Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Its coming along...

I dont have any exciting pictures to share because we are still working on getting it just right.  But I will share the listing picture.  Its just the outside, but I have many inside before pictures that im anxious to share.  Every night I get home and get to work painting, organizing, washing and putting away...i havent made time to post a "we are in, heres pics, and this is our emotions" post yet.  I hope to spare some time tonight to get that one up.

But until I do, I wanted yall to at least getta look at her exterior :) so here she is in all her glory.

Im in love for sure. Its funny how you picture "the house" and you search for weeks, months or in our case, two years...and end up with one of the first you step foot in...funny how things work. 

I cant wait to give yall the cribs tour, you know total MTV style and show yall her fabulous floor plan...but gotta run for now...there are things to put away, pictures to hang, and walls to paint!! :)

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