??

We also met some friends for yumo lunch. Thanks again Erin and Jackson for joining us, hate that we weren't able to see Ian though! :(

After we got home from town we decided to get some "yard" time in...AKA get babies REALLLLLLYYYYY tired for an early-to-bed bedtime ;) So we played a family game of baseball, played in the slip-n-slide, and I took pics of course! I have been doing a LOT of research online trying to learn how to many pretty pics and I was dying to try some new techniques that I found online. I snapped some pics of flowers, the fam, and a butterfly that landed right in front of my lens. So I snapped a ton of that beautiful butterfly.

Yellow flower...don't know the name :)
The boys playing inside after the full day of events.
Playing in the slip-n-slide
The boys playing
The girls taking pics!
Caught in action
Sweet smile
He was so funny drinking out of the water hose and splashing and laughing. He loooves water!
Riding with Gammie
Butterfly again
My fave butterfly pic

Then today, we met our friends at the pool again! We love Sunday Funday Pool Dates with the Taber Tots!! Brody absolutely loves the water and the pool, he thinks he can get in the big pool without any float...but he cant. I am trying to work on swimming with him, but he thinks he is just a big boy and doesn't need mommas help....but it scares momma :/ We can't wait for Nana to get her pool so we can go out there regularly and hopefully soon he will be able to swim on his own!

Our weekend was wonderful, like always, and I'm so sad I have to return to work tomorrow. But I have a LOT I want to get done before the end of the month so I hope to be very productive :) I hope yall had a wonderful weekend as well and have an awesome Monday!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Soccer Mom Here

I'm officially a soccer mom, at least I feel like one! My trailblazer got sick and more sick and more sick and before we knew it he was going to cost us a fortune to make him better. So we started the dreaded car hunt a few weeks back. I looked at everything on the market it felt like. But wr decided on the Dodge Journey.

I never heard of it but once I test drove it I was hooked. The vehicle was designed by moms of America and you all know us women know what we need in a car ;) sorry men no offence! There are storage compartments under each floorboard mat, and the passenger seat, AND in the back hatch part. It illuminates when you walk up to it, nice for night time having ur hands full of kiddos and their belongings. And unlocks when u approach, how awesome and safe is that!? There are many other small features but those are my def faves! could I forget it has a third row so I can take someone else with us besides just our family!!

Not at all the vehicle I thought I would get but I have to say it was by far the most enjoyable car buyjng I've ever experienced. I feel great about the purchase. Think I got a good deal. And couldn't be happier!! *not to mention insurance went down, cha-ching!!*

P.S. if there are any txting abbreviations, I apologize this is coming to u from the good ole cellular phone! ;)
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Monday, June 20, 2011

My New Phone Cover

I changed up my phone cover and got crafty, this time I used my cricut and made a "R". It turned out cute but the green is a different type of fabric and was too thick making it difficult to wrap around the phone. So if you attempt the cover use a thin cotton fabric its easier to wrap.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blog Names Can Be Difficult!

My first post today was all babygirl and this one is all lil man, that actually wasn't planned! Couldn't come up with a name for this post because it is a bunch of randomness.

A few nights ago, I went in to check on the kiddos before bed, and this is what I saw. Booty straight up in the air! He sleeps like this a lot but for some reason this particular night was especially cute! I think it had something to do with his feet crossed underneath him :) I took pics and this is the best one I could get without turning on the light and waking him up.

So, today was Father's Day. SN: I have some very amazing men in my life and I truly feel blessed by them. For that I must give a shout out. First and foremost, my hubby. From the time I was a little girl I dreamed of a man that would honor me, respect me, love me unconditionally, be my best friend, make me smile every single day, and most importantly be an amazing father for my children. Originally I wanted six, YES SIX, children and I knew it would take a special (REAL SPECIAL) man to be able to do that. After having Brody...and then Savannah...I have decided that six may not be reality for me! never know ;) I dreamed of a husband that helped cook, helped clean, would pick the kids up from school, attend every activity possible, went on family trips yearly, would play with the kids til they were sick from laughing, be the good guy when I got on to them, or be the one getting on to them so I could be the good one for love when they were upset ;), and most importantly would be my supporting side during the challenging times when the kids tested our nerves to no end. Never in a million years did I think I would actually find a man that met all my ridiculous criteria...but I did and he's mine! :) Thank you hubby for being the most amazing man and Father. Happy Father's Day!

I also have to say Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Daddy who is always there for me and my family and who is putting up with my chaotic family living with him during these difficult times. And to my Pepa, who was my Daddy before my Daddy came. He is a strong man, who no matter what the situation always seems to know what to say and how to remain calm. And to My Father-in-law, I don't think a girl could ask for a better FIL. I love each and every one of you men and you are all so very special to me and my family!

Back to my story, although today was Father's Day I was unfortunately not able to spend the day with any of these men due to all different circumstances. So it was just me and the kiddos at home. Which is always nice! I got some "To Do" stuff checked off my list. You know the stuff I have been putting off: laundry, dishes, updating my blog background (by the way, you likey?), complete my photo challenge for today, and work on a new cell phone cover (pics to come).

While doing the laundry, lil man got quiet. That is always a concern because it typically means that he is into something he shouldn't be. I turn around and saw him playing in the pampers diaper box! A house FULL of toys and he picks a cardboard box! But I have to say, it was very entertaining to watch. He climbed in it and popped up at me, climbed out, climbed back in, and out again, and back in...this went on for like 30 minutes at least! I'm so glad he enjoyed himself! :)

This pic he actually was saying "Cheeeesssseeee". Any time he sees the camera he smiles real big and says "cheeeeesssssseeeeee". So cute :)
More "Cheeesssseeeee" .

He worked up a thirst after playing in the box, so we attempted the Mickey Mouse Tervis the Easter Bunny got him...his first Tervis :) for those of you who know us, well know us at all, should know that us Dawkins are some Tervis FOOLS! We are totally hooked on Tervis and "we ain't going back" ;)

So the Easter Bunny bringing Brody his first Tervis this year was kinda a big deal! Today he carried it and drank out of it for the first time. He has some work to do because I think he wore most of his water instead of drinking it. But he's learning still!

...and more "cheeeessssseeee"...

Even though the day didn't go as I would have wanted it. Me and the kiddos did enjoy ourselves and we got to have a fabulous dinner with our special man on Father's Day! :) I hope you all had a very special day with the special man in your life!

Day 14: A Photo Focusing on Eyes

Babygirl was the subject of today's pic. Both of my children were blessed with the most beautiful eyes, in my opinion. My opinion may be slightly biased ;) But they truly do have a pretty color and long eye lashes. I am so jealous of them because I always wanted long lashes to put mascara on.
So after reading today's challenge I knew exactly who my subject would be. Of course right!?
Hope you enjoy her pics!! By the way, she is getting SUPER big! And *tear* already wanting to EAT! Can you believe this? Both my children came to this world ready for steak and potatoes, what can I say raising 'em right I guess! ;)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mobile Blogger

I am a HUGE blogger LOVER! I check up on my blogs from my phone often. Some times if there are a lot of pics or graphics it is hard for my phone to load the site. I realized last night that blogger has a "mobile web" option and you can set your blog to automatically load in the mobile web for followers viewing it from the mobile device...I thought that was AWESOME!

I changed mine so it would do this, and you can too!

I know I am a super nerd but I thought it was neat.

Tonight was date night, we had a great time. We did NOTHING that most people would consider special, but it was special to me because we were just enjoying time together. We did a little shopping and had dinner. It was my hubby!

No photo challenge tonight, I will though I have a new cell phone cover fabric I am working on, cant wait to share!

Night y'all :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 13: A photo edit you like

I have to admit, I got stuck! I did not know how or if I could do the challenge for bokeh. I talked to my photography genius friend and she explained to me that I may not be able to because my camera doesn't have! I am not a pro and do not claim to be by any means so I have no idea what a "bokeh" is or how to get my app-thingy to look "bokeh".

So I made the executive decision to bypass that day and start back with Day 13. So, here ya go, my fave photo edit...Lomo! :) This was actually pretty hard for me to choose because I really like vintage and black and white as well. But I can edit just about any pic "lomo-style" and I fall in love!

Don't have any "fresh pics" so these are oldies, but they are goodies!! These are some of my fave pics I have taken lately and I just applied the lomo look to them.

I hope to get better about this ole challenge and not skip a week, or has it been two, again :/

Hubby was watching me edit these tonight and told me how special it was to him that I was able to capture some of his childhood and family history in such amazing pics. He thought they were awesome and really liked them! Father's Day idea?? Just maybe ;) But on a serious note, it made me feel so good that he appreciated my pics that I took for fun.

Speaking of Father's Day, what do you plan to do to honor your special Father? Once you become parents, it get more difficult to spend Mother's Day and Father's Day with your parents because you want to spend it with your own children. Unfortunately, my dad will be out of town this weekend spending Father's Day with his dad...the good thing is right now we live with them so everyday is like Father's Day! :) But I plan on making Hubby's Father's Day super special, yes I don't have plans yet but I have some thing in the works we shall see what comes of it!

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm Curly

I have always wanted curly hair. Got a perm one time that fell out in like 2days. I tried braiding it then sleeping on it, but that makes it crinkley (is that a word!?) And with 2babies hand curling it every morning is out. So how did I do it!?

I have fallen in love with a new blog ( and she talks about this tutorial she found on how to curl ur hair without using heat! How awesome is that!? So here is the youtube link. I hope it works for you and you love it as much as I do!!
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Let's Catch Up!

WOW, this week went by so fast! We had the house to ourselves and spent the whole week just eating up some good ole Dawkins Family love like the good ole days!!! Let me tell you how refreshing it was to feel like adults again and most importantly like a family. It's so hard to express in words how the past ten to fifteen months have been for us, without sounding ungrateful. We are so very blessed with a happy and healthy family, and so blessed to have had somewhere to go during this phase of our life, but it has been very difficult to say the very least!

However, moving on we have really had a great week. We miss my parents and I look forward to them returning but it was nice to let the dishes stack up for a few days ;) Haha

This past week was absolutely crazy at work....there really is no better way to explain it than CRAZY! We also heard from our attorney this week. YAY!!!!! Hold on, wait, that deserves a SUPER YAY!!!!! Without boring you all with the details, and without confusing myself even more, just know that things are moving along and we will continue
to pray for them to continue.

I also took off Friday! Originally I hoped to go to the beach, however that didn't work out for us so I stayed home and had a "chill" day with hubby and the kids. It was SO NICE!! Not to have to go anywhere or do anything, it was so wonderful and we had a great day. Some friends came over that eve for dinner and it was nice to sit and chat like old times. One thing hubby and I really miss about not having our home is the entertaining. We are HUGE entertainers, and LOVED having friends over for football parties, or holiday gatherings, or just because on Friday or Saturday nights. So it was nice to "entertain" a little bit Friday night. We look forward to moving into our new home and throwing a shin-dig :)

I have had a lot of relaxing time the past two days. With hubb
y being home with us it has been nice having him help with the kiddos. Almost at times I don't know what to do because I am not holding a bottle or having to change diapers like an assembly-line ;) but it was so nice. So in addition to having hubby's help, the kids have napped LIKE CRAZY!! It's almost like they knew that mommy and daddy needed some time to relax and chill together. They both took 2 three hour naps both Friday and today and they slept through the night and this morning they both did not wake up until...hold the phone...7:30!!!! OMG :) It was soooooooo nice!

While enjoying all the "me" time and "us" time, I was able to play with the camera and my photo editing software a friend recently showed me. I really enjoyed doing that and realized I had not taken my 1 month progress pics for my weight loss tracking p
urposes. And what do you know I had on the same outfit today! The stars were just in my favor I guess, so I had hubby snap two shots of me and I began comparing.

Now I honestly thought I was doing pretty good but the scale hasn't impressed me. I had hoped to loose my weight much faster. But hey, I'm not gaining! :) So here are my before and current pics. I can see a slight change for the good :) (if you can't, pls dont bust my bubble haha)

The before pics were taken May 1, 2011.

The after pics were taken today, so this is my progress for roughly my first month. Not too shabby!! :)

Got some cute pics of the babies to share too so I will through those in for an added bonus ;0

Day 11: A black and white photo

My babygirl :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lookie What I Did!

I had to take a break from my photo challenge to share my latest craft project. I love crafting but since we aren't in our own home right now it has been hard for me to find projects to work on.

A friend of mine "pinned", you know on that fabulous website, a photo of how to use scrapbook paper to customize your cell phone cover. Well long story short, the "how to" wasn't really what it I started searching for an idea on how to do it. What did I find? Mod Podge!!! So I took fabric covered an existing cell phone cover that I am burnt on, covered it in mod podge and am quite pleased with the outcome. Interested?? Here's how I did it!

Phone cover before:
I took the cover and traced it on a piece of paper, to get a good stencil. I was careful to trace all the "openings" like where the charger goes, etc. Then I cut out the "stencil" and used that to trace on the fabric with.
Once I had the fabric cut out, I applied Mod Podge ALL over the cover getting a good coat on there. Then I applied the fabric to the cover, was VERY careful to match up the openings. I used a small paint brush to get into the small openings.

I then spread Mod Podge all over the fabric. I was very careful to make sure that every single threat was covered. Then I did one big coat over the whole thing.

After I let the Mod Podge dry for about 45 minutes, I took toe nail sissers to trim extra "fly away" threads.

Ta Da!!
I am very excited about it and very happy how it turned out. I cannot wait to customize my cover more often!!