Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 10: A Photo of Whatever You Please

I wanted to share more of the parts of the farm that I enjoy taking pics of. Hope you enjoy!!

Day 9: A Photo of Something from a Distance

This is another one from the farm. I was playing with my photo editing and I am not really happy with the way this one turned out but ya know like I have said before that's why I am learning! :)

I absolutely LOOOOOVVVEEE going out to my in-laws and taking pictures. The area out there can be breathtaking. The "farm" as I like to call it is over 100 years old, or more (I don't know exactly). It has been in my hubby's family the whole time. There are hundreds of acres, with trees, ponds, streams, tons of wild life, an old shed, and my favorite the old farm house. It is the best place to play with your camera. Plus my father-in-law plants acres and acres of veggies and this year sunflowers. So there was even more to take pics of!

My day 10 photo will give you a little more of the "farm" feeling! :)

Day 8: A Photo of Something Close-Up

I worked on my photos this weekend, but I was not able to get them posted. So I am getting them all posted tonight.

The "Close-up" photo started off difficult for me. I wasn't sure what I was going to take a picture of because I love taking close-up pictures. They are the easiest for me and I enjoy them. But I was out on the farm and I wanted something to represent the farm.

So I picked corn. HA! Don't ask me why corn...but I did. It actually turned out pretty neat. But I wasn't completely satisfied so I kept shooting. And got the below images.

Do you know what this is!?!?! A RATTLE, yes like off a freaking rattle snake! The first thing we did when we got to the farm was go see a snake. There are TONS of snakes out there and it is common to see a couple dozen every summer. This time my in-laws actually witnessed something most people only see on National Geographic. They were picking berries and saw something flipping ahead. The closer they got they could see that it was a snake eating a rabbit. They said the snake had the whole head of that rabbit in it's mouth and it was flipping trying to get the rabbit down. When they walked up on it they scared it but not before they could kill it. Why did they kill it when the poor pitiful snake was only trying to eats its meal!?!? Well for starters because it was a SNAKE! Hello!!! In the country if you yell "SNAKE" you better duck and cover because there will be AT LEAST 3 people there, all with guns cocked and loaded ready to shoot, in a matter of 30 seconds. Think I'm kidding....try it sometime! But this was not just a snake, it was a 5 1/2 foot diamond back rattle snake! SCARY huh?

I thought the skin of the snake made for a really cool "close-up" picture! :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 7: A photo from a low angle

Tonight I had a BLAST editing this pic. I took this pic this past weekend while Tam and I were playing with our cameras. I always enjoy walking my parents property and snapping hundreds of pics. The bad part about it is I then spend the next several days editing, posting, sharing, editing...editing...and editing. Yes I LOVE taking pics but I think I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEE editing them way more!! I am not really sure what this flower is but its so simple. I am a simple is more kind of girl. This is probably one of my most favorite pics in a while.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY and I sooo can't wait for this weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 6: A Silhouette

I did the exact same thing my fellow blogger did...mixed up my days! Oh well. Hope you all enjoy my family. I plan to work on these and use them in my new home...when we get one. I just LOVE black and white pics and these are so neat! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 5: A Photo of Whatever You Please

This is just half of the fam, but I sure do love watching him share love with our babygirl! :) I also am MUCH more pleased with my editing tonight. I have a lot of learning to do but thanks to this challenge I am learning a lot!

Tomorrow is hump day!!!! WOOO HOOOO :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 4: A Photo From a High Angle

This was SOOO hard for me for some reason. I took several pictures of babygirl and did not like ANY of them! I finally went with this pic for todays challenge. It's safe to say, I am better at taking close pics! :( Oh well I tried!

By the way this pic is not edited at all because I have played with it for 2 hours and STILL could not find a way to make it look like I wanted it too!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 3: A Photo of Your Favorite Place to Be

This was a difficult photo to come up with. I have many favorite places I like to be. One of my most favorite is Savannah, Ga. but I couldn't get a recent picture (for obvious reasons). Another favorite place for me to be is out in the country, either at my parents or Tee's. I'm a country girl at heart, and nothing will ever change that. These are pictures from my parents yard.

I know I skipped a day, but I try. :) Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 2: A photo of what you wore today

First I would like to start by posting the challenge I have been talking about. I am finally posting from my computer instead of my phone so I am able to share the challenge with you! I'm super excited to be doing this because it will help keep my mind on something.

Today's challenge was to take a photo of what you wore today. I know the intention probably is to have you actually in the picture with the outfit, however I got undressed and in bed when I said SHOOT MY PIC! So the pic of the jeans will have to do.

This is my jeans that I wore today with a black tank top. This pic and today was sort of exciting for me because I was able to fit into these jeans for the first time in...drum roll please....THREE YEARS!! :) Yes, my friends I said it THREE YEARS!!!!! I do not mean keep saying it but I am SUPER excited that the fit, zipped and all...and I didn't even have to lay down on the bed, hold my breath, pull them together while Tee jumped on top and hurried to zip them before I could not pull any tighter! HAHA, you laugh but I used to have to do that! I have been trying really hard to loose the last little bit of weight so this was a very exciting time for me. Now, don't get me wrong I still have a LONG way to go and these jeans have DEF LOOKED BETTER on me than they did today. But once you have babies things change and don't go back so I am sure everything is going to fit different even if I loose all my weight. But I was proud and what a more perfect day for the challenge to be "what you wore today" because I wore them proudly! :)

she dresses better than I do!

So I know today is what u wore on the photo challenge, but come on you know she is waaayy cuter to look at! I had to share this pic but later tonight I will post one of what I wore to make sure I abide by the challenge! :)
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day One: A Photo of Yourself

I'm not a "MySpace photo" kind of the self pics of myself (and pics of my reflection in the mirror) are just not my cup of tea. But I decided to try to do the 30 day photo challenge along with my fellow blogger and friend. This pic is taken with my phone but using my new camera app...which I'm in love with! I don't get a whole lot if time to play on the computer these days so most of my pics will probably come from my phone...but we shall see. Hopefully I will be able to break out my real cam some too!

Hope you have a happy small Friday!!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Little Laugh

Lately this house situation has become very difficult. I don't want to bore you with too many detaips but it just feels like we are getting put off and have been for a while. I feel like there will never come a day when I will be able to walk into a home and call it mine! Its really depressing and it really is difficult!

Today I needed a pick me I downloaded a new app to make me look fat. I really didn't need an app for that but at least I dont look this fat in real life. Anyway I hope you got as good of a laugh as I did!

Tomorrow is hump day!!
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

2 Week Update

So the past 2 weeks were a little difficult. The first week I was very sick. I had a few nights where I was up all night sick. I decided that after the first week that it wasn't worth that. I started eating 5 times a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner...I tried to limit my carbs and focus on eating healthier. If I wanted something that wasn't neccessarily "healthy" I would have it but I would monitor my portion and only eat ONE portion. I did really good my second week.

My exercise was a LOT easier than my eating. I walked every day, some days I was able to walk my full 30 minutes and some days I only could get in 15 minutes...but I walked! Seeing that I do my walking at work some times it is a little harder for me to get the full 30 minutes. I also did crunches...didn't "get around to" push ups or anything else. I did the sit-ups and crunches because my stomach is the only area of my body that I really want to focus on. My arms by far get their share of working out by carring both babies daily!

This weeks goal: try to walk more and and do my crunches every night not every other night ;)

My progress: 155lbs
Waist: 38.5"
Hips: 39"

Ones Trash is Another's Treasure!

This past Monday I was driving through a neighborhood that I pass through daily just to drool over the large BEAUTIFUL homes, and in doing so I noticed a pile of yard debris and on top was a shiny white door. Ok, maybe not shiny but it was white and I immediately started thinking about all the possibilities I could use that door for. I kept driving though...

Rewind: to last weekend, we went on the local Parade of Homes. As most of you reading my blog know, my hubby and I hope to buy a new home in the very near future. We have gone on the parade for many years and use it as an opportunity to collect ideas for decorating and designing our dream home. We have a folder that holds samples, photos, and MANY notes of things we like. This year the thing I really noticed in EVERY home was a door size/shaped mirror in the master bedroom or master closet. I fell in love with the idea and decided I would keep my eye open for a cheap door and DIY my own mirror. Mainly because I know a mirror that size would clearly break my budget. Plus I'm not scared of DIY or crafting something up!

So as the day went on I kept thinking about that door, that evening I went back by the home on my way home I noticed the door was still there....three days later and it was still there. I couldn't keep passing by the door so on my way home Wednesday I circled the block 4 times eye balling the door. I stopped and noticed this door would probably be difficult for me to load by I called my sitter. I tried to explain to her my plan real quick and hoped that she didn't think I was a TOTAL FREAK! Thankfully she didn't judge me and willing jumped in the car and off we went. The two of us lifted that bad boy and shoved (literally) the door in the truck. She told me "Renee people are staring at us" and they were. We both laughed and jumped in the car.

Poor thing, the door was so big it went from the front of my truck alllllll the way to the back. So when she got in my truck she had to ride back to her home ducking underneath the door. HAHA it was so funny!! But I am so thankful that she helped me get my door and she was able to experience my first trash pickin with me! :)

Me and the door on the drive home. (Notice Brody under the door...he thought it was the funniest thing and laughed the whole way home).
Here you can see that the door pretty much consumed the entire inside of my truck.
Once I got home, I called dad to come to the car and help me get the door out. He carried it to the garage but to my surprise IT DID NOT FIT! Yes, my door was taller than the garage door! I couldn't tell how big this door was when we "took" it. But apparently it is like a 9ft or 10ft door. AAAHHHH, this throws a monkey wrench in my plan to use it inside my closet or bedroom. Oh well, I wont let it get me down I will truck on with my plan. This just means that we will have to carry the door with us on our House Hunting...or build a home that is big enough for my door!

Stay tuned for tomorrows post of my 2 week weigh in and workout update. I wont go into too many details but I can say, I have did my best...but...probably could have done better! :/

Also, does ANYONE know how to fix my template!? Notice the white box at the top of my blog? As you scroll down that box goes away. I have literally fought with this thing all morning and cannot figure it out. I will give anyone who knows how to fix it a SUPER DUPER big hug!! ;)

Enjoy your Saturday!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

*The Beginning*

I have been ready and looking forward to working out and getting back in shape. I have "been good" but my loss pretty much came to a stop. So I said "lets step it up" I am!! Sorry but this blog will hold me accountable and will be where I keep track of my progress. My weight and stats and how much I HATE my diet. Haha! I started today but it was my "off day" so I really will start tomorrow.

I hope to measure my progress each week (I do have pics...but I am too embarrassed to post them, even though I know pics tell the truth. I will post them later on once I can see progress). My goal is to cut out most carbs and increase my protein. Additionally I hope to get at least 30 minutes a day of cardio, work on abs on Mondays and Wednesday, and arms/legs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My goal weight is 135, which is prebaby weight...however I would LOOOVE to be more like 125. My inches really don't mean a whole lot to me, it is just going to be another way for me to keep track of my progress. I want to feel better about my self and be able to wear my clothes comfortably.

Hoping for great success and although I don't want to loose it too fast, I don't want to be on a "diet" for too long either! :) I'm hoping I can do it!! Here we go....

Beginning weight: 158lbs (eeekkkkk)
Waist: 39 inches
Hips: 40 inches