Sunday, January 17, 2010

Exciting Week (and Next Week Too) Ahead

I am so excited about the next two weeks. First this monday my mom and I are going to Babies R Us and to see Did You Hear About the Morgans. I am excited to spend the day in town with Momma, its been a while!

Thursday I have the day OFF....YAY :) I haven't taken a day off just because since I found out I was pregnant because I was trying to save my leave to take 12 weeks with Brody. Now that the time is getting closer I do not think I will be taking the full 12 weeks and maybe that works out best for many reasons. I have a job interview this Thursday. I am so excited about the interview and nervous at the same time. I would love to stay where I am if I could get a promotion, but at the same time I need to start looking for that "career job" because Brody is on his way, and tee and I have goals. We wont to be in our final house in about two years and we want to start annual family trips. Plus between daycare and student loans we are about to start putting out some money each month! If I stayed where I am at then I would be comfortable with the position and make a good bit more, however there is currently not an opening so I started looking elsewhere. The interview is at a good agency and it is close to the house and makes pretty good money, but I am not a fan of changing jobs and having to learn all over again! Please just pray for my interview this week and the "career job" situation, I have been praying like crazy for a few months about it and I know He knows what's best and will make it work out. I'm gonna be a WORKING MOM!!! :)

Also this week is my first baby shower. I thought I was so prepared and had most of the BIG things I need, until people started asking me do you have this or do you have that. I then realized I dont have everything like I thought. So I am excited to have my baby showers to relax with friends and family, eat, and play games. Then next weekend is my baby shower that Brody's favorite three aunts are throwing for us and I am SUPER excited about that one to see what their creative minds have come up with!! And yesterday I got my shower outfit...I'm excited to wear it but I gotta find some accessories...that's a goal for this week :)
Additionally, school started back this past week so STRESS IS BACK!! I am soooooooooooooooooo ready to be done with school and I know it will come fast enough but seriously when you can see that light it seems like it cant come fast enough! Our professors this semester are extremely demanding. The hope is to get a head so towards the end of this semester (when Brody is expected) we will be either done or as close as we can be. Wish us luck...we are both BURNT with school!

Hope yall have a great week...I will try to post follow ups for yall to read through out this week :)


alohanole913 said...

super excited about your shower too, and GOOD LUCK with your interview, you'll do great;)

Beginning Again said...

Fingers crossed for the interview! Please keep us posted!!
I hope your showers are all more than you could have imagined.
You are SUCH a special woman and deserve the best!!