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FINALLY Christmas Phump!

Our family is lucky enough to have several Christmases.  We started Christmasing on Christmas Eve and finished this past weekend.  We traveled from Q-town to GA to the river.  We had a wonderful holiday season and I am so excited to recap some memories captured this Christmas.  

This year was fun because lil man was old enough to really get into opening gifts and playing with what he got, and getting excited.  As Christmas got closer he was slowly starting to learn who Santa was, but I think it will take another year or so before he really knows and understands Santa.  He did know that Bo Bo, our elf, talks to Santa and will tell him when he is being bad.  **SN: he was bad one day at the sitter's and lil man came home went straight to Bo Bo and talked (I could not understand what he was telling that elf) to Bo Bo like he was stating his side of the story, SO CUTE!

Surprisingly, baby girl really got into Christmas too.  She got so excited to open gifts and then wanted to play with them when she got them out of the package.  Her favorite gift, baby dolls!  YAY, she's gonna be a girly girl!!! 

I'm sure all families go through the hassell and headaches of trying to coordinate Christmas time around every one's schedule, but it really upsets me how every year hubby and I get so tired from going and rush through everywhere we go.  I really hope in the coming years we will be able to work something out where we can relax and enjoy time with family not just rush somewhere, open gifts, eat and leave.  I was going through my pics editing them today and realized there are so many family members I didn't get pics of, so many shots I missed, and it seems like Christmas was gone before I knew it.  I didn't get to see my parents open their gifts, which really upset me, but I know once you get married and have babies there are sacrifices that you have to make and there is just not a way for hubby and I to be in all places at once...oh but don't we wish there was! 

So we started our Christmasing by doing my Christmas with my mom, dad, and Grandma Sandra on Christmas Eve before heading to hubby's grandmother's.  It was fun watching the babies open their first gifts of the holiday season and seeing their faces when they discovered what was inside the packages.

A quick pre-opening pic, mom and I tried to pose lil man by holding a gift...he wanted to eat it!! Baby girl just was so excited, it is like she knew it was Christmas Eve and Santa was coming that night.  LOL!
This is the only family picture we got...I'm so upset because I was snapping away with my camera, like I always do, and not looking at the pictures I was taking.  I went to look at the pictures on Christmas morning and realized ALL of my pictures where there was any type of movement were blurry...needless to say I was super bummed!  Thankfully there were a handful that came out well enough I could edit and lessen the blur...but the majority of my pics were goners! :(

Baby girl getting ready for some Christmas fun
Daddy watching to babies opening their big gift from Grandma Sandra.  I love the look on Daddy's happy to watch them.
 After he opens his gift what does he do with it!?  Turn it into a mountain, that's what!
Baby girl watching her brother and soaking in every single thing he does.
 Lil man helping Pepa assemble the buggy he got.  This year we were living with my parents still during Christmas and my Mema and Pepa moved in the week of Christmas.  It was so exciting to have some time with them before they head out again on their camping hostess they do.  I enjoyed watching my babies bond with their great grandparents and I know they enjoyed the babies too.
 My dad showing off his January 9 (I think that's the day :/) cup...AKA his new Alabama cup.
 Grandma Sandra opening her gift.
 Lil man playing with his train that Gammy and Pawpaw got him.  He loves his trains :)
Baby girl learning how to open her presents...she was so funny because when she finally realized what she had.
See that grin!!  HAHA
 Then her and lil man took it to Daddy to get help opening it.
 He got a Dirt Devil, well actually baby girl got it but he played with it most.
 Hubby opening his presents, don't tell him I told you but he has just as much enjoyment opening his gifts that the babies do! ;)

After we left my parents, we went to Nanny's and saw hubby's momma's family.  It was fun to be there for Christmas Eve because normally we do not get a chance to make it because that is when my mom's family does Christmas and we normally schedule a time to see Nanny and go to church with her, wish secretly I missed that this year.  But I know that hubby was happy to be at his Nanny's for Christmas Eve this year. Christmas morning we did Christmas with hubby's parents, brothers, and their better halves (you girl's like that don't ya!? ;) ) so we just stayed the night there to keep from traveling as much. Thankfully Bo Bo is a good communicator and told Santa where we would be on Christmas Eve so he could bring the babies their gifts.  HOPEFULLY, Santa will not have to track us down anymore, because we are getting a house!!!!!!! So I hope to spend every Christmas Eve from here out in our home...oh that sounds so amazing our home :)

 LOOK Santa came!
Hubby and I were talking about what the babies got from Santa, and we joked that lil man would run right past his blue boy stuff and go straight for baby girl's what did he do!?  Just that, except he got the baby doll and took it to baby girl and said "here tissy"....SOOOO sweet yall!  Then he went back to see what he got and play.
 But went back to baby girl for a Christmas morning kiss :) we are raising him right yall!
 Loving his chair
 Loving hers...excuse her modest pic here with her leg hanging out her know we aint fancy people!
 Playing with their stocking stuffers
 He loved his golf club :)
 That smile right there...melts my heart!  Aint nothing better than the man you love holding your baby and smiling like are worth a billion bucks but there is not enough money in the world to pay for the warmth my family brings me. :)
 Aint that so sweet?!  What a great Uncle!!
 I'm telling ya, we have a Christmas LOVER on our hands here, and wouldn't trade that for anything.  It is our favorite holiday so I am so happy she enjoyed it as well.
 Playing with their toys
 The family...I'm super sad we didn't get one of these with my family...but none of us thought of it, we were rushed, and just didn't happen I guess.  But this turned out great and I'm glad...maybe next year there will be another baby in the pic?!!? And NO not from us :) anyone else?! ;)
 After hubby's parents Christmas morning we headed to GA to Christmas with my mom's family.
 Babies in front of all the presents.
 My uncle has a horse, and lil man has a love for once he spotted the horse, it was on like donkey Kong.  Unfortunately, on the way to GA I was scrolling through my camera and realized how TERRIBLE my Christmas pics came out, got super bummed, and didn't feel like taking many at my uncle' I was putting the camera on time out or something, who ended up getting hurt more in the end!? ME, because now I don't have many pics! Oh well, I gotta work on hubby for a new camera *hint hint* :)
 Lil man petting the horse...he was so excited and so proud to be there.
 Baby girl wasn't too sure if that something she was interested in...haha
 My cousin Chason got to open the first present, and he got TWO cowboy hats!!
 Gammy holding lil man
 Then holding baby girl
 What was her favorite toy?  The box! Aint that typical!?

Ok, this wasn't Christmasy but this past week while we were home I went in their room to check on them napping and this is what I saw.  Baby girl FULL SPREAD EAGLE, talk about pooped!

We did go to the river for New Years, which is when we always do Christmas with my dad's family.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, again my have been trying to punish it, so I didn't get any pics...but my mom had her camera and I hope to steal some pics from her later...if I can I will post a river Christmas post separate! 

I have so many awesome memories from this Christmas and I look forward to making so many amazing memories this year.  I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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