Thursday, January 21, 2010

Decisions…decisions…someone make the right ones for me please!

Today was the career fair and I was really looking forward to it, hoping to find something for me and hubby when we graduate. We got there we realized, very quickly, that there was/are not many options for criminal justice majors. There was plenty of options for business, finance, real estate, marketing, and engineering...but only 6 options for us. Of those options they were ALL federal jobs expect one police department in Coral Springs, Florida.

So I talked to some of the federal agencies, my favorite...the CIA. Yes, that's it the Central Intelligence Agency. I fell in love with the type of work they do, hubby thought it was nerdy but thats ok I LOVED it! They have PLENTY of openings, they have positions available that I qualify for and even some that mirrors exactly what I currently do just on the federal level, the pay is AMAZING, and retirement is great as well. So why haven't I already said ok schedule me for an interview...the relocation. Hubby and I are so up in the air about relocating because this is our home. With the CIA I would have to move to Washington DC :(

Hubby talked to Coral Springs Police Department and they sounded AMAZING as well. Benefits that sounded too good to be true, masters program tuition reimbursement, relation expenses paid, requirement for a BA degree, 5% pay increase each year, one of the highest paid PD in the state, academy training sponsorship, and great retirement. Hubby was I step in "where is Coral Springs located?" The response "south of Orlando, west of Ft. Lauderdale, and just north of Miami". POOOO!!!!!! But no contract, they will sponsor, you can finish the academy and change agencies upon graduation...this is much easier to swallow than my interest with the CIA.

So after leaving the career fair, we were both so confused because the options in Tally are SO limited. But at the same time we do NOT want to move. So we were talking about our options and my phone rang. It was the person who cancelled my interview that was originally scheduled for today. They asked me if I can reschedule the interview for next YES! So I have an interview for an investigator position next wednesday and I am so excited. I really hope this works out because it will be the answer to many prayers and concerns. As for hubby, bless his heart, he still isn't sure what/where for him to go. Please pray for both of us, me and this interview and hubby to find something. We appreciate it :)

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alohanole913 said...

I hear ya on the decision front! I'm sorry to hear that the fair wasn't that great. I went to one last year and imagine what you saw today but looking for BIOLOGY major related jobs...I think there was ONE! hah! oh well...good luck girlie, fingers crossed for you and your interview!