Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th Beach Trip

My entire family, well almost, went to Panama City Beach for this July 4th weekend. Talk about a wild and crazy trip. Total we had 22 people, 6 of those under 3!!!! Most people probably would run and hide, but not us...the more the merrier we say. ;) My Mema and Pepa are living there for the summer, LUCKY! No really, they have worked very hard their entire for the paradise they now get to experience all summer. My uncle and his family joined them for a MEGA vacay, my parents went down Friday after work, and then we joined as well after work. Grandma Sandra came down Saturday morning and then my cousin and her girls came Saturday evening...and the party was on like donkey kong.

Friday night was just unpacking, setting up the camper and chilling. The 2 hour trip turned into a 3 hour one for us due to traffic. My poor babies were so over the car seat by the time we finally got there. So we did some visiting and went to bed.

Saturday morning we woke to a beautiful scene. The camp site faced the bay and the sunrise over the bay was breath was the 89 degree weather. That is NOT an exaggeration, it was literally 89 at 7:15 AM. You know I had to bust out my camera for some sunrise pics. To my surprise the humidity was so bad, I could not keep my lens from fogging up. I left my camera outside the rest of the day hoping it would acclimate but worried it would get too hot...whats a girl to do!? haha so the "warm, soft, glow" on my pics is my talented photography skills and not fog due to humidity ;) well they turned out pretty good anyway.

Grass separating us from the bay
Little man playing in the grass
Breakfast time!
As you all know, he is the most "boyish" boy I could have asked for and he LOVED every minute of camping. I never imagined how dirty he could get in the blink of an eye!
My cousins little boy. He walked to the water and back, to the water and back, several times. I took several pics because he was too darn cute walking in the grass and "going fishing".

Cousin love :)
Thanks to Lindsay and Joseph, Brody has a new fave toy...his golf clubs! Can't leave the house without them. Watch out Tiger ;)
Pretty Girl

After breakfast it was time to hit the water. And I mean literally "hit" the water. Uncle Eddie took us word...OUCH! Haha, no it really wasn't that bad. Because I was the photographer there are no pics of Tee and I tubing, but we did and it was fun. I didn't do very well this time. I think it may have something to do with uncle Eddie punching the gas! ;) but I survived and it was SO much fun!

Hold on Dad!

That evening we all got dressed up, that for my family means we took a bath! ;) And off to dinner we went. It was Pepa and Chason's birthday last week so we celebrated Saturday night. It was so nice to go to dinner with the whole family, we haven't done that in fact I can't remember the last time. We went to Sharky's. I haven't heard of it before, but it was neat and yumo food. I do have to say though, Brody and Savannah will NEVER, mark my word...NEVER...go to PCB alone. And if we go to PCB during the summer, it will ALWAYS be with the family and we will ALWAYS stay in the camp ground. Talk about a different world out there!! It took us an hour to go 5 miles down "the strip". And "the strip" was terrible...girls wearing clothes that looked 5 years too small and guys "holla-ing" at them across the street...this my friends was at 5:00 in the afternoon. Thank God we were not there once the sun went down. It was so bad!! I can't believe I once thought I was cool driving back and forth down "the strip" anyway Sharky's was yummy and it was nice to be there with the whole fam. It was right on the beach so I got some pretty pics.
Pepa and Brody waiting for Brody's french fry appetizer.
Daddy giving Savannah her "appetizer"
Pretty Girl

After dinner we went to Pier Park. Tee has been dying to go ever since Mom and Dad came home raving about the place. We walked and looked, it was nice and Brody had fun. We walked past one of the bars and lil man started dancing in Daddy's cute!! Then the rest of the night every time he heard music those hips would start then the head bobbing began.

Dawkins fam
Gammy and Pawpaw
Brody playing in the sand

Sunday we got ready to pack up and head home, while the others stayed. We went down to Mema and Pepa's camper to eat breakfast and then got ready to hit the beach, kiddie pool side of course!

The whole time we were there Brody was fascinated with Mema and Pepa's gold cart. Our country boy loves the motorized vehicles. He would crawl on it and say "vroom vroom" he will make you laugh. Then he started cleaning on the compartment for Mema.

Cleaning out the cart for Mema.

"Vroom Vroom"

I didn't take the camera to the beach in fear of something happening to it. But we had a great time. *Except Savannah* Brody got in the water and I was working with him on swimming. He did so good. He would kick and float, still working on the arms part. Gotta get him ready for Nana's pool!!! There were jelly fish like crazy and "fishies" everywhere. The funniest part of the beach trip- we were in the water and a thing of coral (I think thats what it was) came floating by, I picked it up to show Brody the small shrimp on it and he grabbed it...but my "dirty boy" did not like the way this felt he threw it and said "yucky" haha it was great! Savannah on the other hand, could not STAND the heat. I have to giver her some credit, it was 104 and the heat index was about 116! But my AC baby was showing her tail and ready to go. I did get her in the water and cool her off but that didn't last long.

It wasn't long before we were headed back in. The Dawkins had to shower and load up for the trip home :( Even though I really didn't want to leave, I was ready to get home and the AC! ;)

While Mommy and Daddy loaded the car, Grandma Sandra helped hold Savannah. Not that she minded because she got good ole Savannah loving out of the deal.

We headed out mid afternoon and got home at a fairly decent time. I didn't get many pics because...well with two kids you just dont have time to snap many I apologize for not getting a pic of everyone there :/

It was a great, crazy and busy, weekend. Unfortunately, we did not have ANY JULY 4TH plans!! But that's because we decided no plans meant relaxing and relaxing is just what we needed before heading back to work. Aunt Tam did come over to hang out...don't get me wrong it wasn't to hang out with me or Tee...nope we were used again for the kiddos!! ;) but that's ok, my feelings don't get hurt anymore. Once you have children you realize, everyone is more interested in them! But I did enjoy seeing Aunt Tam, even if I had to use my children as collateral ;)

I hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend and remembered the reason for our time off from work, and the celebrating. I'm so proud to be an American!

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