Sunday, January 8, 2012

Exciting Weekend!! *HOUSE UPDATE YALL*

The upcoming days, weeks, and weekends are going to be so exciting for us as we prepare to move in our new home and purchase all the fun stuff we need.  I have to admit while it is extremely exciting it is also all very overwhelming for me.  I am not very good at picturing things, and I am not creative to be able to put rooms together...especially with us not living there.  We are trying really hard to get as much done as we can before we actually move in.  We are saying that we are going to give ourselves a week after we close to get things ready before moving in...I don't know if that will actually happen or not because I know once those keys are in my hands I'm going to want to move in THAT DAY!  But I do want to wait for the paint fumes to settle before bringing the babies we will move in the next day ;)

We have been pinning tons of ideas (or wait...hubby doesn't "do" pinterest...just kidding...he doesn't even know what that site is...correction I HAVE BEEN PINNING *wink wink*) and we have been window shopping the stores for WEEKS MONTHS!  So the good thing from all that frustration and disappointment is we know what we do not want!! In all seriousness we did find several things we like and we knew what we would eventually go back and buy.  However we were not completely sold on a sofa and night stands.  One place had a sofa that was okay, but it was lumpy across the middle so you had to sit on it, no laying down, but it did recline so we thought well we could make it work.  It was dark, which was a must with the babies for us.  But it just wasn't perfect so we kept putting off buying it and said that when we got about two weeks out we would go looking again and if we still didn't fall in love with anything then we would buy it.  The bed we picked out had night stands in the suite it came in...however...they were "U-G-L-Y, yea yea you ugly"...not to mention the two of them were priced at $700...ummm NO!  So we put those off as well.

Getting to my exciting weekend and house update: we celebrated hubby's *21st* birthday ;) with some good friends Friday night and Nana and Papaw took the babies home to the farm so we could have some time to get things purchased for the new home.  Before dinner we had a little time to kill so we went to the furniture store to order our furniture and guess what...they just got a new shipment of brand spanking new living room furniture!!! Thank you God!!!  So we started looking at the newbies on the market and whada-ya-know....there she sat exactly what we were looking for in a sofa.  And priced decently, not to mention the awesome percentage off that the store is currently offering...cha-ching!  But still no luck on the night stands :( but that is minor in my opinion.  So furniture is ordered and on its to dinner we went.  

This week was crazy for us, both hubby and I had the stomach flu, the babies started getting sick, then my poor momma couldn't escape the path of the flu bug and she got it.  Needless to say I was out of work about a day and half, and it was already a short week, work was crazy busy for me too.  Then we were working our boootays off trying to get everything to the bank so we can *fingers crossed* close early.  Hubby's bday was Thursday, so we were ready to celebrate his birthday, new house, new year, and many exciting memories to be made with our friends at El Jaliscos.  (I have NO idea if I spelled that right) But we did Friday night, the boys ordered their beer and us ladies ordered our margaritas.  I love me a good margarita and the last one I ordered was not good at all so I was looking forward to a real one.  Well lemme tell you a lil something, it was REAL alright!  The thing came in a glass that I could barely lift, and I think it was straight liquor with some green coloring.  It was STRONG, and for a light weight like me that only has one every six months, this was the beginning of an interesting night to say the least.  The food was good, the company was great (although we think we embarrassed the birthday boy a little bit :/ ) and I cannot wait to return for another good time though Tam lets split one! 

After dinner we decided the night was young and there was plenty to buy for the new to Best Buy we went.  Now I think this was part of hubby's plan: get wife to El Jalisco's, tell her to order a margarita, wait til her arms and legs get heavy, take her to Best Buy, and show her the biggest TV in the store and tell her it is the best deal.  Which is exactly what happened!  I personally could care less what TV we got, I thought the one we had was big enough, clearly I was wrong.  I know that hubby and I have been through A LOT these past two years, honestly more than anyone will ever know, so if all he asked for out of this deal was a new TV...who cares let him get it!  I mean lets be honest, he gets a TV and I get an ENTIRE house to decorate...that my friends is a win win deal there!  So it was settled...a TV we got.  Do you think it is big enough? 
Hubby is excited and I am excited for him.  He cannot wait to watch the super bowl on that beast, anywhere looking for a place to watch the game?! We are more than happy to have ya join us :)

So after Best Buy it was my turn, Bed Bath and Beyond here we come!!! We got the fun stuff, ya know, rugs and bedding...okay I think it is the fun stuff!! After all that shopping we were pooped so we headed home, not to mentioned the truck was packed and we needed to unload so we could reload in the morning!

When we got home this is what I saw:

 Hubby had spent the day home alone, packing!
 STUFF IS EVERYWHERE!  It is driving me crazy, I want things organized and neat...this is NOT!  I keep telling myself only two weeks.

Saturday was jammed packed.  We went to Lowes and got the vanity, rugs, fan, and door knobs.  Then I had to book it to my THIRTY-ONE SPRING PREMIER!!!  YAY

Ok I have to say I am so totally in love with everything in the new catalog and so far only have three items to share, but there are so many amazing new prints and styles I'm just giddy thinking about them.  This is for you Toni! :)

This is a new storage bin in our new Lotsa Dots pattern...I LOVE dots right now.  Who doesnt?!  And I hope to collect many things in this print.
 This is the new Thermal Tote, I have been using it as my lunch box and I'm in love because the strapes can go over my shoulder!!!
 Last is this wallet style purse thingy :) you can use it so many different ways and it has three card slots and hold your SMART perfect is that!?  I just love it all and cannot wait for my spring parties to show off the rest of the new products and all the changes Thirty-One made this year on the products to make them even more durable.  My absolute most favorite pattern I do not have a product in yet but I will give you a is gray and yellow!!!! I am working as we speak on ordering a product in that print because it totally melted my heart yesterday at the premier!!

After my premier I met hubby and the babies out at the farm for a little celebrating his bday with the fam and it was so nice and relaxing...although the babies are still a little under the weather...we had a great time!

So here we are...Sunday...this is my relaxing day every off I am to get the clothes done and some more packing out of the way.

Oh...wait...I almost forgot the house update: we may be able to CLOSE EARLY!!  Please, please, please think about us in your prayers that things will continue to run smoothly and we can get closed earlier than expected.  I really want to be in the house and ready for company for baby girl's first bday!!

I hope yall had a great week and have a good week!!!

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