Monday, June 23, 2008

What I Do On My Day Off

Ok, so I have been pretty bored today. For starters this morning my mom brought my cousin, Micayla over to spend the day with me. Then we went a played 9 holes of golf. By the way, yesterday I got a new set of pink clubs!! YAY, Tammy inspired me! :-) So, I hope with all the pink I have going on now, I will be inspired and play better golf. So, for the first time on the course I did ok with those pretty pink sticks! Then we went to Wal-Mart, where I am still in search of a pink golf glove size M. Let me know if you see one. After all that we came home and I cooked her lunch. So, now she is watching TV and I have been bored. So I got on the computer and played with some of my wedding pictures. Let me know what ya think!!! These are for you Tam...I finally found out how to edit my pictures! :0


alohanole913 said...

Good girl! They look so professionally edited! I love 'em! And I'm glad you got clubs:) I will look at Tennessee St. walmart next time I'm there because that's where I got mine (glove)! Yay let's go golfing again!

Beginning Again said...

I thought we were going to do lunch missy!?
Glad you had a day off.... i wish I could get one of those.
Love the pics!

luckynluv21 said...

OMG Ive been wanting to get some pink golf clubs.Ian loves to golf so I want to get some so I can learn to golf.I saw a pink glove at Edwin Watts Golf Shop....they even have them with cut outs for longer finger nails ha.I love the blog layout and color scheme!