Friday, June 17, 2011

Mobile Blogger

I am a HUGE blogger LOVER! I check up on my blogs from my phone often. Some times if there are a lot of pics or graphics it is hard for my phone to load the site. I realized last night that blogger has a "mobile web" option and you can set your blog to automatically load in the mobile web for followers viewing it from the mobile device...I thought that was AWESOME!

I changed mine so it would do this, and you can too!

I know I am a super nerd but I thought it was neat.

Tonight was date night, we had a great time. We did NOTHING that most people would consider special, but it was special to me because we were just enjoying time together. We did a little shopping and had dinner. It was my hubby!

No photo challenge tonight, I will though I have a new cell phone cover fabric I am working on, cant wait to share!

Night y'all :)

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