Friday, February 19, 2010

No Stress!?!?! SIKE!

My doctor appointment yesterday didn't go how I hoped it would but it could have been worse. Basically my doctor wants me to stay stress-free and off my feet. Well both of those are HARD for me to do. I didn't blog about it but I did get the promotion at work that I was hoping for, or so I thought. However after the day I had yesterday at work I was slapped in the face by reality. Somethings never change and salary is not everything....HAPPINESS if the key to life. That being said I am just NOT happy, therefore changes must take place. I know it is hard to udnerstand how can she not be happy with she has the most exciting thing of LIFE coming soon...a new baby! Well Iam beyond excited about that but my unhappiness is coming from my job and that is what needs to change. So I contacted the other job and asking if the vacancy was still open and if they would please still consider me for the position. I explained that I thought I made a mistake and took a position for the money when instead of sitting back and thinking about what would be best for me! I apologized and I think they understood, now I am just waiting to hear back from them on their final choice. I sincerely hope I did not burn a bridge or ruin my chances, however the stress from yesterday and this whole situation is something that I shouldn't be handling at this point in my pregnancy therefore I have prayed about it and giving the worries and stress to Him and I know He will do what is best for me!

Other than that, according the doctor my bundle of joy should be making an appearance in about 4 weeks and I cannot wait. I look forward to be a mommy so much and I hope that I will be the best mommy Brody could ever ask for! :)

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alohanole913 said...

I am sorry you are so stressed! i hope they will still offer you the job you want, fingers crossed!