Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year 2010

Can you believe we are already in 2010!?!? Man, where did the last 10 years go. I still remembering going in to 2000 when everyone was taking their money out of the banks and freaking out about the new millennium and the computers crashing! Haha now look at us in 2010 and no CRASH! Anyway, I just think it is so funny to look back.

Speaking of looking back, this time last year I was FREAKING out because Hubby and I still were not pregnant, I scheduled appointments with my doctor, was reading about what we were "doing wrong", etc. Now, just a year later and we are expecting our first baby. Brody Wyatt Dawkins (Yes, I am saying the middle name is Wyatt until Hubby can come up with something better :) ) is expected to join us within the 2 1/2 months and we are SOOO SUPER excited.

During pregnancy, for those who do not know, you get advice from EVERYONE (even people you do not know). The problem with the advice, most of the time it is UNWANTED! But I have learned to smile and ignore them, expect for this one particular person I work with. He is not someone that I have to see all that much so I am trying to forget what he said but it made me so mad I haven't been able to let it go. So, you know how most of the advice I have been getting (or comments I should say) has been about ME, my weight, my belly, etc. Well this man made a comment about my BABY and you dO NOT make Momma Bear mad about her BABY BEAR! He asked me "have you picked out a name?" and I responded "yes, he will be Brody". And I even closed the sentence with a big SMILE because I know this man can be a TERD. So what did he say back to me "Brody....huh...well he definitely will be picked on in school....Brody is a pretty gay name"....AS IF!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention, dude I DIDN'T ASK!

Anyway, just my pregnancy vent for today. But on a good note, Brody's 3D/4D is this Monday and I am soooo excited I can barely sleep already! I can't help but wonder what he looks like, his nose, his mouth, his eyes...I can't wait to share with you all his pictures! :)


alohanole913 said...

My vote i definitely for Brody Wyatt!! Can't wait for him to be here!

Beginning Again said...

Brody Wyatt is an unbelieveably cute name!! I love it!
Unfortunately ppl jst want to help and dont realize they arent helping. Lord knows I am guilty.
At least Brody is almost will get advice when he gets here too! haha!