Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Beginning

Hello All!!! This is my first posting and I am not really sure what I am supposed to write on here. Recently my life has been very crazy, after going through some rough times and not knowing what to expect next, I finally made it out of the bad times and my husband and I can finally see things picking up again. My husband is my world, he is the man who is there to make me smile when I think there is nothing to smile about, he makes me laugh when all I can really think about is crying, and most importantly he is the one who got me through those rough times with his passion and love for me! So, now looking up the moutain we are ready to climb, we are ready and are scared but we are stronger than we have ever been and we know that life is about to become more exciting than we could ever imagine . After everything that has happened and all projected to happen in our future, I thought now is the best time to start one of these blog things and share the joy of our life with all!!!

Hope you enjoy!


Beginning Again said...

Yaay! Welcome!! I am SO excited!!!

alohanole913 said...

I'm excited too! Keep them coming Renee!! Love you!