Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm a ThirtyOne Consultant!!

I'm a ThirtyOne consultant! For months now I have been on their waiting list, praying almost daily that I will get "the email" saying I can officially sign up. Well....I got that email today and I am super excited!!!

So, what is ThirtyOne right?! Well besides amazing :) it is an independent sales company selling adorable and affordable items. Purses, totes, luggage, key chains, stationary...really the list goes on and on! ThirtyOne even offers children items such as bibs, wash clothes, bath towels, stuffed animals, etc. All the products are super cute and I 'm so excited to be able to offer them to you all!!!

Check out the company's main website here and prepare to fall in LOVE! Because my personal site isn't setup yet, please notify me by email ( if you find anything you are interested in or if you want to book a party!

More importantly, I fell in love with the values this company has. "ThirtyOne" is named after Proverbs awesome is that!?!?

How can you take part in my exciting new adventure and get the opportunity to get some of those cute items!? There are a several ways you can help me succeed!

Host a House Party:
I can come to your home, you invite your closest friends and family over, I will show off ThirtyOne's amazing products, and we will all have a great time...ALL while earning the chance to get your favorite items for FREE or at a reduced price!

Host a "Local" Catalog Party:
Not wanting to clean the house, or worry about "hosting" a party but you want to get in on the awesome hostess benefits (see them below), then you could have a catalog party. I will meet up with you, give you a catalog, some order forms, and a product sample for you to share with your friends. We can schedule your closing date for about a week out, I will pick up the orders from you and you will have the opportunity to earn your favorite items for FREE or at a reduced price!

Host an "Out of Town" Catalog Party:
I know a lot of my blog-readers, friends and family live out of town or even out of state, I can still share my excitement with you! I can "box" up a party and ship it to you, similar to the local catalog party. I will send you catalogs, order forms, and a product sample, you share the products with your family and friends and you will have the opportunity to earn your favorite items for FREE or at a reduced price!

Host a "Girls Night Out" Party:
With the life's stress many of us could use a girls night out right. How does this sound: pick your favorite restaurant, invite your girls, and shop purses! A perfect girl's night out if you ask me! :) There are a few restaurants in town that have rooms you can reserve, most at no cost to the hostess, and we can set up product samples, order yummy food, chat, hang out, and shop!! All this fun and you, the hostess, will have the opportunity to earn your favorite items for FREE or at a reduced price! How awesome, to "host" a party without actually having to "host" any part of it...the restaurant takes care of the food, the location...and CLEAN UP TOO!! :)

See Something You Love:
So you fell in love with the products but don't want to "party" at all...that's ok you can simply contact me ( with you order and I will take care of it for you! But please look at our awesome hostess benefits (listed below) because they are truly too good to pass up!!
So are you excited or WHAT?! Ready to party?! Let's do it!! :) I would love the opportunity to share my excitement and new journey with you and your friends. And you could have the opportunity to earn your favorite items for FREE or at a reduced price! Contact me for the latest great hostess benefits and monthly specials, and get ready to party! :)

I'm excited about this new adventure and couldn't wait to get home to share with everyone I know! I cannot wait to see what this fantastic company has to offer my family. God is great all the time and I know he is ready to bless our family through this awesome company!

Thank you all so much in advance for all your love and support!!

I apologize FB friends for getting yall all so excited about the "news" and that it's not a baby! Dawkins babies will remain at just two (for now, whose to say a "#3" wont come around in the distant future ;)

P.P.S. (haha I said "pee pee"...ok had to put a lil elementary joke in there)
Regarding the house thing, thanks for the sweet comments...I so WISH I had news on that...but I dont! :( We are hoping for a mediation date ASAP...supposedly we should have one in the next few weeks. It's been months so while "weeks" still seem so far away I think we can tough it out...I mean we've come this far what's a few more weeks!?!?!

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