Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 5: Straight

Todays hair style was supposed to be different but as I was doing it this morning hubby said "why don't you leave down and straight, its so pretty that way". So I took my hair down and here we are. Tomorrow I will wear my hair up like I planned today. :) I had to honor hubbys sweet request!

Happy Friday y'all!!

P.S. tonight is my first house party dor thirtyone. I'm super nervous and excited at the same time! Wish me luck y'all!!
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

and...the head band!

Because I DIYed it, I had to give a shout out to the headband...haha!

Have a great day y'all!
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front pic

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Day 4: Curly Headband

Yes I went way back today...the headband. I'm bringing it back y'all! Well I'm wearing one today (that I totally crafted btw) whether it is 'fashionable' or not....I don't care because I like it!! Hehe

Also the curly part...not so sure how that will look by lunch time :/ eeeekkk sorry Erin in advance! The past 2 hair styles have fallen out before 3:00 and both ended up in a messy bun!!

*fingers crossed* today will be better on the hair style front!

Happy small Friday y'all!!

P.S. I can only post 1 pic per post from my phone (I know...lame!) So a front pic will come next!
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 3: Fancy Hald Up

At least I think that's Abby called it. This style looked SO easy when she was doing it...but for some reason not so much for me.

I kept practicing with it though because its a new twist to the half up and looks so simple and easy once you can get it. So hopefully it will look better the more I practice!

I do like how you can make it look like a really time consuming hairdo by doing the Wedding Bun she shows...I will attempt that next week!!

Anywho, this is a great style for today because we are expecting rain! :(

Happy hump day y'all!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 2: Braided Bun

This style was fun. It turned out super cute last night when I practiced but of course today was different!

Oh well happy Tuesday y'all!!
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Monday, July 25, 2011

My Knots Explanation

As promised I wanted to share the link to Abby's hair tutorials. Here you can find SO many cute hair styles. She has amazing hair and offers great tips and advise regarding hair.

I am trying so hard to grow mine out, but I typically get sick of it at the stage it is at right now and cut it off again. But because I am really trying to grow it out I thought doing a "30 day hair challenge" would *hopefully* get me excited about having long hair and keep me interested in my hair instead of getting mad and bored with it. So today I started the challenge. I did not do mine in the order of Abby's because I am also trying to skip a day of washing "YUCKIE" (in Brody's voice) I know but I have read several places that it is actually very healthy for your hair. So I have planned out my hairstyles to accommodate the wash/no wash days :) for example today was a "clean day" so I wore it semi-down. Tomorrow will be a "dirty day" so I will have as much of it up as I can.

I thought today's hair style turned out reall cute so I took multiple self pics. Which by the way came from my camera so I apologize for the poor quality in advance. But I hope you can see the detail in the pics...super cool hair style! Thanks Abby :)

*Yes, the pics were taken sitting at my desk...come on its the first time I sat down all morning! My first few 15 minutes, while my computer takes FOREVER to boot up are spent resting on my part! Getting ready, two babies ready (with the help of hubby), out the door, drive 40 minutes, drop off at the sitters, rush to work, then walk my 1/4 of mile (that is NOT an exaggeration folks!) I am POOPED by the time I start my work that explains why I haven't reported my computer taking so long to boot up to the IT department (AKA its my morning "nap" before my day gets started ;)

Anyway, back to my hairstyle pics!

From the front you can't really tell its anything other than a half up.

This is the knot side

The twistie side

The back

I was very pleased with it and I am SUPER excited about the challenge and really hope I can keep it up. Plus it will be nice to look forward to doing my hair instead of having to dread the get out of the shower, brush and run old mom style I have been wearing lately.

Hope yall had a great Monday...tomorrow is Tuesday and my KIT IS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!!! I seriously feel like a kid on Christmas night, I'm not going to be able to sleep and I know tomorrow is going to dragggggg. My ThirtyOne kit will be here with my catalogs, fliers, product samples, order forms...I'm super excited and ready to get this party going! :)

Day 1: knots

I am trying so hard to grow my hair out. In doing so! I get VERY bored with it so I decided to start a 30 day challenge. This is the knots. I have the blog I got it from on my computer I will post her link tonight.

Happy Monday y'all!!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

River Trip

The River Trip this weekend was a blast and very eventful to say the least! We (without my hubby, BOO) left Friday after work and headed to the St. John's River. Pop and Nene (Dad's Dad and Stepmother) have a beautiful home backing right up the the gorgeous river. TypicallyI sleep in the living room which has two HUGE sliding glass doors looking out to the river. This time, because I had the babies I got the bedroom and mom and dad got the living room with the stunning view!

Friday night we got there so late we didn't really do anything after we arrived except crash!! Brody had a hard time falling asleep, he got wired from his car ride nap.

Saturday morning we (me and the kiddos) were up bright and early to greet Mr. Sunshine on the river.

Brody and mommy enjoying the amazing view

Savannah thought it was a pretty view too.

This fake crab was one of Brody's faves ALL weekend. He would pick it up, kiss it, lay his head on it to give love and play with the crab. He would walk into the room and say "heeeeeyyyyy crab". It was so funny!

So trying to be a good mommy, I brought bucket-o-toys-will-travel! For what I don't know because this bucket wasn't really touched all weekend!

Let's rewind to Friday night's road trip. There is a rather large bridge, let me paint a picture for you....this road we travel to get to the river is a tiny two lane road...with no lights...and seriously the WORST drivers EVER! So back to the bridge, I get to the bridge, all is good, get to the top of the bridge and start hearing it I mean pouring! But I didn't see any rain, after literally only 30 seconds, it stopped and my windshield was COVERED with "YUCKIE" (as Brody would say) bugs! I took this picture after going another 40 miles or so and the next morning so there is no telling how many bugs there were at the time. I hit a SWARM of skeeters!


Saturday, Pop and Nene had to take their kitty to the vet :( poor baby girl is sick. I hope they can find what is wrong and get her feeling better ASAP! While we were waiting on Pop and Nene to get back I took the opportunity to do a quick photoshoot with some beautiful subjects!

Brody found that he could move the table!! And let me tell you lil man was moving that little table all over the place.

Brody had the best time playing on the dock...but made his momma SOOOO nervous!! Yes, I am a "free spirit" kind of know "he'll only do it once" and "oooh it wont kill him its just dirt" kinda girl...but I am NOT the kind of laid back that would leave him on the dock alone, Gammy was standing gaurd I just cropped her out! :) SORRY GAMMY :)

Savannah was resting with Nene. We took this to show Daddy that she got away with a little thumb sucking while we were there...opsie! :)

Pop and Savannah watching Brody play with his fishing pole...she is so sweet any time Brody is doing anything she smiles and watches...she cannot wait to play with him! :)

Getting his fishing pole lesson from Nene.

Savannah is ready for her boat ride. After Pop and Nene got back we all got ready for a boat ride. Unfortunately by this time the clouds set in and we all knew (but wouldn't admit) that most likely our boat trip would be cut short. But we attempted anyway, Brody's got some swimming learning to do, Nana's pool is ready!!! ;)

On her first boat ride at the river...she fit right in...fell asleep and all! :)

Brody enjoying his boat ride in his new vest!

Paw Paw enjoyed his!

Pop enjoyed his!

And Nene enjoyed hers!

Even though the trip was cut short due to the rain...we still stopped long enough to get wet real quick!

After we got back in, the ladies decided to head to town for a little shopping!!! We went to Big Lots and Bealls OMG...their stores make ours look TERRIBLE!!!

That night we had an amazing steak dinner and to bed I CRASHED!!! I know my hubby provides me a LOT of help but I really don't KNOW until I am doing it by myself for 2 days!!! I was SOOOOO TIRED!!!!

Sunday was up early, breakfast and headed home!!! We had a great weekend, I missed hubby to the maximum and really don't like traveling without him.

This week ahead is going to be awesome because tomorrow I officially become a ThirtyOne consultant and I am hoping to continue the success I have for a long time. I am loving every minute of it, and while I have just gotten started I am looking forward to my future with this company!

This weekend we are headed back out to the farm...but this time it is because THE POOL IS DONE!!! YIPPIE SKIPPIE I cannot wait...Brody LOVES the water and is getting so good at swimming so I am super excited to get him in the water!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

River Sneak Peak

This weekend we enjoyed some relaxing river time with Pop and Nene. Of course I took tons of pictures I'm working on getting those edited and loaded. But until then I wanted to share this cutie pie ready and waiting on a boat ride!

We missed daddy/hubby but we enjoyed it. Recap and more pics to come. Hope y'all had a great weekend and get your week started off right!!
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm a ThirtyOne Consultant!!

I'm a ThirtyOne consultant! For months now I have been on their waiting list, praying almost daily that I will get "the email" saying I can officially sign up. Well....I got that email today and I am super excited!!!

So, what is ThirtyOne right?! Well besides amazing :) it is an independent sales company selling adorable and affordable items. Purses, totes, luggage, key chains, stationary...really the list goes on and on! ThirtyOne even offers children items such as bibs, wash clothes, bath towels, stuffed animals, etc. All the products are super cute and I 'm so excited to be able to offer them to you all!!!

Check out the company's main website here and prepare to fall in LOVE! Because my personal site isn't setup yet, please notify me by email ( if you find anything you are interested in or if you want to book a party!

More importantly, I fell in love with the values this company has. "ThirtyOne" is named after Proverbs awesome is that!?!?

How can you take part in my exciting new adventure and get the opportunity to get some of those cute items!? There are a several ways you can help me succeed!

Host a House Party:
I can come to your home, you invite your closest friends and family over, I will show off ThirtyOne's amazing products, and we will all have a great time...ALL while earning the chance to get your favorite items for FREE or at a reduced price!

Host a "Local" Catalog Party:
Not wanting to clean the house, or worry about "hosting" a party but you want to get in on the awesome hostess benefits (see them below), then you could have a catalog party. I will meet up with you, give you a catalog, some order forms, and a product sample for you to share with your friends. We can schedule your closing date for about a week out, I will pick up the orders from you and you will have the opportunity to earn your favorite items for FREE or at a reduced price!

Host an "Out of Town" Catalog Party:
I know a lot of my blog-readers, friends and family live out of town or even out of state, I can still share my excitement with you! I can "box" up a party and ship it to you, similar to the local catalog party. I will send you catalogs, order forms, and a product sample, you share the products with your family and friends and you will have the opportunity to earn your favorite items for FREE or at a reduced price!

Host a "Girls Night Out" Party:
With the life's stress many of us could use a girls night out right. How does this sound: pick your favorite restaurant, invite your girls, and shop purses! A perfect girl's night out if you ask me! :) There are a few restaurants in town that have rooms you can reserve, most at no cost to the hostess, and we can set up product samples, order yummy food, chat, hang out, and shop!! All this fun and you, the hostess, will have the opportunity to earn your favorite items for FREE or at a reduced price! How awesome, to "host" a party without actually having to "host" any part of it...the restaurant takes care of the food, the location...and CLEAN UP TOO!! :)

See Something You Love:
So you fell in love with the products but don't want to "party" at all...that's ok you can simply contact me ( with you order and I will take care of it for you! But please look at our awesome hostess benefits (listed below) because they are truly too good to pass up!!
So are you excited or WHAT?! Ready to party?! Let's do it!! :) I would love the opportunity to share my excitement and new journey with you and your friends. And you could have the opportunity to earn your favorite items for FREE or at a reduced price! Contact me for the latest great hostess benefits and monthly specials, and get ready to party! :)

I'm excited about this new adventure and couldn't wait to get home to share with everyone I know! I cannot wait to see what this fantastic company has to offer my family. God is great all the time and I know he is ready to bless our family through this awesome company!

Thank you all so much in advance for all your love and support!!

I apologize FB friends for getting yall all so excited about the "news" and that it's not a baby! Dawkins babies will remain at just two (for now, whose to say a "#3" wont come around in the distant future ;)

P.P.S. (haha I said "pee pee"...ok had to put a lil elementary joke in there)
Regarding the house thing, thanks for the sweet comments...I so WISH I had news on that...but I dont! :( We are hoping for a mediation date ASAP...supposedly we should have one in the next few weeks. It's been months so while "weeks" still seem so far away I think we can tough it out...I mean we've come this far what's a few more weeks!?!?!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Day In Good Ole Sawdust :)

My hubby's family has a lot of land on an old family farm way out in the boonies, Sawdust (see if you can find that on a map!). We love to go out there often and enjoy time in the woods. You know get dirty, ride the 4wheeler, or in my case take PICS!! This is one of my favorite places to take pictures, in fact I have posted my pics from out there many times. Yesterday we were out there spending time with the fam because the FIL is headed back to work and we wanted to visit a little before he left again. We didn't really do anything "special" besides visit, eat, sweat, and get dirty...good ole country fun!

The old farm house takes the best pics. It was built in 1880 (I believe) and is amazing! I love antique or country-style pictures so you know I could stay over there for hours snapping away. But with 2 little ones those days are GONE....for a little while at least.

But I did get some good ones this time, even some with the kiddos in them. :) These are just a few of my favs. Hope you enjoy!

The old farm house
Tired hubby :)
This pic is special, there is a pic of my FIL on the porch of the old farm house holding hubby this same way...I had to recreate :)
Lil man
Kiss Kiss
Baby Girl
Grandma and Grandbabies
soooo pretty!

Today is the boring stuff, getting ready for the work week to know washing clothes, washing the car, etc. I may have time (depending on how long nap lasts) to make my bird family for my new car!! Also, on the agenda is to come up with a craft project in preparation of our next house :) No we are not any closer to another home, but I can start planning and crafting right!? And lastly today, I am thinking about starting another 30 day photo challenge. I know I didn't finish the last one, but it got to advance for me! I think this will be more "beginner" and I should be able to complete it. We shall see if I can get it into my busy schedule. ;)

However, as I type this and think that my kiddos are sleeping like good little babies I can hear "da da da da bye bye bye bye" coming from their room, so I'm pretty sure at least one is still awake!