Monday, June 30, 2008

Thinking in the Future

Ok, so no I am not expecting (right now) but there is no reason to plan for the future! I recently had a miscarriage which I learned a lot from and one of the biggest things I learned is that anything can happen at anytime, so I have been planning, planning, and planning. When I found out I was pregnant I rushed out and purchased paint and lumber and COMPLETELY re-done our "office" into a "nursery" then I miscarried and my husband and I put back the office furniture and left it an office. Well, he has been saying it looks really empty...and I told him it was because it needs a baby in it! So we started looking for baby furniture and bedding. I know what you are thinking "most people have a baby on the way before they do this" but as many of you know me and my husband are NOTHING like most people we do things our own way. So I have included the two top choices of bedding we like. The black and white "Town and Country" we have picked if we have a little girl and the frog set for a little boy. What do ya think? I am SUPER excited and my favorite is the Town and Country. I LOVE IT! I want a little boy first but I really like that pattern best...but we will see what happens. My husband still projects us waiting until the first of the year to start trying again, so by that time these patterns could change another 100 times or so but for right now this is what we like!!!

As far as the rest of my day goes, same thing work and came home! Even though Tee and I went shopping for all the stuff for our camping trip this weekend, which by the way I am on count down for!! We leave in just 3 nights!!! Other than that HAPPY MONDAY ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT THIS WEEK!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Baseball Wife!!

So I am one of those baseball ladies...but I love it because it makes my hubby happy for me to sit there and cheer him on (even though they are not winning). Tonight was another game and I enjoyed it, other than the nasty weather. It was very yuckie outside which did not help my new hairstyle much. Yes, speaking of the hairstyle I did get it fixed...the best could be done anyway. It still is not what I would have picked for myself but it looks ALOT better than yesterday! She just cut layers all around and tried to fade everything together. It will work until it grows out. But other than getting my hair fixed and the baseball game I really didn't have an interesting friday!! But tomorrow will def leave me something to write holla at ya then!! :-)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Can It Look ANY Worse?!?!?

Ok, so my blog name really comes from my hairstyle. If you do not know, I am not the person that can wait for things. Normally if I want it, I want it RIGHT THEN! Well, this morning while getting ready for work I got REALLY ticked at my hair. Already hating the way it looked, it was all grown out and everything else I just was at the end of my rope and it was time to do something about the nasty rag sitting on the top of my head. So I got to work, called the lil "Cost By Us" near my house and made an appointment. Now, I know what you are thinking "why did you go to a lil whole in the wall place" but this is the same place that fixed my bad-do last time. So I went, against my gut instinct that said 'something bad is going to happen', I went anyway. I get to this place and...have you ever looked at a hair dresser and wonder 'if your hair looks that bad then SURLY TO GOD you are not about to TRY to cut and style mine'...well that's what the lady looked like who cut my hair...matter of fact EVERYONE in there looked like that. But I sat in the cold seat, and let her begin CHOPPING at my hair. I was so nervous my back was soaked (and not from the rain outside) but I tried to remain calm thinking...'it cant be that bad..cant be'. So five minutes later, YES only FIVE minutes later, she tells me "lets dry these bangs and see what they look like"...SEE WHAT THEY look like, WOMAN you should know what they look like you just chopped them off! So she blows my bangs dry (just the bangs) and that is when the TEARS CAME! They looked HORRIBLE...I have seen mullets look better than my bangs looked (nothing against mullets). But I comforted myself by saying 'well the rest of my hair is still wet maybe that will help' she then asked 'want me to blow it dry'....YES PLEASE DO! So she blows it dry and MORE tears came it was getting worse by the minute. Needless to say, she RUINED my hair, charged me an additional $5 to blow it dry (didnt style it or even use a FREAKING BRUSH) PLUS another freaking $3 to 'wet the hair'.....if you are gonna dry dont wet it to begin with!!!!!!!! So, now that I have vented to my blog, I am now in search of a haircut to fix this thing on my head that some woman at Cuts by Us calls a 'hairstyle'. Any suggestions?!?! Lets just say, cant really cut the bangs any shorter because there would be NOTHING left and my hair was only trimmed to enough to get it all one length (thank goodness). So until I find a new hairstyle I will remain hidden inside my home!!


I am posting the best pic from last night...our McDonald's laugh...smelly, dirty butt crack...Just say no Kids!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Tuesday That Felt Like a Monday!!!

Ok, so I was off yesterday so today was my Monday and boy did it REALLY feel like a Monday. I couldn't wake up this morning, then when I got to work it seemed like ALL the crazy people wanted to call and YELL at me. Then I had a public records request to fill that the man DEMANDED I have done tomorrow. I had cases stacking up on my desk and my inbox was full of emails I STILL haven't read. WILL WE EVER HIRE A NEW RECEPTIONIST?? But Finally reached 5:00 and I was on my way home to see my hubby and my Pookie (speaking of Duke, he woke up Thursday feeling better and acting normal again, guess he was just sick). I didn't really have anything exciting to write about today but I wanted to remain faithful to the good ole blogger!! So, now its time for me to cook my hubby some dinner watch our tv shows. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a little more of a interesting day to share with you all.

Monday, June 23, 2008

What I Do On My Day Off

Ok, so I have been pretty bored today. For starters this morning my mom brought my cousin, Micayla over to spend the day with me. Then we went a played 9 holes of golf. By the way, yesterday I got a new set of pink clubs!! YAY, Tammy inspired me! :-) So, I hope with all the pink I have going on now, I will be inspired and play better golf. So, for the first time on the course I did ok with those pretty pink sticks! Then we went to Wal-Mart, where I am still in search of a pink golf glove size M. Let me know if you see one. After all that we came home and I cooked her lunch. So, now she is watching TV and I have been bored. So I got on the computer and played with some of my wedding pictures. Let me know what ya think!!! These are for you Tam...I finally found out how to edit my pictures! :0

Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Layout

I think I have finally found a layout I like (and if you cant tell I am REALLY into black & white right now). What I have found out this morning while updating my layout, MANY times, is that every time you change your layout it deletes everything you previously set up. Or there could always be the possibility I don't know how to keep my changes and update my layout at the same time. So my layout will stay this way until I absolutely hate it.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Finally, I am DONE with school, well for the summer at least. I still have one class to go then I am done FOREVER! Thought it would never come. So, now that school is done (close enough) I can really get into this blog writing because I will be able to get home early enough to cook for my hubby, clean up, and then post for the day! Because I wasn't able to post this week I will fill ya in on the past week in Mrs. Dawkins life. For starters lets touch on that final I took Tuesday, yes I the hair on my chin! Then Wednesday was the weekly girl's nite, which was great as usual! But I missed Erin :-( however we did get to chat with her on the phone which was GREAT. I love the time I get to spend with the girls! Plus I got to see lil baby Goram growing!!! Which brings me to FRIDAY, the day I know Momma Goram was counting down for but so was Aunt Renee! Then finally around 9:45 I get the text...ITS A GIRL!!! That just made my week. I am so excited and can not wait to meet the lil sweetheart. However my Friday was not so great at work, my hubby helped end it right. He took me bowling and then we rented movies and when we got home we baked cookies (chocolate chip of course) and my Friday was complete. So now we are at today, nothing really planned. Laying around the house, messing with my flowers in the yard (I may run to wal-mart and grab some new flowers to plant), spending time with my hubby (which is always my fav), and that is about it. Oh how could I forget, we are watching my parents dog, Nina, while they are in Jacksonville. Nina is a sweetheart but her and our dog (Duke) get to playing and running around the house so fast it seems like they are going to rip the carpet up with their nails. But it will be good for Duke because he was not feeling that well this week. I look forward to having more things to post about in the future as to my cheerleading season will begin on Thursday so I know I should have something to talk about from there. Until next time....

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Beginning

Hello All!!! This is my first posting and I am not really sure what I am supposed to write on here. Recently my life has been very crazy, after going through some rough times and not knowing what to expect next, I finally made it out of the bad times and my husband and I can finally see things picking up again. My husband is my world, he is the man who is there to make me smile when I think there is nothing to smile about, he makes me laugh when all I can really think about is crying, and most importantly he is the one who got me through those rough times with his passion and love for me! So, now looking up the moutain we are ready to climb, we are ready and are scared but we are stronger than we have ever been and we know that life is about to become more exciting than we could ever imagine . After everything that has happened and all projected to happen in our future, I thought now is the best time to start one of these blog things and share the joy of our life with all!!!

Hope you enjoy!