Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

This past Sunday we took our trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  It was so fun watching little man pull his wagon around and picking out his pumpkin.  It was funny because when we first got there there wasn't many people so he could pull that bad boy where he wanted.  However, when we got ready to leave, there were tons of people and he just wanted to get through with his wagon.  Geezzz people get outta the way! 

 Pulling his wagon, looking for that one special pumpkin.

"DIS!" He thinks he found one.  He was stunned by all the pumpkins, or as he refers to anything round "balls"!

We told him to pick out which pumpkin he wanted. So he looked around, looked again, and looked some more.  I was beginning to think he didn't "get it" because this was his first year.  But then all of a sudden, he said "momma, dis" as he pointed to a pumpkin.  By golly, he's found his pumpkin.  He was so proud, smiled and kissed it.  He wanted the pumpkin, but I really didnt want him to get it because we couldn't carve it :( o you wanna see lil man pumpkin...

Yes that' it....theGREEN one!!  UGH, isn't it ugly?  I know....needless to say....we left the pumpkin there and got a different one
Him showing me the green pumpkin.  Wondering why I told him he couldn't have that one.
He was so cute pulling his wagon.

She had fun too.  We sat her down and she would pull up on the side of the pumpkin and then jump up and sweet!
Daddy and babygirl

This is the best pic I got of the 2 of know 2 babies and trying to get them to pose...impossible!!!

She did enjoy gumming on her pumpkin :)

Ok, so the post finally posted a week late...its stll good viewing pleasure :)

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Jessica Kruger said...

They are so precious Renee. And what's this I see? Little man is getting hair! LOVE!!!!