Monday, July 27, 2009

His Plans

So we thought we were going to start the process for building a new home. However we learned there were certain reasons why selling our home at this time is not the best descision for us. He has alternative plans for us at this time and we are happy to wait. We have a beautiful home and love it very much so if we have to wait a few more years, or however long, to get our dream home whenever we move then we are happy to do that.

Today I stayed home to get some R&R from school and work. I got my rest, however I am ready to go to work tomorrow. I like to stay busy and today I couldn't stay busy enough! But I have to say the rest was very much needed.

Other than that there is nothing exciting really going on in our life :( just work and school!! Hopefully next time I post I will have something more exciting to share! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We are growing up so fast! :)

We are working on finishing school (about a year left). Working on finding careers...that could take a while. And the next phase is building!! We have ALWAYS said that the next time we move will be into the home we build and is special just for US! If it takes us ten years to afford it...thats ok with us.

So yesterday Tee and I met with the builder that we fell in love with 3 years ago on the parade of homes. We discussed what we were looking for in our new home and what we currently have to discuss the possibility of selling it. We haven't been in our current home for too long and it is ALWAYS better to stay in the home as long as you can before you sell but we are "planners" and wanted to get a jump on things.

We have been collecting ideas and samples for about 5 years in a little folder and picked out the floor plan about 2 years we are pretty much set right?!?! NO! is crazy price! We have not done any of the "financial junk" so we dont know EXACTLY what we can afford but we know no matter what that we dont want to go over a certain the problem is finding land and building the home for that price.

I have been so excited and doing SO much searching for land and have had NO luck in our price rang...that is not flood zone! So we are focused on now and what we need to do now to be able to build in the near/distant future...and that is sell our current home.

AHHHH...that is what scares me but I have been praying about it nightly and dont plan to over stress it. If it works out GREAT! If it is not our time then it wont work out right now and that is fine too.

So if ya know anyone intrested in a BEAUTIFUL, well kept, 2 yr old, 1100 sq ft, 2 bed, 2 bath, on a corner lot, with no one able to build behind or beside you...let me know :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Only $895

Ok, so I have a confession....I am addicted to shopping. I dont really care what I am shopping for I JUST love it! I found myself tonight online SEARCHING long and far for this shoe.

It is Carrie's "engagement shoe" from the Sex and the City movie. Now, my favorite movie of all time originally was Clueless, then I fell in love with Grease and those two remained THE BEST movies (in my mind) for YEARS! Until last summer when the SATC movie came out and then my two old flames were moved to second and third place...and SATC settled in at good ole number one...and probably will remain there for a while.

You ask why I am SO in love with the movie I will tell you...the FASHION. I am not a big fashion person and never can tell you what goes with what, and honestly I dont ever think I am dressed "cute". However, I LOVE to shop and I do not feel like I can EVER have too many shoes or handbags!

Since the first time I watched SATC I knew it was love at first site and I wanted a pair of the these Manolo Blahnik blue heels she wore. So I have been on the hunt since, not really searching TOO hard. But I found out they can be bought for the low price of $895!!! So that means I: a) can do some fundraising... or b) GIVE IT UP I will never own a pair of those BEAUTIFUL shoes.

So until then I will continue to purchase my shoes from the local mall where the most expensive one I have EVER put on my foot was $500! (dont get me wrong, still WAY outta my price range).

In the search I did find this website ... Im thinking I may need to ask how to become a member!

Until next time...happy shopping! :)