Friday, February 18, 2011


This past Wednesday I was at work, in an interview of all things, and started feeling really bad. My shirt got soaked immediately, I felt sun burned from head to toe, and my feet and hands started sweeling. I sat through the interview, unable to really speak because I felt so bad. Thankgully my boss was in there so he took over asking the subject questions. After the interview I went to check my blood pressure and sure enough it was high. This whole pregnancy has been great as far as my blood pressure is concerned. I thought I was scott free of bed rest, a little more than two weeks and she will be here. I went on in to triage just to make sure everything was ok and find out what I needed to do. To my surprise, they sent me home! No discharge papers, no direction of what to do, no explanation of reasoning, the doctor didn't even come see me. I was just told "as long as you stay laying down your blood pressure is fine"...ok so you want me to stay laying down for two and half weeks...with a TEN MONTH old...AND A JOB!? Yea, right that's a joke!

I called my doctor's office yesterday to check with them that everything was ok, they asked me to come in to check my bp and make sure all was ok. Sure enough, it was still high. They sent me back to triage for more testing. This time I was able to see the on call doctor and have blood work done. Because I have an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday, the on call doctor asked me to stay on bed rest through the weekend and at my appointment on Tuesday my doctor can decide what she wants to do. So until Tuesday, here I sit on bed rest again! Thankfully the bp issue doesn't seem to be NEAR as bad as it was with Brody but still I was hoping to make it through without it coming up. But this is what's best for me and Savannah so here I shall sit!

This does leave me a lot of time to update my blog, pictures, and relax. So I didn't my photo updating this morning and came across the pics below that were too adorable to not share! :)

My son LOVES playing outside. This was two weekends ago, no toys needed he just loved to be outside!

This past weekend we were at Tee's parents for his brothers birthday. Brody got to experience his first FULL cupcake. He has had pieces given to him little by little, but this was his first time given the WHOLE cupcake at was SOOO fun to watch him dive in.

Another first for Brody was his first Valentines card. He got this from Mema and Pepa, and he LOVED opening it and then, of course, eating the card! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day of MiXeD Emotions

Nine years ago today I was talking to a senior football player that joined the cheerleading squad after being begged for weeks by the cheerleading coach and sat twisting my hair giggling like a little girl...well I was kind of a little girl! :/ This guy was the HoTtEsT man at my school and I thought he had the sweetest heart. He was the southern gentleman I dreamed of marrying. The perfect guy that didn't party, drink, do drugs, smoke, treat girls like crap...I know SOMETHING wasn't right because people just do not come full package like that. Well he did and on this day he became my boyfriend, this of course was after many days/weeks even of my mom and my cheerleading coach trying to talk him into just talking to me. My mom even told him she would pay him as long as he would kiss me in front of my current boyfriend (because she HATED him). Tee wouldn't do it because he was worried about making me mad. Finally he went for it and nine years later look at where we are. Married, best friends, husband and wife...and most importantly momma and daddy! The excitement that he brings me every single day words cannot explain. He is the man God made for me to marry and spend the rest of my life with and what a blessing to have found him in NINTH GRADE! Don't get me wrong we have been through some VERY rough times, expecially in the past 2 years...but no matter how hard that time is on us and how tall that mountain is for us to climb we have made it through and those troubles have made us such a stronger couple and helped us grow closer than before! I look forward to the rest of my life with my tee!! I love you so much and cannot believe where we started, where we have been, where we are now, and I cant wait to see where we will be in the future! :)

The other side of my day is with our dog Duke. When tee and I got engaged I told him I wanted us to have a dog. I LOVE dogs and couldn't imagine having our family without one. So I began looking and decided I wanted a Shih-Tzu. Looked for one to adopt and found one in Tally. I went to meet Duke, who was Dollar Bill at the time, and fell IN LOVE! He was precious and so sweet, just full of joy and happiness I knew Tee would love him too. So I took him home. But at the time we did not live together and Duke was going to have to live with Tee for about a year before we would be married and I moved in. But the two of them hit it off and I think they really enjoyed being bachelors together for a while til Momma moved in and laid some ground rules! ;) Five years later things have gotten really tough. Duke is a very emotional dog and he gets really upset very easily. Being out of his "normal" zone throughs him curve balls that he cannot deal with. Ever since the sink hole opened and we moved in with my parents he has been very tense, which we cannot blame him it had thrown all of our world's upside down. I think he thought we were at Grandma and Grandpa's for a very long visit but I think he was ready to go home. Then Brody became mobile and that messed him up even more. Brody started wanting to reach for Duke and Duke was not a fan. He has NEVER growled or barked at anyone before but he would bark at Brody. It was difficult for me because I thought he was playing, clearly I was wrong. Duke eventually bit Brody, and we decided it was time to find Duke other living arrangements, we asked around and tossed around some ideas...but days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and eventually it was four months later and Brody was speed crawling now. He chased Duke all over the livingroom and kitchen. Duke would run the opposite way and if Brody came into the room Duke would leave. I thought he learned his lesson and would just avoid Brody at all costs. He tried but one night this week Brody snook up on him and Duke reacted naturally, snipping at Brody and scratched his face. We realized this was our second warning and next time it could be SO much worse so we started the search again for somewhere for Duke to live. Thankfully a man at my mom's work already had another dog and was looking for a play friend...and he agreed if the two of them got along he would take Duke.

Tonight he came over and Duke and the other dog played like they were long lost BFFs. Eventually it was time for them to leave, with Duke. This was the hardest thing Tee and I have been through in a LONG time. Duke was our first baby, he was like another child of ours. We loved him so much, and still do. It literally felt like someone was holding my heart and squeezing it so tight as I watched that crate go into the car and the car slowly driving out of the drive way. Thankfully the man took Duke because if he didn't we would have to take him to the pound and who knows what they would have done with him. But man this hurts SO bad! Those little fur balls become part of your family and it is so hard to watch them leave. I know this is the absolute best solution for our situation but like I said that doesn't make it any easier. I will miss you so much Pookie and you will always have a special place in our hearts!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So, I told hubby "I'm going to post on the ole blogger, give me a title" and he responds "ShaQwan" so there you have post title!

I have been ADDICTED to my new phone lately. I got the LG Optimus which is one of those fancy Droid phones...I had no idea what a sheltered mobile world I was living in!! There is an APP for everything...literally. I have been spending WAY too much time surfing through the "market" which is where you get your apps from. I have of course downloaded the fun apps like these:

This is the FxCamera. Basically you can take pics on your phone with many different settings. FishEye, toycam, and polaroid to name a few. It is really neat and being that I love taking pics anyway this just tickles me pink!

Then there is Pandora...wait for it..."ahhhh" (that's the angels singing). I have heard of Pandora for a while, but never gave it a shot because, let's face it, I'm not an "Internet radio" type. Plus now that I am a mommy, my Internet surfing days are O-V-E-R! Which is a good thing and a bad. I spent way too much time on here and now I get to spend that time chasing my little man around the house and keeping him out of the dog food bowl :) Anyway, back to Pandora it is an Internet radio, awesomeness!!! You tell Pandora a song or artist you like and it creates a channel for you of songs it thinks you will like based on that one song/artist you gave it. How awesome is that? It is my BEST FRIEND at work. There are days that I don't think I am going to make it through and it never fails those are the days that the radio stations play NOTHING, so now I can turn to Pandora! YAY :)

Brody is growing big and strong. He is trying to "walk" but just falls flat on his face. He did have his first rib and corn on the cob this past week. Let me tell you, he may only have 7 (yes SEVEN!) teeth but that boy took care of the rib and cob like a pro...not a thing left on either!

He is 10 months old and I have 5 weeks til Savannah is supposed to be here...and have not started Brody's birthday party. I promised myself I would have his First Birthday (awe :( ) totally planned before Savannah's arrival...that means I gotta get busy!
Also, this past weekend we got a lot accomplished (at least I think so). I was able to get laundry done, the "house" (or our part of it) cleaned, groceries purchased, and...drum roll please...started painting Savannah's furniture. Due to the rain we have had lately, it isn't finished so a post will be coming later with pics! Savannah is going to be sleeping in my crib from when I was an infant. At least while we are still living with my parents and her and Brody are sharing a room. Once we move out we will have to purchase a bedroom set for one of them. But anyway, Savannah's bed has a matching bed for her doll...awe so cute! I am trying to paint everything to match and give it a fresh look. I can't wait to share pics once its all finished!
We also were able to accomplish fixing the laptop!!! This is my biggest YAY for the weekend!!! Around Christmas we were hit with the Anti-Virus Virus, a very mean bug. :( And it took the laptop down, I thought she was a goner. Thankfully after many weeks of working on it and my dad even taking it on at times. We were able to get her some "medicine" and now she is back up and running like a beauty. I cannot tell you how much I missed having my latptop to surf FB and post to Blogger in bed while hubby watches TV! So glad you are back Miss Laptop...mommy has missed you!
This coming weekend I hope to finish Savannah's furniture and couple of open ended craft projects. I am also having pictures taken...I'm really nervous about those because of my body and the way I see it. I have always been very hard on myself, ALWAYS thought I was as big as a house. I look back at pictures of before I was pregnant and look in the mirror thinking "who am I" haha I would give ANYTHING to look like that again, when I remember taking the pic thinking I was HUGE! Funny how things change huh!? But anyways I didn't have pics taken while I was pregnant with Brody because I was too scared but for some reason this time I was like 'what the heck, who cares' and I am doing this Saturday. I cannot wait though to have Savannah and start working out again...I really do miss sit-ups, push-ups, bench press, running, etc. I sound like a total JOCK but I do! Everyone around me is working out while I sit here and the only thing I'm working out is my arm muscles to get Little Debbie to my mouth...haha but boy do I love the taste of her!! :)
Sunday is Super Bowl! YAY, that means it is chow time and commercials. Yea, it's sad but that's what I look forward to the most about Super Bowl Sunday. I wish it was Super Bowl Saturday though, who can we talk to about that!? ;)
Well looks like that is a wrap! It's 10:02 and officially 30 minutes past my bed time. Good night yall, hope your small Friday tomorrow is perfect and fast!

FYI...FSU has the number recruiting class in college football...WEEEE'RRREE BACCKKKK! ;)