Monday, July 27, 2009

His Plans

So we thought we were going to start the process for building a new home. However we learned there were certain reasons why selling our home at this time is not the best descision for us. He has alternative plans for us at this time and we are happy to wait. We have a beautiful home and love it very much so if we have to wait a few more years, or however long, to get our dream home whenever we move then we are happy to do that.

Today I stayed home to get some R&R from school and work. I got my rest, however I am ready to go to work tomorrow. I like to stay busy and today I couldn't stay busy enough! But I have to say the rest was very much needed.

Other than that there is nothing exciting really going on in our life :( just work and school!! Hopefully next time I post I will have something more exciting to share! :)


alohanole913 said...

:( hang in there girlie! I want you guys to be happy and I guess when it's time it'll happen:)

Beginning Again said...

What a positive girl you are!
Cant wait for all your dreams to come true!