Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Feeling Crafty!

I am itching to do SOME type of craft. Yea, I did my cricut project Sunday but that just my me itch worse! So I am torn between making Sav a dress, attempting to refashion a favorite maternity dress of mine, make yet another headband, or redo our old computer I will be debating with myself over the next two days because I hope to start some craft project this friday since I will have a long weekend to complete this.

The dress I want to make Sav is from here. I found her blog from Pinterest and fell in love with her. She reminds me so much of me...I think that is why it was love at first pin for me! This dress tutorial amazed me because it is so girly but looks so simple...I say looks because I haven't attempted it and to be frank with you I'm so scared of attempting to make clothes from nothing.

Then there is the headband I'm wanting to make out of rosettes and I found this blog, another love at first site...but I actually found her from Google. Haha! She makes the rosettes look super simple and this could be a fast one. In fact I may give 'er a go tonight! ;)

Last but certainly not least, I want to refashion some of those maternity clothes to these cute ruffled shirts. This one looks simple too.

So all this pinning, blogging and googling has got me very confident that I can do any sewing project and I can even start from fabric and turn it into something very cute!! So we shall see what/where I begin this weekend. I'm not promising success, or completion this weekend but I will post an update of how it's going. :)

BTW...its small Friday tomorrow!!! YIPPIE :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mom's Thirty-One Party

Thirty-One, Thirty-One, Thirty-One...I feel like that has taken me over!! And it has, which is why my blog has slacked, my photography (or pretend photography) has slacked, and my crafts have slacked. BUT I have been LOVING Thirty-One and I have finally got things straight and feel like I will be able to balance it with everything else. It was difficult for me at first because of being new I was doing a LOT of learning, reading, training, etc. So anyways, the point of this post is to share my display, games, and mom's party. It was this past Friday night and it was a HUGE hit!! Thanks Mom! :)

I didn't have an official "open house" when I started selling, I just started booking parties. So my mom hosted a party for me this past Friday and I decided I would treat that as my "open house"...basically I played every game (you know to see which ones were popular and which ones people got bored with) and gave away lots of free stuff!! WHOOPP WHOOPP :)

I learned a LOT from setting up and preparing for the party and I feel like after this party, I wont be nervous (or as nervous) at my next party!

Let's get this party started *lets get it started in here, lets get it started* (old boy band song, you know it! :) )

This was the little sign in station.
These were all the prizes along with the signs featuring this month's specials. *BTW, I MADE THOSE LITTLE BOXES...we will get to those later*

I thought of this idea from my last party. The clear photo frames work great to display your specials.

I also used my products this time. It was easier to set up a display by showing suggestions on how to use the products. Also, where the arrow is pointing, that is my hostess' gift, if they get enough party bookings then they get whatever is in there for FREE!!

Check out all the cute stuff! Want to point out the branches on the table, found this an awesome way to show key fobs, cards, and nail files...better pics of that to come.


I'm not gonna give away this secret, in case future guests/hostesses read this blog ;)

*AAAAAHHHHHHH* my boxes. I was so proud when I was able to construct these, on my own, on the first shot, from...wait for it...scrapbook paper!! Yeppers, you heard me they are PAPER :) so easy, so fun, and SO CUTE!

Key fob hanging on the branches

I had a blast at mom's party and it was a great way for me to learn and boost my confidence in my presentation. I cannot wait for my next party and my future with 31!!

I was able to relax some today (thanks babies for TWO 2.5 hour naps...AAAMMAZZIINNGGG). So, for my relaxation...I crafted...a 31 sign for my car. Gotta love the Cricut, and a very good BFF to set me straight. HAHA!!! :)

I hope yall had a great weekend and have a fabulous start to your week tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Only a Couple Days Late

I know I said I would do an update post Sunday night...but I didn't. My life feels like its been put on over drive lately. That's ok because I'm loving every minute but time dlies by before I can blink! So what have I been up to!? Well here we go....

First thing is hubby and I, we have been trying to pack our Saturdays full of family time since he has to work Sundays that only gives us one weekend day together :( but it could be worse. We had a date night two Fridays ago (canr believe its been that long since I posted opppsie). We spent the night looking at house stuff and tried the new El Jaliscos (sp?) on 27...yum! The house stuff was fun and helped us ease our tension about ready to move on. Not that we are close or anything, just slowly preparing ourselves!

Next on to Brody, my baby is grown! :'( or so he thinks. He's attempting to eat with a fork and sitting in "big boy chairs"...*tear* but he's still a sweetheart and I absolutely am loving watching him play and interact with his sister!

And sister...she is crawling! Yea I know! Brody didn't attempt until like 9mo but she's on it at only 6! She's loving watching brother and Im loving watching her smile and laugh at everything he does!

I'm working on quilts for both of them. Sewing them out of their baby clothes. I'm so excited and hope they turn out! Pics to come later, right now all I have is a bag of clothes!

And last but not least, ThirtyOne! Man I'm rocking! I was so nervous about starting this business but its been a blast so far and I'm proud of how well I've done! I've had 3 parties and have one more this month. I have 3 booked in September with only one spot left open, so you better hurry up and book with me if you are interested! ;) I've got one person signed up under me already and I've received my first commission check! I pray that the blessings continue for me.

That cute little box above I made from SCRAPBOOK paper! I will be placing that around town dor a drawing I'm doing where one lucky person will win a FREE personalized thermal tote!! So if you are out and about and see my box enter your name for a chance to win!

Also, September is right around the corner and soon you will be starting your holiday shopping, ThirtyOne has some awesome specials coming up. I can't wait to share them with you. I will post about those soon!!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where on Earth Have I Been?

I follow certain blogs religiously...its kinda sad! When they do not write for a while I get a little sad...but then I realized I haven't posted in a while. OOOPPPSIEEE!!! I really do have good excuses though :/

Anyways, I'm headed out to a pool play date YIPPIE SKIPPIE, so I hope and plan to do an update post tonight.

Have a great Sunday yall!