Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mom's Thirty-One Party

Thirty-One, Thirty-One, Thirty-One...I feel like that has taken me over!! And it has, which is why my blog has slacked, my photography (or pretend photography) has slacked, and my crafts have slacked. BUT I have been LOVING Thirty-One and I have finally got things straight and feel like I will be able to balance it with everything else. It was difficult for me at first because of being new I was doing a LOT of learning, reading, training, etc. So anyways, the point of this post is to share my display, games, and mom's party. It was this past Friday night and it was a HUGE hit!! Thanks Mom! :)

I didn't have an official "open house" when I started selling, I just started booking parties. So my mom hosted a party for me this past Friday and I decided I would treat that as my "open house"...basically I played every game (you know to see which ones were popular and which ones people got bored with) and gave away lots of free stuff!! WHOOPP WHOOPP :)

I learned a LOT from setting up and preparing for the party and I feel like after this party, I wont be nervous (or as nervous) at my next party!

Let's get this party started *lets get it started in here, lets get it started* (old boy band song, you know it! :) )

This was the little sign in station.
These were all the prizes along with the signs featuring this month's specials. *BTW, I MADE THOSE LITTLE BOXES...we will get to those later*

I thought of this idea from my last party. The clear photo frames work great to display your specials.

I also used my products this time. It was easier to set up a display by showing suggestions on how to use the products. Also, where the arrow is pointing, that is my hostess' gift, if they get enough party bookings then they get whatever is in there for FREE!!

Check out all the cute stuff! Want to point out the branches on the table, found this an awesome way to show key fobs, cards, and nail files...better pics of that to come.


I'm not gonna give away this secret, in case future guests/hostesses read this blog ;)

*AAAAAHHHHHHH* my boxes. I was so proud when I was able to construct these, on my own, on the first shot, from...wait for it...scrapbook paper!! Yeppers, you heard me they are PAPER :) so easy, so fun, and SO CUTE!

Key fob hanging on the branches

I had a blast at mom's party and it was a great way for me to learn and boost my confidence in my presentation. I cannot wait for my next party and my future with 31!!

I was able to relax some today (thanks babies for TWO 2.5 hour naps...AAAMMAZZIINNGGG). So, for my relaxation...I crafted...a 31 sign for my car. Gotta love the Cricut, and a very good BFF to set me straight. HAHA!!! :)

I hope yall had a great weekend and have a fabulous start to your week tomorrow.

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