Friday, March 4, 2011

Savannah Marie Dawkins

On February 17, 2010 I was put on bed rest by my doctor because of high blood pressure as my previous post talked about. I was supposed to be on bed rest until I could see my doctor on Tuesday February 22, 2010.

On February 22, 2010 was an extremely stressful day that ended in a beautiful bundle of joy. I took Brody to the sitter first thing that morning and headed straight to our townhome. I was supposed to be meeting a bunch of people there for part of our case (wont bore you with the details). After I waited for 45 minutes and had my grandparents come from their home (40 minutes away), I called the attorney's office only to find out the appointment had been rescheduled and I was not informed. Needless to say, I was NOT happy. I gave them a piece of my mind and got in the car. Now looking back, I wish I wouldn't have but I did. I went to the mall for some much needed retail therapy and then to Tee's mom's office. I didn't want to go back home because I had my doctor's appointment that afternoon. I left Tee's mom and was able to get to the doctor's office an hour early...hoping they would take me early.

The doctor did not take me back until my appointment and what do you blood pressure was up. The doctor told me I had to go to triage and have blood work done and monitor the baby and my blood pressure. She also told me that she would see me again that Friday and we would most likely take Savannah early because of the high blood pressure.

I went to triage and sat there waiting for about an hour and half...alone. I was alone because this made my third trip in less than a week so I did not want anyone to make the trip up there just for them to send me home. They took me back and started the monitors. My blood pressure continued to climb and while I was in triage my contractions began to come on stronger and more frequent. After about an hour they unhooked all my monitors, I thought I was going home. By this time Tee's mom and my mom were there, they were going to wait on the results of my blood work then go home. Tee was still at work, I kept him updated by text.

The nurse came back about 30 minutes later and said they were going to admit me for monitoring through the night. The call tree began. They took me to my room about 10 minutes later. Tee planned on coming to spend the night with me at the hospital and mom and his mom planned on going home. Once in my labor room I had about 3 nurses hooking up all kinds of monitors on me, throwing papers for me to sign and asking me questions. I was only in the room 10 minutes, literally, when the nurse came in and said "we are having this baby tonight". I FREAKED! Tee wasn't there yet, Brody was at the sitter, we didn't have a car seat with us...most importantly...I was only 37 weeks! The nurses assured me that everything would be ok and this was needed because my blood pressure continued to climb and the baby couldn't handle it.

They rolled me out of the room, still hooking IVs up to me and me signing papers and we met Tee at the door! Just in time!!!

Savannah was born 20 minutes later at 8:12 PM. She was 6lbs 15oz, and 19 inches long. Beautiful baby girl! I immediately got concerned because after Savannah came out, I heard her scream, but then doctors and nurses stood around her and I couldn't see her. I kept asking Tee what was wrong but he didn't know. In my recovery room, I could see Savannah breathing really hard and the nurse was getting worried. She explained to us that Savannah had to go to the NICU for observation. I was terrified!

We were told that she would have to be there until she was breathing on her own and eating on her own. It was the most awful feeling to see your baby laying there with tubes and wires coming out of her. Me and Tee were a total wreck...we didn't know what to do...there wasn't anything we could do. I felt totally helpless and like the worst mother in the world! But I put my faith in the doctors to do the work of the good Lord and I began praying. I prayed for 7 days straight...literally walking down the halls at the hospital, going to eat, sleeping, all without my newborn babygirl all I could do was worry and pray. Tee and I tried to keep ourself busy to pass the longest 7 days of our life and hoped on that 7th day we could take our bundle of joy home and finally have our family together.

In the NICU we found out that Savannah has pneumonia and pneumothorax (spelling??) in one of her lungs. Basically this meant the lung was partially collapse and an infection. She was on oxygen for three days and antibiotics for 7 days. Thankfully the final xray showed improvement and Savannah seems to be doing great! The power of prayer truly is AMAZING! I continue to thank God every night for my family and helping Savannah heal!

The night we got home was so special, Brody came in from the sitters and saw Daddy holding Savannah. All he did was SMILE!! It was the sweetest smile ever! He is doing great with her and absolutely loves her to death! His favorite thing to do is give her kisses! I'm so happy to have the family together and healthy!


Nicole said...

I am so happy sweet Savannah is healing and now at home with you. What a scary week for you and your family. I'm am so thankful the Lord placed his healing hand on Savannah...what an Awesome God we have!

Pictures please!

Tamara said...

I am so glad she is home and healthy! Hope you are enjoying every minute with her :)