Friday, June 27, 2008

Baseball Wife!!

So I am one of those baseball ladies...but I love it because it makes my hubby happy for me to sit there and cheer him on (even though they are not winning). Tonight was another game and I enjoyed it, other than the nasty weather. It was very yuckie outside which did not help my new hairstyle much. Yes, speaking of the hairstyle I did get it fixed...the best could be done anyway. It still is not what I would have picked for myself but it looks ALOT better than yesterday! She just cut layers all around and tried to fade everything together. It will work until it grows out. But other than getting my hair fixed and the baseball game I really didn't have an interesting friday!! But tomorrow will def leave me something to write holla at ya then!! :-)

1 comment:

Beginning Again said...

You're an AWESOME baseball wife ;)
GLad your a lil happier with the hair do-still think you need to add some pics so we can get a visual!!