Saturday, June 4, 2011

Let's Catch Up!

WOW, this week went by so fast! We had the house to ourselves and spent the whole week just eating up some good ole Dawkins Family love like the good ole days!!! Let me tell you how refreshing it was to feel like adults again and most importantly like a family. It's so hard to express in words how the past ten to fifteen months have been for us, without sounding ungrateful. We are so very blessed with a happy and healthy family, and so blessed to have had somewhere to go during this phase of our life, but it has been very difficult to say the very least!

However, moving on we have really had a great week. We miss my parents and I look forward to them returning but it was nice to let the dishes stack up for a few days ;) Haha

This past week was absolutely crazy at work....there really is no better way to explain it than CRAZY! We also heard from our attorney this week. YAY!!!!! Hold on, wait, that deserves a SUPER YAY!!!!! Without boring you all with the details, and without confusing myself even more, just know that things are moving along and we will continue
to pray for them to continue.

I also took off Friday! Originally I hoped to go to the beach, however that didn't work out for us so I stayed home and had a "chill" day with hubby and the kids. It was SO NICE!! Not to have to go anywhere or do anything, it was so wonderful and we had a great day. Some friends came over that eve for dinner and it was nice to sit and chat like old times. One thing hubby and I really miss about not having our home is the entertaining. We are HUGE entertainers, and LOVED having friends over for football parties, or holiday gatherings, or just because on Friday or Saturday nights. So it was nice to "entertain" a little bit Friday night. We look forward to moving into our new home and throwing a shin-dig :)

I have had a lot of relaxing time the past two days. With hubb
y being home with us it has been nice having him help with the kiddos. Almost at times I don't know what to do because I am not holding a bottle or having to change diapers like an assembly-line ;) but it was so nice. So in addition to having hubby's help, the kids have napped LIKE CRAZY!! It's almost like they knew that mommy and daddy needed some time to relax and chill together. They both took 2 three hour naps both Friday and today and they slept through the night and this morning they both did not wake up until...hold the phone...7:30!!!! OMG :) It was soooooooo nice!

While enjoying all the "me" time and "us" time, I was able to play with the camera and my photo editing software a friend recently showed me. I really enjoyed doing that and realized I had not taken my 1 month progress pics for my weight loss tracking p
urposes. And what do you know I had on the same outfit today! The stars were just in my favor I guess, so I had hubby snap two shots of me and I began comparing.

Now I honestly thought I was doing pretty good but the scale hasn't impressed me. I had hoped to loose my weight much faster. But hey, I'm not gaining! :) So here are my before and current pics. I can see a slight change for the good :) (if you can't, pls dont bust my bubble haha)

The before pics were taken May 1, 2011.

The after pics were taken today, so this is my progress for roughly my first month. Not too shabby!! :)

Got some cute pics of the babies to share too so I will through those in for an added bonus ;0

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