Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Checking In...

I haven't really had anything exciting going on. Other tham waiting on miss Savannah to get here and Watching Brody grow up right in front of my eyes literally! I had to share this picture because I thought it was too perfect of his personality and shows just how big he is!

We did move downstairs at my parents and while that may not seem too excitingfor most it was like the best thing since sliced bread for me! Those midnight bathroom runs downstairs and across the house was getting old for this preggo! So needless to say I'm loving downstairs life! Not to mention we have our OWN room and Brody and Savannah have their own!!!!! That my friends makes momma REAL happy! :)

I'm also working on a few crafta preparing me for BABYGIRL'S arrival. I will have to share those once they are finished.

Brody is crawling, like the real thing no army moves anymore. He has been pulling up on everything and using the couch to "walk". My only hope is that he will be walking by Savannah's arrival (which by the way is scheduled for March 8). I can't imagine how crazy my life is about to get...and boy I can't wait!!!

As far as a house update...no news really. BIG :( FACE! I don't know why on earth people sew nust because. This has been a looong and stressful situation for us and it hasn't even really got going yet! We are currently in what they call the discovery part, just were both sides get information from the other side. Nothing exciting, but I will let ya know whenitgets exciting;)

That's about all that's going on in our life right now! Sorry it wasn't too exciting :( but sometimes those "non-exciting" moments are my fav because that means I can rest and these days I'm loving me some rest! Hope y'all have a great week!
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My droid

This is a test post coming to u from my new droid phone. How awesome if I can blog from the mobile world! Yes im WAY too excited!
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Friday, January 7, 2011

SMD Pants Set

I finally finished Savannah's new outfit. The pants are ruffle pants and the onesie is from my iron-on cut outs post. The pants are actually very easy to make, except the elastic which for some reason has been a difficulty of mine with ALL my projects. First off: get a pair of pants that is the same size as the one you want. You can even use this pattern to make cute comfy PJ pants!! I'm thinking about working on a pair of those for my hospital visit coming up in about 8 weeks! ;) So you lay out the pants with the outer seem lined up along the FOLDED edge of your fabric. The folded edge is the key because that gives you once less seem to sew. *By the way, I am sorry that I forgot to take pics of every single step, I just kept forgetting :( but I will try my best to describe how I did it anyway!*

Once you lay the pants out on your fabric, trace the inseam, top and bottom. Note: in order to get them the appropriate length be sure to add an extra inch to the top and bottom for the hem. After you have marked your patter PLUS your extra inch for the hem at the top and bottom. Cut out two pieces, one for each leg! Also, if you want ruffles at the bottom be sure to cut two extra strips of fabric that are 4" wide (folded in half making a 2" ruffle) and twice as long as your pant leg bottom.

This is my ruffle cut out and my pants cut out.
Next you are going to make your ruffles, if you do not want ruffles on your pants skip the next few steps. To make the ruffles I set my sewing machine to the longest stitch and just ran the fabric through, folded in half of course, with the top stitch selected.
It will come out kind of crinkled.
Then you want to hold the bottom thread and slide the fabric across the thread. You will notice the fabric bunching up. You may even have to go to the other end of the fabric and work towards the middle from both ends.
This is how it should look as it bunches up.
If you are adding the ruffle be sure to take off the 1 1/2" from the bottom of the pants for your ruffle. You want to take off 1 1/2" for a 2" ruffle because you need to leave 1/2" to stitch the ruffle to the pants.
Marking off extra fabric to remove so I have room for my ruffle.
Then you want to attach the ruffle to the right side of the fabric. I found it easiest to attach the ruffle to both ends of the fabric them bunch it up in between to make it more evenly ruffled. If that makes sense...
You can see how there is extra fabric to play with. If you do not want your ruffle big you can cut off extra ruffle and sew it straight to the pant leg.
Now you want to stitch your ruffle on, I just used the top stitch. I also added a top stitch to the right side of the fabric for a "finished" look.
After your ruffle is attached you can sew the pants legs up and leave the "crotch" (is there a better word for that area? haha) part unsewn (is that a word?) for now. After both legs are stitched up, pin the two pant legs together at the crotch and sew them together.
Stitching on the ruffle.
Now you are ready to sew your hem for the elastic waste band. I'm going to be TOTALLY honest, I SUCK at elastic. But I am working on it and learn little by little with each project. I know that you want your waist band to be the same width as the waist in which you are making the pants for. I guess on mine because Savannah is not here yet, which is probably why ts so difficult for me right now. After your hem is sewn, make sure you leave about an inch to feed your elastic threw. Thread your elastic threw with a safety pin. Once your elastic is in sew it shut!
Hem pinned down
Turn the pants right side out and TA DA!! :) I just LOVE them!!!!!!!
Savannah's finished outfit!

Hope I was able to explain the project well enough. I'm still working on pics and better descriptions! :) I'm still searching for that next project...hope you have a great weekend!