Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Day In Good Ole Sawdust :)

My hubby's family has a lot of land on an old family farm way out in the boonies, Sawdust (see if you can find that on a map!). We love to go out there often and enjoy time in the woods. You know get dirty, ride the 4wheeler, or in my case take PICS!! This is one of my favorite places to take pictures, in fact I have posted my pics from out there many times. Yesterday we were out there spending time with the fam because the FIL is headed back to work and we wanted to visit a little before he left again. We didn't really do anything "special" besides visit, eat, sweat, and get dirty...good ole country fun!

The old farm house takes the best pics. It was built in 1880 (I believe) and is amazing! I love antique or country-style pictures so you know I could stay over there for hours snapping away. But with 2 little ones those days are GONE....for a little while at least.

But I did get some good ones this time, even some with the kiddos in them. :) These are just a few of my favs. Hope you enjoy!

The old farm house
Tired hubby :)
This pic is special, there is a pic of my FIL on the porch of the old farm house holding hubby this same way...I had to recreate :)
Lil man
Kiss Kiss
Baby Girl
Grandma and Grandbabies
soooo pretty!

Today is the boring stuff, getting ready for the work week to know washing clothes, washing the car, etc. I may have time (depending on how long nap lasts) to make my bird family for my new car!! Also, on the agenda is to come up with a craft project in preparation of our next house :) No we are not any closer to another home, but I can start planning and crafting right!? And lastly today, I am thinking about starting another 30 day photo challenge. I know I didn't finish the last one, but it got to advance for me! I think this will be more "beginner" and I should be able to complete it. We shall see if I can get it into my busy schedule. ;)

However, as I type this and think that my kiddos are sleeping like good little babies I can hear "da da da da bye bye bye bye" coming from their room, so I'm pretty sure at least one is still awake!

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