Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 2: A photo of what you wore today

First I would like to start by posting the challenge I have been talking about. I am finally posting from my computer instead of my phone so I am able to share the challenge with you! I'm super excited to be doing this because it will help keep my mind on something.

Today's challenge was to take a photo of what you wore today. I know the intention probably is to have you actually in the picture with the outfit, however I got undressed and in bed when I said SHOOT MY PIC! So the pic of the jeans will have to do.

This is my jeans that I wore today with a black tank top. This pic and today was sort of exciting for me because I was able to fit into these jeans for the first time in...drum roll please....THREE YEARS!! :) Yes, my friends I said it THREE YEARS!!!!! I do not mean keep saying it but I am SUPER excited that the fit, zipped and all...and I didn't even have to lay down on the bed, hold my breath, pull them together while Tee jumped on top and hurried to zip them before I could not pull any tighter! HAHA, you laugh but I used to have to do that! I have been trying really hard to loose the last little bit of weight so this was a very exciting time for me. Now, don't get me wrong I still have a LONG way to go and these jeans have DEF LOOKED BETTER on me than they did today. But once you have babies things change and don't go back so I am sure everything is going to fit different even if I loose all my weight. But I was proud and what a more perfect day for the challenge to be "what you wore today" because I wore them proudly! :)

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