About Us

So, here's how we started.  Just a bunch of young, high school sweethearts.  We started dating when I was in ninth grade and he was a senior.  I know what you are thinking, but my mom and dad actually picked him out.  That's right like secretly told him they would pay him to date me (they didn't like my boyfriend at the time).  I know it sounds kind of bad, but hey it's how we started.  I will keep it short and sweet.  We dated for four years, then my freshman year of collage we were living in separate states and the long distance relationship was TOUGH.  It was so hard to go weeks without seeing each other, we talked ALL the time, and I cried every.single.day...no lie!  On the night of my semi-formal, he popped the question and of course I screamed yes!
A little over a year later, we had the wedding of our dreams.  It has been almost six years ago and we still talk about our wedding almost weekly.  It seriously could not have been more perfect. 
 We have always treated our relationship as a best friendship.  We tell each other everything, we rely on each other to pull us out of hard times, we remind each other daily of our goals in life, we support each other regardless of our opinions on the situation, we spend alone time together regularly, we enjoy each other's company, and most importantly, we love each other unconditionally.  When you get married you take the vow "through good times and bad" and we believe in that to the fullest.  
Our focus in life is simple, enjoy it.  Spend the time you have with your loved ones, before you know it they could be gone.  Have fun. Be yourself. Don't worry about what others think. Make yourself happy, regardless of what it takes. And our most important focus in life, is to make each other happy! 
Our relationship has not always been pretty and perfect.  We have had some very difficult times thrown at us and very young ages, although they could always be worse.  We made it through those tough times, and we believe they were given to us as challenges from Him, and we passed!  Those times have made us stronger, and more appreciative of each other.  Even through those times we reminded ourselves...
to smile!  Be ourselves and enjoy each other!  We are jokers, we love to laugh and love to make others laugh.  There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't tackle me 100% blind sided and I laugh so hard I feel like I will pee in my pants! 
 He brings out the best in me and I believe I bring out the best in him.  He's my world and I'm his.  We enjoy doing pretty much anything together.  Although since buying our home, we have found a new found love for anything DIY!  When we are not working on projects around the house we enjoy being a family and cherishing the family we have created.
Life is beautiful and we want to soak up every last ounce of it we can.  We love taking our family to local events in our town, to our parent's homes to play, and just enjoying time in our new home making memories as us! 

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