Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend went by so fast, but when don't they right!? Friday night we had pizza family night. While growing up we had family night every Friday night. It was always so nice to enjoy family time, games, movies, and most importantly pizza ;) We have always talked about doing family nights regularly when our children are growing up, to hopefully encourage family time and keep them out of trouble. *fingers crossed*

Saturday we started, or continued actually, the dreaded house search!! I say dreaded because I am so worried that whenever we are able to get our next house, we wont be able to find anything in our price range. We know exactly what we want, how much we are able to spend though is what will hold us back. :( Don't you wish money would just grow on trees??

We also met some friends for yumo lunch. Thanks again Erin and Jackson for joining us, hate that we weren't able to see Ian though! :(

After we got home from town we decided to get some "yard" time in...AKA get babies REALLLLLLYYYYY tired for an early-to-bed bedtime ;) So we played a family game of baseball, played in the slip-n-slide, and I took pics of course! I have been doing a LOT of research online trying to learn how to many pretty pics and I was dying to try some new techniques that I found online. I snapped some pics of flowers, the fam, and a butterfly that landed right in front of my lens. So I snapped a ton of that beautiful butterfly.

Yellow flower...don't know the name :)
The boys playing inside after the full day of events.
Playing in the slip-n-slide
The boys playing
The girls taking pics!
Caught in action
Sweet smile
He was so funny drinking out of the water hose and splashing and laughing. He loooves water!
Riding with Gammie
Butterfly again
My fave butterfly pic

Then today, we met our friends at the pool again! We love Sunday Funday Pool Dates with the Taber Tots!! Brody absolutely loves the water and the pool, he thinks he can get in the big pool without any float...but he cant. I am trying to work on swimming with him, but he thinks he is just a big boy and doesn't need mommas help....but it scares momma :/ We can't wait for Nana to get her pool so we can go out there regularly and hopefully soon he will be able to swim on his own!

Our weekend was wonderful, like always, and I'm so sad I have to return to work tomorrow. But I have a LOT I want to get done before the end of the month so I hope to be very productive :) I hope yall had a wonderful weekend as well and have an awesome Monday!!

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Tamara said...

love this post, love your babies, love your fam and since I always read your blog through my Google Reader, so i hadn't seen your new layout. SO cute!!