Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

This past Sunday we took our trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  It was so fun watching little man pull his wagon around and picking out his pumpkin.  It was funny because when we first got there there wasn't many people so he could pull that bad boy where he wanted.  However, when we got ready to leave, there were tons of people and he just wanted to get through with his wagon.  Geezzz people get outta the way! 

 Pulling his wagon, looking for that one special pumpkin.

"DIS!" He thinks he found one.  He was stunned by all the pumpkins, or as he refers to anything round "balls"!

We told him to pick out which pumpkin he wanted. So he looked around, looked again, and looked some more.  I was beginning to think he didn't "get it" because this was his first year.  But then all of a sudden, he said "momma, dis" as he pointed to a pumpkin.  By golly, he's found his pumpkin.  He was so proud, smiled and kissed it.  He wanted the pumpkin, but I really didnt want him to get it because we couldn't carve it :( o you wanna see lil man pumpkin...

Yes that' it....theGREEN one!!  UGH, isn't it ugly?  I know....needless to say....we left the pumpkin there and got a different one
Him showing me the green pumpkin.  Wondering why I told him he couldn't have that one.
He was so cute pulling his wagon.

She had fun too.  We sat her down and she would pull up on the side of the pumpkin and then jump up and sweet!
Daddy and babygirl

This is the best pic I got of the 2 of know 2 babies and trying to get them to pose...impossible!!!

She did enjoy gumming on her pumpkin :)

Ok, so the post finally posted a week late...its stll good viewing pleasure :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


PHUMP!?!?!? You know "Photo Dump" here we go...

A few Thursdays ago, one of my good friends took me to Cakes and Corks (C&C) here in town for my birthday. She has been a dedicated C&C fan month after month. And I have been itching to go but never got around to it...ya know how that is! Well, this month that changed and I have now become a huge fan myself. So what is it?! Well, you basically get together with a whole bunch of other women, drink wine and decorate cakes. Girl's night out doesn't get much better than that! They provide absolutely everything you need to decorate that month's "themed" cake and they guide you through the process. Super easy and super fun. I have to admit I was nervous about going because I'm not good at "that" kind of stuff...but I was so happy to see that my cake wasn't bad. Not to mentioned it tasted YUMO!!! This month's "theme" was supporting breast cancer.

I do not remember exactly when these next two pictures were taken but we had so much fun.  Daddy was playing baseball, and little man wanted to get in on the action.  It was so special to me watching the two of them playing together in the yard and enjoying pretty weather and some good ole baseball.  There is one thing for sure, when I prayed for a "boy" boy...that is what I got!! Maybe a little more than I can handle at times ;)  but as I have said before I am glad he enjoys the out doors.

It was so funny to watch his little legs running after the balls.  He tried swinging the bat, but surprisingly he had more fun rounding up the balls. 

This past Sunday I had plans to go to the breast cancer walk in southwood, however my babies changed those plans for me.  That morning the two of them (teaming up on me I believe) were both unhappy, ill, and would not nap for nothing!  I made the executive decision to cancel our walk plans, and boy let me tell you I am glad I did!! They went down for a nap after lunch and slept til about 3:00...thank God because when babies don't get sleep, no one wants to be around them!!

After nap, they were in a good mood and ready to roll!  We spent most of the afternoon outside enjoying the awesome weather.  This is little man pointing to the tractor and watching PawPaw mow.

While the babies napped, I began working on my first DIY project from Pinterest!  It was a tiring and long process but my afternoon goals were to get these bad boys apart.  Can you guess what I am making?!

I can't tell, at least not until it is finished! :)  I had fun, and learned a lot about taking apart something that is nailed (probably with a nail gun) together...first things first: WEAR PROTECTIVE EYE GEAR!  I had nails flying everywhere!!

They were sharp and no fun, nor easy, to remove!  But I am super excited to finish and hope it turns out as I anticipate!!

By the way this PHUMP was intended to be much longer...however once I started adding pics I realized just how many I have to load and it was taking FOREVER!!!  Therefore, I decided they will have to come in different posts!!

Hope you all had a great start to your week!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

It's a Wrap!

This week was one of those never ending weeks. I thought Friday night would never come. This week was really good for us and I have been looking forward to this weekend because I have a craft list a mile long of DIY stuff for a home!!!

So tonight has been chatting with hubby, crafting and a glass of wine...doesn't get much better than that!

Sorry to tease ya with this post about all these fun, cool, easy, projects I'm working on but I got a photo dump coming at completion ;)

Also this week I went to my first cakes and corks class, it was a blast and that too will be in my photo dump!

So for a long and busy week, tonight has been peeerrrrfect!

Hope y'all have a great Friday night!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's These Days I Never Want To Forget

I get very sentimental when I think about my babies growing up. I don't like thinking about how fast these days are flying by and I don't even realize it. I get teary eyed thinking that in just 3 years Lil Man will be starting school and that in just 4 months baby girl will be a year old...*tear* ...I'm crying just thinking about it. I worry all the time that I'm going to forget when they first walked, crawled, smiled, laugh, talked, sat up, etc. I try to document it all somehow so I can remember, or at least have somewhere to refer back to. So, moving on from my sappiness (is that a word?) to the purpose behind this post:

Over the past few weeks my babies have really started playing warms my heart to see them! I will be in the kitchen washing dishes, cooking, etc. and hear lil man in the living room "hi tissie" (he can't say Sissy), and I will look in the living room and she is in the floor and he is laying down looking up at SWEET!

I have seen him take her toys and teddy bears when she is in the living room crying. He has even taken her the bottle when she was crying. When she's done with her bottle, he brings it into the kitchen and puts it into the sink...couldn't ask for a better big brother!

Now that she is getting older, she is starting to "talk" more and starting to react to brother and his actions. For example, at the dinner table they face each other and he will do something (I really don't know what he does to her) and she will just start laughing.

So this morning lil man got up and I heard him "Up Momma, up" <- that's his way of telling me "get me out of this crib"! So I left the lights off, because you NEVER want to wake a sleeping princess, and got lil man told him "shhhh sister is still sleeping" and put him down. He ran into the living room, "da-ddeee", gave Daddy a good morning hug, and I continued getting ready. Then, a few minutes later, I heard babygirl in there laughing...thought WOW she's waking up in a great mood. Or not, lil man found a way to move the chair, climb in it, and woke sister up. When I walked in and caught them, they were holding hands both laughing...sweetest thing EVER!

Of course, by the time I snapped the picture this is what I got instead of them holding hands. Still cute picture, and reminds me of this morning and the sweet memories that was made.

So tonight, I fed the babies their dinner, normally I eat with them and then when Daddy gets home he eats after the babies go to bed, but tonight it didn't work out that way. after the babies were done eating, I started cooking my frozen pizza. I was standing in the kitchen and thought the babies were in the living room. But I heard babygirl start laughing, I mean to the point she could not I started looking for them and found them under the dinning room at the end of this post.
The Dawkins babies playing, both laughing SO hard...and I have absolutely what was so funny...but I had to laugh with them because it was so contagious to hear those sweet laughs and see my babies having the best time...doing nothing. They didn't even have a single toy, just the two of them, loving life and each other! (sorry cant get the pic to rotate)
After they got through laughing babygirl started chasing lil man...he running and she was crawling...bless her heart, she tried to keep up with him...but he left her in the dust!!
"momma where did he go?"
"Is he up there"
He saw the camera and stopped running came up to me and said "chhheeeessseee"....LOL!

I know there will come a time that they will have a disagreement and it will absolutely break my heart to see them fight...but days like today are days I hope to never forget. Seeing my babies enjoying each other and having a good 'ole time was so priceless...I hate that hubby had to miss it all! :( But thankfully I got pics and it on video so we can remember these days. So, in ten years when they are fighting and being mean...I will sit them down and say "you love your brother/sister" and will make them watch this video! :) THAT will be their punishment...hehe :) I hope you enjoy the pics and videos as much as we did...
(Sorry, yes I took the video sideways!)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let The Crafting Begin!

Today I got to spend some of my gift card money on crafting supplies...YAY!! I have a mile long list of pinterest crafts I just haven't had a chance to start. I was planning to get started on most of them this weekend, but I actually got two of them done. I was very proud of myself too. I still have many to do but they will come with time :)

So, this morning the babies let us sleep til 7AM. I cannot believe I am actually celebrating sleeping "in" til 7AM...remember the days when 7AM was early and "sleeping in" meant like 8:30 0r 9:00!! haha...I'm totally NOT complaining though because hearing those sweet "momma!" from lil man and giggles from babygirl make it all worth it! So after we got up, we headed to town for some shopping...had to be sure we got back in time for kick off! First stop on the list...Hobby Lobby...aaahhhhhh how I love that store!! Lil man kept telling me "bye momma, bye", I'm guessing that means he did not love it as much as me!

After Hobby Lobby we went to the mall and Best Buy, and Target...oh how I have missed Target! That was my lunch spot when I worked down town and had an hour lunch. I seriously went there EVERY day and did not mind one bit. I have def missed my lunch Target trips. So anyway, after that we headed home to catch some Nole action on the we will not get in to talk about the game...moving on to brighter subjects...

While the babies napped, Noles kicked off, I started crafting. First on the list was preping my black canvas for this cutie...

It's our ghost family! I LOVE the fall, every single thing about it. I love the hurricane season (not the damage from the storms just tracking them, yes I'm THAT nerdy), the cooler temps, the long sleeves, the BOOOTsSSS, the holidays, the FOOD, FOOTBALL, the festivals, the fair, and crafting. I remember growing up having a craft project at least once a month...I'm trying to do that with the babies but the fall is easiest because of the holidays. So this Halloween craft this year was our ghost family...i LOVE it! Until the babies get a little older I have to do most of the crafting myself...that's ok because I love it!

So then I started making felt flower headbands, originally for baby girl, but I fell in love and then made me some too. :) Hope you like them...
Ok, maybe I went a little headband crazy...just a little!
Some are simple...
Some have more details...
Then I had to make one with fall colors. It's actually brown and yellow but hard to tell...
Babygirl' for fall and the pink pretty much matches her everyday dress ;)
And she loved them! She sported that headband like a little model...hehe made me and her daddy smile! :) Gotta love that dimple!

Tomorrow's agenda: laundry (BOO!), a dress for babygirl, finish up old projects, and prepare some fall style dinners for this week (chili, chicken and rice, beef stew...yummm I did say one of my fav parts of fall is the food...I wasn't lying!)

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

This post is from last sunday, yes I'm that far behind! But I wanted to share the excitement (or lack there of) from last weekend.

First pic is a snake that we had living outside the garage...yea lil bit scary! But no fear we...scared the baby snake to death and haven't seen him since!

The rest of the pics are lil man and babygirl playing in the yard. They got some new yard toys and lil man had a great time with them.

So apparently the app on my iPad will not let me upload pics with comments underneath...or maybe it's operator error?!?! Not sure, but since I cannot figure it out I'm going to have to continue my posts with pics following behind...sorry! :(

Also cannot understand why-or how- to rotate my pics...ahhh blogger meltdown! So i apologize for that too.

Where from here?? For my Bday I got a couple hobby lobby gift cards so tomorrow starts crafting season! I pretty much craft all year but for some reason the fall I find SO many more crafts to do! Can't wait to go shopping and start crafting!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wow What-a-Week!

This week has been super crazy for me. For example Wednesday I woke up thinking it was say the very least! Thankfully I met the BFF for some yumo Moes and it helped get me through. AND it was FREE! Do you know why!?!?! Because its my birthday! Well actually 10/01 is but at Moes you get to celebrate early.

Speaking of celebrating early, I got my nails done for the first time in over 2 years!! I was soooo excited and LOVE THEM! They are my early bday celebration to myself with my 31 commission.  Yay me!

And speaking of rocking it yo! Not to toot my own horn but when i say blessed i mean it have truly BLESSED me! I have had...wait for it...FIVE parties this month! Not bad for "a little extra cash".  Which played a major role in my super busy week trying to get them all closed before the end of the month.

Lets see...what else...babygirl is progressing on learning to walk...and thats about it from the Dawkins gang. 

Until next time...yall take care!!

P.S. Photo dump coming...

Last weekend we were playing outside and he was watching the water, he looked at me and smile but by the time the camera snapped he turned and this is the pic I ended up with.  You know how they say for every 100 pics you take, you get one good one...this is it from last weekend.

And babygirl loves to be outside too...thank goodness I have babies that love the out doors.
 While little man was running around playing, babygirl watch every single move.  She is learning from him, and she is not far from following right behind him.
 He was so funny, running through the water and "riding" in his car!
 "Riding" and saying "bye bye" haha!!!
 This is her first time in the grass!  She actually loved it...I was expecting Diva to SCREAM but nope she was having her a good ole time!
 I got down to get some good pics, and she started crawling to my camera...gonna like pics like her momma! :)
 Then little man started tossing the ball...and she forgot all about momma!
 This is the "ok, how do I do that" look...taking it all in :)
 TOES!!! I love, LOVE, baby toes!
 I do not know WHY I cannot
 She is coming to get me....awe babygirl....:)
 Then we went inside and she pulled up!  YES AT SEVEN MONTHS she is pulling up on everything.  She even took a step (and fell) towards her leap frog table.  I cannot believe she is starting to walk....ahhhhh I'm going to have my hands full!!!
 Smiley girl.
 Ok, so this is SUPER funny...but dang blogger wont let me turn it...sorry yall!!!  Last Sunday, his daddy was doing laundry and little man took his shorts and put them on his head like a hat. Ran around the living room, making us laugh and he was was funny!!
 And like I said...babygirl learning from big brother!
 Little man thought it was the funniest thing ever...he was so loving all the attention from the whole family laughing at him.
Then he started dancing.  If you haven't seen him dance...I will have to video it for you.  SOOOO funny, he moves those little feet so fast, it honestly looks like he is clogging.  HAHA  but he was proud, he was clapping at himself and laughing.  HAHA...I need to invest in a video camera to remember these events. :)

I hope yall had a great week, I am GLAD mine is over....especially since this post is posting on my BIRTHDAY!!!! :)  Headed to town for some shopping and the Bone Fish for dinner...YAY!!  Post to come tonight wrapping up my bday....Have a great day!!