Friday, January 29, 2010

Life can be so stressful

I have been working on trying to find a career job for after graduation. I have had one interview and also been hinting to my boss that I would love to stay where I'm at but if there are no options for me there, then I must look some where else. I'm to the point now that I wish I would have waited until AFTER Brody comes to start looking. So I have decided to take the "whatever" approach because I can't continue to take the stress from it.

In addition to the job hunt, I'm moving right along with school. Have 4 weeks left for this semester and another 8 to go for the next. Still seems like so far away but thankfully the classes seem to be fairly easy. I'm so ready for April 30 to get here and be DONE! :)

Last BIG thing in my life right now, and I do mean BIG is my baby Brody who is cooking away! :) I am to the point of the pregnancy that I am ANXIOUS like crazy to meet my little man. Not to mention I am over the "pregnancy" part, don't get me wrong I am very thankful to be preggers and sooooooooo beyond excited and happy to have my little man on the way!!! For the past few weeks I have just been extremely tired and achy. I have been trying to rest and relax more but it is difficult for me. Yall know I am just not the type of person that can sit around, there is always something to clean or organize, or do in the house so sitting there just makes me feel sooooo lazy. Today I took off to rest yet seem to feel guilty...I know like hubby says I am CRAZY!! Anyways, I have finally gotten it in my head that I do not care about anything but the health of Brody and if it takes me sitting around being "lazy" then I guess I have another 8 weeks of that!! :) I just can't wait to meet him and I know everyone says it will go by fast, but it seems to drag right now!

I have my baby shower this weekend and I am SOOOOOOO excited. There are these 3 AMAZING women, that I love SOOOO much and they are very creative so I am just so anxious to see what they have come up with.

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Tamara said...

Hope we didn't disappoint! Also hoping everything works out with the job stuff:)