Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blog Names Can Be Difficult!

My first post today was all babygirl and this one is all lil man, that actually wasn't planned! Couldn't come up with a name for this post because it is a bunch of randomness.

A few nights ago, I went in to check on the kiddos before bed, and this is what I saw. Booty straight up in the air! He sleeps like this a lot but for some reason this particular night was especially cute! I think it had something to do with his feet crossed underneath him :) I took pics and this is the best one I could get without turning on the light and waking him up.

So, today was Father's Day. SN: I have some very amazing men in my life and I truly feel blessed by them. For that I must give a shout out. First and foremost, my hubby. From the time I was a little girl I dreamed of a man that would honor me, respect me, love me unconditionally, be my best friend, make me smile every single day, and most importantly be an amazing father for my children. Originally I wanted six, YES SIX, children and I knew it would take a special (REAL SPECIAL) man to be able to do that. After having Brody...and then Savannah...I have decided that six may not be reality for me! never know ;) I dreamed of a husband that helped cook, helped clean, would pick the kids up from school, attend every activity possible, went on family trips yearly, would play with the kids til they were sick from laughing, be the good guy when I got on to them, or be the one getting on to them so I could be the good one for love when they were upset ;), and most importantly would be my supporting side during the challenging times when the kids tested our nerves to no end. Never in a million years did I think I would actually find a man that met all my ridiculous criteria...but I did and he's mine! :) Thank you hubby for being the most amazing man and Father. Happy Father's Day!

I also have to say Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Daddy who is always there for me and my family and who is putting up with my chaotic family living with him during these difficult times. And to my Pepa, who was my Daddy before my Daddy came. He is a strong man, who no matter what the situation always seems to know what to say and how to remain calm. And to My Father-in-law, I don't think a girl could ask for a better FIL. I love each and every one of you men and you are all so very special to me and my family!

Back to my story, although today was Father's Day I was unfortunately not able to spend the day with any of these men due to all different circumstances. So it was just me and the kiddos at home. Which is always nice! I got some "To Do" stuff checked off my list. You know the stuff I have been putting off: laundry, dishes, updating my blog background (by the way, you likey?), complete my photo challenge for today, and work on a new cell phone cover (pics to come).

While doing the laundry, lil man got quiet. That is always a concern because it typically means that he is into something he shouldn't be. I turn around and saw him playing in the pampers diaper box! A house FULL of toys and he picks a cardboard box! But I have to say, it was very entertaining to watch. He climbed in it and popped up at me, climbed out, climbed back in, and out again, and back in...this went on for like 30 minutes at least! I'm so glad he enjoyed himself! :)

This pic he actually was saying "Cheeeesssseeee". Any time he sees the camera he smiles real big and says "cheeeeesssssseeeeee". So cute :)
More "Cheeesssseeeee" .

He worked up a thirst after playing in the box, so we attempted the Mickey Mouse Tervis the Easter Bunny got him...his first Tervis :) for those of you who know us, well know us at all, should know that us Dawkins are some Tervis FOOLS! We are totally hooked on Tervis and "we ain't going back" ;)

So the Easter Bunny bringing Brody his first Tervis this year was kinda a big deal! Today he carried it and drank out of it for the first time. He has some work to do because I think he wore most of his water instead of drinking it. But he's learning still!

...and more "cheeeessssseeee"...

Even though the day didn't go as I would have wanted it. Me and the kiddos did enjoy ourselves and we got to have a fabulous dinner with our special man on Father's Day! :) I hope you all had a very special day with the special man in your life!

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