Friday, February 18, 2011


This past Wednesday I was at work, in an interview of all things, and started feeling really bad. My shirt got soaked immediately, I felt sun burned from head to toe, and my feet and hands started sweeling. I sat through the interview, unable to really speak because I felt so bad. Thankgully my boss was in there so he took over asking the subject questions. After the interview I went to check my blood pressure and sure enough it was high. This whole pregnancy has been great as far as my blood pressure is concerned. I thought I was scott free of bed rest, a little more than two weeks and she will be here. I went on in to triage just to make sure everything was ok and find out what I needed to do. To my surprise, they sent me home! No discharge papers, no direction of what to do, no explanation of reasoning, the doctor didn't even come see me. I was just told "as long as you stay laying down your blood pressure is fine"...ok so you want me to stay laying down for two and half weeks...with a TEN MONTH old...AND A JOB!? Yea, right that's a joke!

I called my doctor's office yesterday to check with them that everything was ok, they asked me to come in to check my bp and make sure all was ok. Sure enough, it was still high. They sent me back to triage for more testing. This time I was able to see the on call doctor and have blood work done. Because I have an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday, the on call doctor asked me to stay on bed rest through the weekend and at my appointment on Tuesday my doctor can decide what she wants to do. So until Tuesday, here I sit on bed rest again! Thankfully the bp issue doesn't seem to be NEAR as bad as it was with Brody but still I was hoping to make it through without it coming up. But this is what's best for me and Savannah so here I shall sit!

This does leave me a lot of time to update my blog, pictures, and relax. So I didn't my photo updating this morning and came across the pics below that were too adorable to not share! :)

My son LOVES playing outside. This was two weekends ago, no toys needed he just loved to be outside!

This past weekend we were at Tee's parents for his brothers birthday. Brody got to experience his first FULL cupcake. He has had pieces given to him little by little, but this was his first time given the WHOLE cupcake at was SOOO fun to watch him dive in.

Another first for Brody was his first Valentines card. He got this from Mema and Pepa, and he LOVED opening it and then, of course, eating the card! :)

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