Sunday, March 22, 2009

Its OVER :(

I LOVE sundays and dislike them too. Its sad because in just a few short hours I have to go back to work and really I just want another day at home. Thankfully I love my job so its not TOO bad but still with the weather the way it has been this weekend I really could use another day at home. Not to mention I wasn't feeling that well last night and still not my normal self.

So my weekend was GREAT!!! Friday night we went to my parents, cooked bacon cheese burgers and played WII. Then yesterday I replanted my whole backyard. Its difficult to tell that I did anything but I know what has been done and it looks a MILLION times better to me. Then last night our friends came over from some YUMO bake spaghetti and garlic bread and Tam made the BEST brownies for desert....yummmmm!!! I think I honestly ate enough to last me ALL WEEK..that may be why I woke up at 2:00 AM SOOOO Sick I couldnt even sleep...finally fell back asleep at 4:00 AM. We also played a quick game of Wii and knitted like lil ole ladies but it was FABULOUS!!! I finished Tee's momma cell phone case.

Then today we cleaned out our JUNKY garage and went shopping with Tee momma and Nanny for his momma bday. We also stopped by Ted's for lunch....ok stopped by is putting it lightly we waited there for AN HOUR!!!! It was ridiculous to wait that long for a burger...on sunday...that wasn't anything to write home about. At least I didn't think so...I would have like a el cheapo Double Cheese from the golden arches just as good!!! haha but its alright we had a gift certificate!

Then we came home, I took a nap while laying out on this beautiful afternoon and now we are getting ready to go bowling. I am excited I haven't been bowling in a LONG time. I hope I do well!!!

I guess I better go because we are supposed to be there at 6:30!!! Tee is "waiting on a woman" --> you know the song!!! :)

Hope yall have a great weeek!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

i'm Getting Better!!!

TAMMY turned out!!! This is not the best pic but I tried. Ifinished this lastnight, it is only the 3rd thing I have knitted before, but I am so proud!! Tonight I plan to begin my mother-in-law's birthday gift...its a cell phone case!!! I will post pics of that once it is complete.

Other than the knitting, nothing really going on in the life of the Dawkins!!! We finally have a weekend that we dont have to GO ANYWHERE!! We are so excited!!!

Hope yall have a great weekend!! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

FHS Cheerleaders

After many hours of practice, it is over!! Yesterday was competition and FHS did AWESOME! There were 23 teams in our division and they were all REALLY good. Although we do not know exactly where we placed, we do know we did not make the finals...but they still were AWESOME!!! The squad really came a LONG way this past week and I couldn't be more proud of them. I dont have any pics :( because I didnt have time to take any!!! But I did want to share how amazing they were!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend in Jax

This past weekend we went to Jax for a wedding. It was SO nice outside...I wish we had time to hit up the beach while we were there. But the whole weekend was pretty much wedding stuff. Saturday we did have a change to stop and do a little shopping...but I didn't buy ANYTHING :(...well except PF CHANGS!!! Yes, I finally got to get me some of that food I have heard so much about and I LOVED IT!!! The wedding was beautiful, most of the family was able to attend so it was nice seeing some of the people we haven't seen in a long time. We got home early enough today to get somethings done before we have to get ready for another work week...pooie!! I will leave ya with just a few pics from our weekend.

Have a great week!

The Dawkins
All the tables had bonsai plants as the center was neat!

This is the happy new family!

Us at PF Changs...I had to get proof that I actually went!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A new hobby!!!

So this weekend, randomly, I went with a friend to Wal-Mart bought two needles and some yarn and now I am a knitter :) well I am a beginner! The problem I can see with this knitting business is I am not the type of person that can start something and lay it down to finish later. I stayed up late last night and got up early this morning to finish my knitting. So the first attempt I made was a cell phone turned out ok for the first thing I have made. I am not sure what my next adventure will be, but I will keep ya updated!!!

Hope yall have a great week!!!