Monday, January 23, 2012

Updated House Tour

I realized tonight that I have not actually done a tour of the house with the furniture, counter tops and updates.  So I wanted to do that real fast, plus highlight my fave from each room :)

I apologize in advance for the quality of my pictures, my camera takes better out door pics and it was dark when I took most of these so they are not the best.

*Outside pics will come later...there's not much excitement out there right now*

Bringing ya in the front door the living room is what you see first.  That is our sectional and recliner, however they delivered it in black and we are supposed to have brown, so don't judge my non-matching living room set :)

 Down the master hall way.
 Pass by the kitchen, we will come back to ya!
 ahhhhhhh....hear the angels sing?  I think this is my favorite room of the house, its "my space" you know what I mean I just LOVE it!
 My fave is a tie between our bed...

 ...and the tv...its a close one.
 master bath/closet...we haven't done ANYTHING with this space and probably wont for a while.
 my fave here is by far my closet :)
 the glass cabinets I love :)
dinning area, not much here to choose from, but I am proud of my star placement :)
Then is the living room...
 another tie between the new pillows...
 entire living room, baby toys and all ;)
 and the fireplace
 babies room...shhh...they are sleeping will have to come back there another time!
 the babies hall way, loving my masterpieces wall :)
 guest bath...
 my fave here is the granite...
 and new mirror...still so much in there to in progress, always, right!?
 and lastly the office/craft room...
 another tie between our wall art...
and my crafting supply storage...ok yea not much of a tie there...but I do love this space too!

I just wanted to give a quick tour of the home and share how far we have come.  I am so thrilled and cannot explained how awesome it  feels to come home to our home and relax after a long day of work!!!  Thank you Lord for bringing the blessing to me and my family, we truly couldn't ask for more.

Night yall!! :) 

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Jessica Kruger said...

It looks great! Love the couch and countertops!