Monday, January 23, 2012

Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows!

I'm in love with decorative pillows and I couldn't wait to get in the house and start sewing.  "Sew" that's just what I did!  Yesterday, I woke up and gave myself a goal to get the pillows finished for the whole house that "morning".  HAHA!!! Did yall get that joke?  It was a joke alright, thinking I could sew 11 pillows between the hours of 9:00 and noon, with two babies...haha just gotta laugh.  But I did get it done, it just took me til 3:00.  I think it was so worth it though.

Beginning fabric...SN:  the green and white pattern furthest to the right is actually a table cloth! :) I got it super cheap on sale at Target and cut that bad boy up and made pillows and wall art out of it.  I actually got a better deal than my other 30% off HL fabric, though I equally LOVE them all.  Just a suggestion, and one I will remember for future projects, think about other ways of getting fabric than running to HL, JoAnn, or Michaels...use table cloths, napkins, dish rags, bedroom sheets, etc.
Here are the finished products.  :) Our bedroom pillows.

Ok, so funny story here.  I was being frugal and wanted to use every last bit of fabric so I took this scrap piece and cut it in for equal parts, sewed together, added a cute ruffle, and stuffed...then I noticed they were tiny pillows...HAHAHA oh well gives a pop of color to the rocker til I get around to making bigger ones.
Cute little ruffle, I apologize for the terrible lighting...not sure what was wrong with my camera.
Living room pillows, just realized that I don't have a updated house post...that will come later tonight since we officially have been here a week!! YAY!!!!  Back to the pillow tour...
I even took scraps of the fabric and made some wall art...another SN: wood floors and little furniture equal BAD ECHO.  So I started thinking of ideas, and came up with fabric, fabric, fabric...after the pillows and the wall art it has really helped.
My favorite of the pillows! :)

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