Friday, January 29, 2010

Life can be so stressful

I have been working on trying to find a career job for after graduation. I have had one interview and also been hinting to my boss that I would love to stay where I'm at but if there are no options for me there, then I must look some where else. I'm to the point now that I wish I would have waited until AFTER Brody comes to start looking. So I have decided to take the "whatever" approach because I can't continue to take the stress from it.

In addition to the job hunt, I'm moving right along with school. Have 4 weeks left for this semester and another 8 to go for the next. Still seems like so far away but thankfully the classes seem to be fairly easy. I'm so ready for April 30 to get here and be DONE! :)

Last BIG thing in my life right now, and I do mean BIG is my baby Brody who is cooking away! :) I am to the point of the pregnancy that I am ANXIOUS like crazy to meet my little man. Not to mention I am over the "pregnancy" part, don't get me wrong I am very thankful to be preggers and sooooooooo beyond excited and happy to have my little man on the way!!! For the past few weeks I have just been extremely tired and achy. I have been trying to rest and relax more but it is difficult for me. Yall know I am just not the type of person that can sit around, there is always something to clean or organize, or do in the house so sitting there just makes me feel sooooo lazy. Today I took off to rest yet seem to feel guilty...I know like hubby says I am CRAZY!! Anyways, I have finally gotten it in my head that I do not care about anything but the health of Brody and if it takes me sitting around being "lazy" then I guess I have another 8 weeks of that!! :) I just can't wait to meet him and I know everyone says it will go by fast, but it seems to drag right now!

I have my baby shower this weekend and I am SOOOOOOO excited. There are these 3 AMAZING women, that I love SOOOO much and they are very creative so I am just so anxious to see what they have come up with.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Decisions…decisions…someone make the right ones for me please!

Today was the career fair and I was really looking forward to it, hoping to find something for me and hubby when we graduate. We got there we realized, very quickly, that there was/are not many options for criminal justice majors. There was plenty of options for business, finance, real estate, marketing, and engineering...but only 6 options for us. Of those options they were ALL federal jobs expect one police department in Coral Springs, Florida.

So I talked to some of the federal agencies, my favorite...the CIA. Yes, that's it the Central Intelligence Agency. I fell in love with the type of work they do, hubby thought it was nerdy but thats ok I LOVED it! They have PLENTY of openings, they have positions available that I qualify for and even some that mirrors exactly what I currently do just on the federal level, the pay is AMAZING, and retirement is great as well. So why haven't I already said ok schedule me for an interview...the relocation. Hubby and I are so up in the air about relocating because this is our home. With the CIA I would have to move to Washington DC :(

Hubby talked to Coral Springs Police Department and they sounded AMAZING as well. Benefits that sounded too good to be true, masters program tuition reimbursement, relation expenses paid, requirement for a BA degree, 5% pay increase each year, one of the highest paid PD in the state, academy training sponsorship, and great retirement. Hubby was I step in "where is Coral Springs located?" The response "south of Orlando, west of Ft. Lauderdale, and just north of Miami". POOOO!!!!!! But no contract, they will sponsor, you can finish the academy and change agencies upon graduation...this is much easier to swallow than my interest with the CIA.

So after leaving the career fair, we were both so confused because the options in Tally are SO limited. But at the same time we do NOT want to move. So we were talking about our options and my phone rang. It was the person who cancelled my interview that was originally scheduled for today. They asked me if I can reschedule the interview for next YES! So I have an interview for an investigator position next wednesday and I am so excited. I really hope this works out because it will be the answer to many prayers and concerns. As for hubby, bless his heart, he still isn't sure what/where for him to go. Please pray for both of us, me and this interview and hubby to find something. We appreciate it :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekly update

So my interview was cancelled for tomorrow which really let me down. But it was because the man is sick so I do hope he gets better soon. When he does, they will call to reschedule. Until then I will continue looking for a career job, if nothing comes up then that it is how it was meant to be and I am at least thankful to have a good job that I do have! So, tomorrow hubby and I will be attending a career fair and we hope to learn alot! Please pray for us! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Exciting Week (and Next Week Too) Ahead

I am so excited about the next two weeks. First this monday my mom and I are going to Babies R Us and to see Did You Hear About the Morgans. I am excited to spend the day in town with Momma, its been a while!

Thursday I have the day OFF....YAY :) I haven't taken a day off just because since I found out I was pregnant because I was trying to save my leave to take 12 weeks with Brody. Now that the time is getting closer I do not think I will be taking the full 12 weeks and maybe that works out best for many reasons. I have a job interview this Thursday. I am so excited about the interview and nervous at the same time. I would love to stay where I am if I could get a promotion, but at the same time I need to start looking for that "career job" because Brody is on his way, and tee and I have goals. We wont to be in our final house in about two years and we want to start annual family trips. Plus between daycare and student loans we are about to start putting out some money each month! If I stayed where I am at then I would be comfortable with the position and make a good bit more, however there is currently not an opening so I started looking elsewhere. The interview is at a good agency and it is close to the house and makes pretty good money, but I am not a fan of changing jobs and having to learn all over again! Please just pray for my interview this week and the "career job" situation, I have been praying like crazy for a few months about it and I know He knows what's best and will make it work out. I'm gonna be a WORKING MOM!!! :)

Also this week is my first baby shower. I thought I was so prepared and had most of the BIG things I need, until people started asking me do you have this or do you have that. I then realized I dont have everything like I thought. So I am excited to have my baby showers to relax with friends and family, eat, and play games. Then next weekend is my baby shower that Brody's favorite three aunts are throwing for us and I am SUPER excited about that one to see what their creative minds have come up with!! And yesterday I got my shower outfit...I'm excited to wear it but I gotta find some accessories...that's a goal for this week :)
Additionally, school started back this past week so STRESS IS BACK!! I am soooooooooooooooooo ready to be done with school and I know it will come fast enough but seriously when you can see that light it seems like it cant come fast enough! Our professors this semester are extremely demanding. The hope is to get a head so towards the end of this semester (when Brody is expected) we will be either done or as close as we can be. Wish us luck...we are both BURNT with school!

Hope yall have a great week...I will try to post follow ups for yall to read through out this week :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The love I have for him is already so GRAND!

Today we were able to see our little man in 3D/4D and we fell SO much more in love with him. At first he was being a stinker and not moving his hand from in front of his face. Then after the tech pushing him he moved it a little for a quick picture. At first we thought maybe his nose was mine...but then after several pictures it was clear he is a little Daddy's boy....he looks JUST like his Daddy!
Getting ready to put that hand in front of his face.
He was tired because we had to wake him to get some pictures.
Another profile.
During the appointment, the tech estimated his weight at about 3lbs. She said that he is very muscular and looks like a healthy little boy. His little hands and feet were so cute, and his cheeks, nose and mouth got me so excited for his arrival. I cannot wait for him to get here to pinch his little cheeks, kiss his nose and just hold and enjoy him. I know I may be a little bias but I think he has to be the most handsome little man around! :) It was so neat to see and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have a 3D/4D ultrasound with Brody.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

29 Weeks in the Making

Tomorrow we get to see our lil man in 3D/4D and I have to say I CANT WAIT! I have been counting down the days for almost 3 months now and it is finally almost here!! While working on my blog this morning, I came across pictures I have been keeping through out the pregnancy. It is amazing to me to see the difference. I can't remember what I looked like before Brody started growing so I love having these pictures to go back and look at how my body has changed. I thought I would share the growth of the belly with yall.

7 Weeks at a Girls Night right after we found out we were pregnant.

15 Weeks, I remember taking this picture and looking at it thinking "WOW I AM HUGE!" haha if I only knew this was small compared to how big I will get!
20 Weeks, half way there!

22 Weeks, it must be the dress because I thought the same thing here. But I remember actually worrying that I would get so big that I wouldn't be able to walk. I know I am not done with the pregnancy but I do not think I am going to get THAT big anymore! haha
The most recent picture, 26 weeks Christmas 2009! I LOVE my belly and cannot wait to meet my lil man.

I hope and pray that tomorrow he will be in a good position for us to see and will be very active so we can have a good show. I have heard some women that have to go back several times before they can get a good picture of the baby, hopefully that will not happen with us.
Also, tomorrow morning my thoughts and prayers will be with a sweet little 14 month old. She will be going into surgery and I know her mother is so nervous but I have faith everything will be fine and she will recover wonderfully.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year 2010

Can you believe we are already in 2010!?!? Man, where did the last 10 years go. I still remembering going in to 2000 when everyone was taking their money out of the banks and freaking out about the new millennium and the computers crashing! Haha now look at us in 2010 and no CRASH! Anyway, I just think it is so funny to look back.

Speaking of looking back, this time last year I was FREAKING out because Hubby and I still were not pregnant, I scheduled appointments with my doctor, was reading about what we were "doing wrong", etc. Now, just a year later and we are expecting our first baby. Brody Wyatt Dawkins (Yes, I am saying the middle name is Wyatt until Hubby can come up with something better :) ) is expected to join us within the 2 1/2 months and we are SOOO SUPER excited.

During pregnancy, for those who do not know, you get advice from EVERYONE (even people you do not know). The problem with the advice, most of the time it is UNWANTED! But I have learned to smile and ignore them, expect for this one particular person I work with. He is not someone that I have to see all that much so I am trying to forget what he said but it made me so mad I haven't been able to let it go. So, you know how most of the advice I have been getting (or comments I should say) has been about ME, my weight, my belly, etc. Well this man made a comment about my BABY and you dO NOT make Momma Bear mad about her BABY BEAR! He asked me "have you picked out a name?" and I responded "yes, he will be Brody". And I even closed the sentence with a big SMILE because I know this man can be a TERD. So what did he say back to me "Brody....huh...well he definitely will be picked on in school....Brody is a pretty gay name"....AS IF!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention, dude I DIDN'T ASK!

Anyway, just my pregnancy vent for today. But on a good note, Brody's 3D/4D is this Monday and I am soooo excited I can barely sleep already! I can't help but wonder what he looks like, his nose, his mouth, his eyes...I can't wait to share with you all his pictures! :)