Sunday, January 10, 2010

29 Weeks in the Making

Tomorrow we get to see our lil man in 3D/4D and I have to say I CANT WAIT! I have been counting down the days for almost 3 months now and it is finally almost here!! While working on my blog this morning, I came across pictures I have been keeping through out the pregnancy. It is amazing to me to see the difference. I can't remember what I looked like before Brody started growing so I love having these pictures to go back and look at how my body has changed. I thought I would share the growth of the belly with yall.

7 Weeks at a Girls Night right after we found out we were pregnant.

15 Weeks, I remember taking this picture and looking at it thinking "WOW I AM HUGE!" haha if I only knew this was small compared to how big I will get!
20 Weeks, half way there!

22 Weeks, it must be the dress because I thought the same thing here. But I remember actually worrying that I would get so big that I wouldn't be able to walk. I know I am not done with the pregnancy but I do not think I am going to get THAT big anymore! haha
The most recent picture, 26 weeks Christmas 2009! I LOVE my belly and cannot wait to meet my lil man.

I hope and pray that tomorrow he will be in a good position for us to see and will be very active so we can have a good show. I have heard some women that have to go back several times before they can get a good picture of the baby, hopefully that will not happen with us.
Also, tomorrow morning my thoughts and prayers will be with a sweet little 14 month old. She will be going into surgery and I know her mother is so nervous but I have faith everything will be fine and she will recover wonderfully.


alohanole913 said...

LOVE the new blog design, LOVE the belly pics, and LOVE you guys!

Beginning Again said...

You look amazing!! Who knew how beautiful pregnancy could be!!