Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bye Bye Old Blog...

You shouldn't be able to read this post, because hopefully my webpage redirected you to our new blog.  If not, you can find us at   

See ya over there...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Error 403

HELP!!  I have posts that I have been trying to get up for three days now and keep getting Error 403 Live Writer.  Please tell me some of you have gotten this before.  Please tell me you know how to fix it!?  Any help is appreciated!  Everything I have read online is not working and some even said that Microsoft is trying to do away with WLW…I sure hope not, I have loved this program!

Friday, November 30, 2012

RIP Nina Girl

It seems like just yesterday I came home with you and mom got mad. She thought I was just going to my biological fathers for the weekend, little did she know I convinced him to buy me a puppy. Couldn't resist your sweet kisses and hyper personality. I couldn't wait to make you mine.

We have so many memories. Like that time I paint your toe nails, dressed you up, made you a scarf, took you to the beach every year and even the time hubby and I took you car shopping. Little dud we know that car shopping in Florida blazing heat asphalt could burn the pads off your previous little feet. Lord, did we feel terrible about that! I have so many beautiful memories of you. You were not just our family pet, you were part of this family and forever be missed.

I know you are much better in puppy heaven and I know I will see you again in many years but it doesn't make today any easier on our family.

You were so special. We love you dearly and will miss you greatly! Rest in sweet peace pretty girl!

*this was supposed to post yesterday, but didn't for some reason*

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bobo (Our Elf on the Shelf) Came!

Have you heard the story Elf and on the Shelf?  If not, I recommend reading it.  Basically the story is that Santa sends an Elf into the home to watch the children and report back to Santa each night.  When he/she return the next day they are always in a different spot.  The children are not allowed to touch the Elf or they will lose their magic.  We were amazed at how lil man responded to the story, looking for Bobo each day, and would tell him when he did something wrong.  It was so sweet to hear him “sorry Bobo” because he did not want Bobo telling Santa he was bad.  I have literally been counting down Bobo’s return ever since we moved into our house.  Bobo came to our house on Thanksgiving last year, and again this year.


We were sitting in the living room getting ready for bed after a long Thanksgiving day and heard the door bell ring.  Lil man jumped up and said he’s here!  We talked up Bobo’s arrival all week so they would be excited about him coming.  I don’t really think lil man remembered Bobo from last year and I don’t think baby girl understood who/what Bobo was but nonetheless they both were excited!  Daddy opened the door, lil man right behind him looking.  But they didn’t see anything!


Finally lil man started laughing and pointed to the door, there’s Bobo!


Lil man ran to his room and grabbed his camera while Daddy began telling them the story about our Elf.


Daddy explained that Bobo comes each day to watch the children and tell Santa how they did that day!


We decided on a place to set Bobo, while Daddy finished the story by reminding the babies that we cannot touch Bobo or he will loose his magic and won’t be able to return to Santa.


Then the babies blew Bobo a kiss and headed to bed.  It is such a fun tradition to do with our family and I look forward to making it more challenging each year.  Welcome Bobo, we are glad to have you back! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Every year Thanksgiving is split between both my family and hubby’s family.  We start at my mom’s house where all the cousins, grandparents, and great grandparents get together eat lunch and enjoy each other’s company.  This year we spent Thanksgiving being thankful for the greatest gift of the year, to have a home again and have the family time we have together.  We waited for two years to have a home again and it felt so nice to bake in my kitchen and pack up the family as we head out for our Thanksgiving.  We are so thankful that God gave us two amazing and healthy babies, each other, a new home, great family and friends.  Life is great! 


Ay, caught ya!!! Put my bird down.


This may be the last year with Nina, so I wanted to make sure that we got a good shot of her.  I got her right after my biological parents divorced.  She traveled with me to visit both sides, for the short time that I did that, and then once mom met my Dad and they began living together…he fell in love with her.  Their bond has become so close.  I knew when I graduated high school and moved out that I could not take her with me, and I wouldn’t dare try it.  But she isn’t doing good and is pretty old, I keep preparing myself Sad smile


Nina girl.


While we were waiting on the food to cook and everyone to get there, we enjoyed the amazing weather outside.  It was such a beautiful day.


Doing what she does best!


My favorite part of the holidays.  Just a lil DYI for ya, if you ever think you have had the best ham, you should get my hubby to make you one…I promise you!


Another one of my Thanksgiving favorites.


The rolls…thankfully not burnt (inside joke about Mema)…my third favorite Thanksgiving dish!


Love watching babies play.  There is something about the sweetness and the imagination that warms my heart! 


I love snapping pictures away while people talking and eat, and hang out.


They say we look alike, I can’t see it, but if so that’s a huge compliment!  Love my momma!


My great grandmother, and my babies great great grandmother- she’s amazing! 


Pop and Nene stopped by too.


Hey handsome.


Lil man enjoyed some reading time with Nene.


He also enjoyed some cupcake.

I try to get the family together and take group pictures after dinner.  Some times it is easy to get everyone together and some times it is not!  While I was working on getting my settings straight, some people were goofing around…


That’s one COOL MEMA!


My Uncle’s family…missing one family, Victoria. Sad smile


My mom’s family plus Pop and Nene.


Count them, FIVE generations!!  That right there is something to be thankful for!


The grand babies, minus hubby…since he was taking the pic Sad smile


Mema and her great grands, minus one Sad smile 


He loves his Mema, and having his picture taken!


Right before we headed out Gammy busted out the side walk chalk…whoever invented writing on the concrete with chalk was brilliant!!!


My momma and daddy!!!

Next stop was hubby’s family!  It was low key this year, and it was so nice.  We got to spend quality time with each other and take in what Thanksgiving is all about, being thankful for family!


I asked Aunt C to take a picture for our Christmas cards, so she played with the camera a little before.


We played her models, this is what hubby does when he thinks no one is watching.




I wasn’t sure how to “pose” us.


Can’t remember what was so funny, but we apparently found it very funny!  More practice for Aunt C!


We took several but these were my favorite, besides the one we actually used…but I want to keep that one secret until the cards are here!! Smile


I took some pictures of the rest of the fam too!  There was a good one of Uncle N and Aunt C, but something happened to my SD card and the pictures were corrupted…if anyone knows how to fix that I would love to hear your suggestions!


He’s funny!


Uncle C loves the babies!!



Grand babies!


Nana goofing around…looks nice!  After we played around, walked the “farm” and enjoyed each other’s company…we headed across the street to do some shootin’


Typically the guys do the shooting and us ladies are at the house with the babies, but I wanted to get in on the shooting action too…so I could play with my camera!


Uncle C


Pumpkin targets!




Uncle N


The end results of pumpkin targets!


It was a great day, never long enough.  Like I mentioned earlier, we have so much to be thankful for and spending time with family is never long enough.  There are so many people that don’t have families to enjoy, or take for granted those they do, and it is important to me to soak up as much of that family time as I can because you never know when will be the last day.  I’m so thankful for a wonderful Thanksgiving and look forward to many more.  I hope your Thanksgiving was just as amazing.  We even ended our day with a beautiful sunset on the way home.