Monday, January 23, 2012

Updated House Tour

I realized tonight that I have not actually done a tour of the house with the furniture, counter tops and updates.  So I wanted to do that real fast, plus highlight my fave from each room :)

I apologize in advance for the quality of my pictures, my camera takes better out door pics and it was dark when I took most of these so they are not the best.

*Outside pics will come later...there's not much excitement out there right now*

Bringing ya in the front door the living room is what you see first.  That is our sectional and recliner, however they delivered it in black and we are supposed to have brown, so don't judge my non-matching living room set :)

 Down the master hall way.
 Pass by the kitchen, we will come back to ya!
 ahhhhhhh....hear the angels sing?  I think this is my favorite room of the house, its "my space" you know what I mean I just LOVE it!
 My fave is a tie between our bed...

 ...and the tv...its a close one.
 master bath/closet...we haven't done ANYTHING with this space and probably wont for a while.
 my fave here is by far my closet :)
 the glass cabinets I love :)
dinning area, not much here to choose from, but I am proud of my star placement :)
Then is the living room...
 another tie between the new pillows...
 entire living room, baby toys and all ;)
 and the fireplace
 babies room...shhh...they are sleeping will have to come back there another time!
 the babies hall way, loving my masterpieces wall :)
 guest bath...
 my fave here is the granite...
 and new mirror...still so much in there to in progress, always, right!?
 and lastly the office/craft room...
 another tie between our wall art...
and my crafting supply storage...ok yea not much of a tie there...but I do love this space too!

I just wanted to give a quick tour of the home and share how far we have come.  I am so thrilled and cannot explained how awesome it  feels to come home to our home and relax after a long day of work!!!  Thank you Lord for bringing the blessing to me and my family, we truly couldn't ask for more.

Night yall!! :) 

Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows!

I'm in love with decorative pillows and I couldn't wait to get in the house and start sewing.  "Sew" that's just what I did!  Yesterday, I woke up and gave myself a goal to get the pillows finished for the whole house that "morning".  HAHA!!! Did yall get that joke?  It was a joke alright, thinking I could sew 11 pillows between the hours of 9:00 and noon, with two babies...haha just gotta laugh.  But I did get it done, it just took me til 3:00.  I think it was so worth it though.

Beginning fabric...SN:  the green and white pattern furthest to the right is actually a table cloth! :) I got it super cheap on sale at Target and cut that bad boy up and made pillows and wall art out of it.  I actually got a better deal than my other 30% off HL fabric, though I equally LOVE them all.  Just a suggestion, and one I will remember for future projects, think about other ways of getting fabric than running to HL, JoAnn, or Michaels...use table cloths, napkins, dish rags, bedroom sheets, etc.
Here are the finished products.  :) Our bedroom pillows.

Ok, so funny story here.  I was being frugal and wanted to use every last bit of fabric so I took this scrap piece and cut it in for equal parts, sewed together, added a cute ruffle, and stuffed...then I noticed they were tiny pillows...HAHAHA oh well gives a pop of color to the rocker til I get around to making bigger ones.
Cute little ruffle, I apologize for the terrible lighting...not sure what was wrong with my camera.
Living room pillows, just realized that I don't have a updated house post...that will come later tonight since we officially have been here a week!! YAY!!!!  Back to the pillow tour...
I even took scraps of the fabric and made some wall art...another SN: wood floors and little furniture equal BAD ECHO.  So I started thinking of ideas, and came up with fabric, fabric, fabric...after the pillows and the wall art it has really helped.
My favorite of the pillows! :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

See My Stone!! :)

First thing, after removing chair rail, that we were CERTAIN would be done is to remove the 1990's hunter green counter tops.  We understand that some people's taste is different from ours, however this was not our taste.  We picked out and ordered our counter tops before we even closed on the home, so I was anxious to get those bad boys in!

I didn't realize how complex picking out colors, what cut you want the edges to be, and mounting the bar.  But OMG when I say chaos, I mean complete and utter CHAOS!  The bars were delivered yesterday, and after many "issues" to work out they are in and I absolutely LOVE them.  I will stop rambling and show you some "before" and "after"s...*drum roll please*

 The bar before, with part of our chaos.
 The kitchen before, with more was literally in pieces all day and drove me crazy.
 This is my attempt to show you the counter tops before.
 Our faucet before, the faucet actually wasn't bad at all.  We decided to replace it to have a dark one...I guess I could have spray painted it with some ORB (LOOOTS more about my ORB in a later post).
 Before, no that table is not in the middle of our kitchen we just moved it out of the furniture guys way and this was the best place for it at the time.
 TOTAL CHAOS YALL, the pics are making me feel all anxious again.  I cannot stand for everything in my home to have a place so this was very difficult for me crazy...I know!
 THEY ARE IN!!!!! Installation pictures:
 Tried to get close so yall could see their beauty.
 Are you not in LOVE?! I sure am.
 What a different just counter tops can make!
 "She completes you" :) you know where that is from!?
We put our "mark" on it!
 So I guess I didn't really get a good before picture of the guest bath counter top...but here she is finished.  This bath room is going to look SOOO different in the next few days, I have lots planned for it! :)
But what a difference just counter tops already has made in there.

So there's my stone, I seriously never thought I would be so in love with stone.  Don't get me wrong, I wanted the granite, but I didn't realize how much I would truly love the results!

I have some progress pics to share too, however they will have to come later on...I gotta lot planned for today! Here that!?!? It's my ORB spray paint calling me :0

*Disclaimer: the wifey was not 100% sold on the counter tops featured here, her hubby was the convincing factor and she put 110% faith in his choice.  She is now very thankful that she did because it looks great and she could not be happier.*

I'm seeing spots! *White painting*

When we bought our house I knew there was a list a mile long of DIY projects I wanted to do (see list in upcoming post)...however...I did not realize how long it would take me to complete the projects I wanted to BEFORE, or soon thereafter, we moved in!  Not that I expected all my projects to be complete in a four day weekend but I knew that painting would be much easier without furniture, and babies, in the way.  So after closing we went straight to the house and began painting.  Actually first thing on our list was to remove the chair rail, I just realized I didn't get a picture of it :( oh well it was in the middle of the wall and went throughout the entire living room.  Then after it was gone, we got our paint on!

After painting the living room, on and off, for two days...hubby hit me with "we gotta get started painting the whites".  UGH! I knew that it was something that had to be done, and I knew I wanted it done, but I dang sure did NOT want to be the one doing it.  So our second night here, Monday, I got started painting the whites.  You may ask "why didn't you get hubby to paint too"...well because as much as I love the man, he cannot paint.  Actually, he CAN paint, however it will end up EVERYWHERE (more on his chest painting later in the post!).  So it is just easier for me to do it by myself, with his encouragement from the side lines!

I took some before pictures, but it doesn't look that bad in the pictures...probably because of my freshly painted brown walls!

Fireplace before.
You can see a little better here how it was time for fresh paint.
I did give him the job of taping, he did GREAT! :)
This window seal is the front of our living room and it has the most light coming in.  Apparently the people before us had cats, we found toy mice under the fridge, and this window seal was scratched like you wouldn't believe.  I think the cat sat in this window or looked out of it, and it was the worst of the whites for sure...again hard to see by the pics.
You can kinda see here...ok maybe that is a spot on my laptop screen.  YUP it was...haha well anyway I tried to get pics for yall!

But anyway, after many and I mean MANY hours of painting...I was OVER IT!  Finally on Thursday night hubby told me "I want to get done with the whites tonight because we have people coming over this weekend to see the place"...I thought *I DONT CARE IM GOING TO BED*.  But I painted, and painted, and painted...finally by midnight I couldn't paint anymore and I was seeing spots and hubby took over for me.  Bad, bad move...tired plus can't paint when rested equals wifey cleaning up a LOT of paint.  He was painting til 2AM and it was getting everywhere, his chest, the ceiling, the floor, the cabinets, the doors...but we are DONE WITH THE WHITES!  *in the living area at least*

I plan on touching up whites throughout the home, however that will come over time and I will do it little by little...ahhhh it feels good having the living area done!!! Can't wait to show ya "progress" pictures!!!