Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 13: A photo edit you like

I have to admit, I got stuck! I did not know how or if I could do the challenge for bokeh. I talked to my photography genius friend and she explained to me that I may not be able to because my camera doesn't have! I am not a pro and do not claim to be by any means so I have no idea what a "bokeh" is or how to get my app-thingy to look "bokeh".

So I made the executive decision to bypass that day and start back with Day 13. So, here ya go, my fave photo edit...Lomo! :) This was actually pretty hard for me to choose because I really like vintage and black and white as well. But I can edit just about any pic "lomo-style" and I fall in love!

Don't have any "fresh pics" so these are oldies, but they are goodies!! These are some of my fave pics I have taken lately and I just applied the lomo look to them.

I hope to get better about this ole challenge and not skip a week, or has it been two, again :/

Hubby was watching me edit these tonight and told me how special it was to him that I was able to capture some of his childhood and family history in such amazing pics. He thought they were awesome and really liked them! Father's Day idea?? Just maybe ;) But on a serious note, it made me feel so good that he appreciated my pics that I took for fun.

Speaking of Father's Day, what do you plan to do to honor your special Father? Once you become parents, it get more difficult to spend Mother's Day and Father's Day with your parents because you want to spend it with your own children. Unfortunately, my dad will be out of town this weekend spending Father's Day with his dad...the good thing is right now we live with them so everyday is like Father's Day! :) But I plan on making Hubby's Father's Day super special, yes I don't have plans yet but I have some thing in the works we shall see what comes of it!

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday!

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