Saturday, January 21, 2012

See My Stone!! :)

First thing, after removing chair rail, that we were CERTAIN would be done is to remove the 1990's hunter green counter tops.  We understand that some people's taste is different from ours, however this was not our taste.  We picked out and ordered our counter tops before we even closed on the home, so I was anxious to get those bad boys in!

I didn't realize how complex picking out colors, what cut you want the edges to be, and mounting the bar.  But OMG when I say chaos, I mean complete and utter CHAOS!  The bars were delivered yesterday, and after many "issues" to work out they are in and I absolutely LOVE them.  I will stop rambling and show you some "before" and "after"s...*drum roll please*

 The bar before, with part of our chaos.
 The kitchen before, with more was literally in pieces all day and drove me crazy.
 This is my attempt to show you the counter tops before.
 Our faucet before, the faucet actually wasn't bad at all.  We decided to replace it to have a dark one...I guess I could have spray painted it with some ORB (LOOOTS more about my ORB in a later post).
 Before, no that table is not in the middle of our kitchen we just moved it out of the furniture guys way and this was the best place for it at the time.
 TOTAL CHAOS YALL, the pics are making me feel all anxious again.  I cannot stand for everything in my home to have a place so this was very difficult for me crazy...I know!
 THEY ARE IN!!!!! Installation pictures:
 Tried to get close so yall could see their beauty.
 Are you not in LOVE?! I sure am.
 What a different just counter tops can make!
 "She completes you" :) you know where that is from!?
We put our "mark" on it!
 So I guess I didn't really get a good before picture of the guest bath counter top...but here she is finished.  This bath room is going to look SOOO different in the next few days, I have lots planned for it! :)
But what a difference just counter tops already has made in there.

So there's my stone, I seriously never thought I would be so in love with stone.  Don't get me wrong, I wanted the granite, but I didn't realize how much I would truly love the results!

I have some progress pics to share too, however they will have to come later on...I gotta lot planned for today! Here that!?!? It's my ORB spray paint calling me :0

*Disclaimer: the wifey was not 100% sold on the counter tops featured here, her hubby was the convincing factor and she put 110% faith in his choice.  She is now very thankful that she did because it looks great and she could not be happier.*

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