Thursday, June 23, 2011

Soccer Mom Here

I'm officially a soccer mom, at least I feel like one! My trailblazer got sick and more sick and more sick and before we knew it he was going to cost us a fortune to make him better. So we started the dreaded car hunt a few weeks back. I looked at everything on the market it felt like. But wr decided on the Dodge Journey.

I never heard of it but once I test drove it I was hooked. The vehicle was designed by moms of America and you all know us women know what we need in a car ;) sorry men no offence! There are storage compartments under each floorboard mat, and the passenger seat, AND in the back hatch part. It illuminates when you walk up to it, nice for night time having ur hands full of kiddos and their belongings. And unlocks when u approach, how awesome and safe is that!? There are many other small features but those are my def faves! could I forget it has a third row so I can take someone else with us besides just our family!!

Not at all the vehicle I thought I would get but I have to say it was by far the most enjoyable car buyjng I've ever experienced. I feel great about the purchase. Think I got a good deal. And couldn't be happier!! *not to mention insurance went down, cha-ching!!*

P.S. if there are any txting abbreviations, I apologize this is coming to u from the good ole cellular phone! ;)
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