Friday, October 7, 2011

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

This post is from last sunday, yes I'm that far behind! But I wanted to share the excitement (or lack there of) from last weekend.

First pic is a snake that we had living outside the garage...yea lil bit scary! But no fear we...scared the baby snake to death and haven't seen him since!

The rest of the pics are lil man and babygirl playing in the yard. They got some new yard toys and lil man had a great time with them.

So apparently the app on my iPad will not let me upload pics with comments underneath...or maybe it's operator error?!?! Not sure, but since I cannot figure it out I'm going to have to continue my posts with pics following behind...sorry! :(

Also cannot understand why-or how- to rotate my pics...ahhh blogger meltdown! So i apologize for that too.

Where from here?? For my Bday I got a couple hobby lobby gift cards so tomorrow starts crafting season! I pretty much craft all year but for some reason the fall I find SO many more crafts to do! Can't wait to go shopping and start crafting!!

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