Friday, January 20, 2012

A New FRESH Beginning!

Friday January 13, 2012...our closing day.  I know this post is a week late but tonight is the first time I am able to sit down, on a SOFA, and kick up my feet for longer than 10 minutes.  But better late than never right?!  Because I use this blog as my diary, I plan on putting my emotions in here so I apologize in advance if I bore your or if you are not interested...I give you permission to scroll through and skip my wording and just look at the pretty pictures! :)

After what my family has been through in the past, almost, two years...I cannot begin to explain my emotions on closing day.  I want to try to remember and put them here, but I am just so happy right now I cannot remember what it was like to be so unhappy.  I know that my family is healthy, hubby and I have a great job, life was great...but it also was not happy.  I constantly fought the battle of feeling guilty and like a bourdon on my parents and trying to not think about what we were going through and just be happy.  Anyway, I woke up Friday morning grinning from ear to ear.  I remember at closing being so chatty, mainly because a friend, and former co-worker, did our closing and it was nice to see and talk to her.  But hubby wasn't so chatty, he was ready to close and get to the house.

To give a quick run through of our home: it was vacant for a few months when we looked at it, the owners had moved away and it was recently reduced in price.  We looked at the home and although it wasn't as updated as we had hoped, wasn't as big as we would have liked, it was the perfect floor plan and in a great price range...mainly we could see so much potential but not huge projects.  We put an offer in and it was accepted...however there was a counter.  Our first go round with this was so frustrating because we put an offer in and the people countered back and forth with us about four times...until we walked away.  I was really upset that we walked away but then I remember thinking "don't get upset because there is a reason He  is not letting this deal work out".  So I got over it...knowing it was in His hands and there would be something better.  So when we got the counter for this home, all I could think was "great, here we go again".  But this counter was different, they wanted to accept our offer, and because it was below what they owed on the mortgage the bank would have to accept our offer...and they did, as a short sale.  We were bummed and worried because we didn't want to do a short sale because there is so much waiting and additional hoops to jump through...but we gladly accepted and I am so glad we did.

So here's my crib:
 See those BIG trees, all three of can't see her beauty with all that in the way.
 We planned after our closing to bring in the troops and begin work ASAP...we had diying, painting and cleaning to do..*chop, chop*.
How much is that man in the window...the one with the screwdriver in hand? ;)
 Master bathroom...future project location!
 Master closet...ahhhhh...what a beauty!
 Master bedroom

 Kitchen, with worker bees cleaning the fridge!
 Kitchen/Dinning area
 Living room
 Living...please take note of the terrible paint color, TERRIBLE fan, and can you see where the chair rail was...yea I forgot a before of that!
 Office/craft room
Guest bath
 Babies room
I got him painting...whooop whooop!!

So, I realized I did not get very many before pictures so I am going to have to be sure to document all changes really well.

Again, I am so happy and I cannot wait to continue sharing my projects and renos!! :)

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